ROLEX – Top 4 Rolex models that blitzed Baselworld 2017

For a longer review of the Sky-Dweller:

Rolex made a typically strong showing at Baselworld 2017 with updated and unexpected new models from the Daytona, Sky-Dweller, Sea-Dweller and Datejust range.


Temperdgrump says:

“The punch.” That’s a bit much considering not many people like the sky dweller to begin with.

Doc A says:

Will the Submariner have a 3235 movement as well in 2017?

Geber Dali says:

it’s horrible

Loek Lodewijck says:

The cyclops is too small for the Skydweller

coloneltheo says:

SS Day-date next!

Basti Liedtk says:


7IRAM says:

Everyone is missing the changes on the Yachmaster II!? Changes I didn’t quite appreciate..

gmshadowtraders says:

Where the fuck is the moonphase bruv?

Moo 88 says:


Kevin Miao says:

Blitzed? Really? How fanboy do you have to be? I love rolex but this year is a disappointment!

Zeniax says:

The datejust is beautiful!

Truth and Downfall says:

Love the Blue Datejust 41. The rest is out of my price range or out of my taste.

Mauser says:

The steel SD is great. I am seriously considering one in white dial 🙂

Loek Lodewijck says:

The cyclops is too small for the Skydweller

Alexandre Ung says:

Felix I don’t think most of us “probably” expected the sea dweller to be 43mm with a cyclops. Personally I “expected” an anniversaire dial. In the best case scenario I “expected” a double Red Sea dweller for nostalgia. I never imagined a bigger sea dweller which I find bulky and unrefined and certainly not a cyclops which the model
has never had. “Probably” is a bit exaggerated in this context.

Yearof themetalboar says:

“Every step is in the right direction. They done it again. Let’s just take the hat off“ (1:59-2:03). Now, it makes perfect sense that you don’t want to upset a platinum partner when its releases for 2017 vary from indifferent to horrible but with this kind of statements throw the “editorial objectivity” out of the window. As a loyal subscriber I prefer a more witty, sharp and independent approach from the first class journalists of T&TW.

Maroof I says:

When will the new sky-dweller and Submariner be available for purchase and what will their prices be in USD$?

Alexander says:

That sky dweller… hnnggggggg

This is what I think AKA BUY LOW SELL HIGH says:


cal2201 says:

Everyone says ugly, but everyone wants one…

YouTube ED says:

Nice actual live on wrist video

Will Frank says:

Jesus Rolex. YAWN!!! Do something new.

Dylan Prava says:


DevlReD13 says:

I will agree for Skydweller and Datejust, also thumps up for the size increase and new movement inside Sea dweller. The only dislike is the cyclops on the Sea dweller, i think they could avoid it or they could offer a no cyclops or no date version.

Yaz C says:


Greg Mieg says:

Plz say something negative about a watch review, i dare you

Droneworkx says:

Where’s the new Cellini with moonphase in this video?

Panerai Ferrari says:

why don’t rolex use anti-reflective coatings on their sapphire?

Truth Revealed says:

good for you if you like the 36mm girl watch

Weird Science says:

I don’t know what all the fuss is about. I thought Rolex’s presentation at Basel wasn’t surprising at all. Firstly, Datejust 41 in steel was obvious, but quickly became bitter sweet, as 2 years in there are still not many dial options for this model. Where’s the all steel Datejust 41 with a silver dial? There was nothing fantastically immaginative released at all, maybe Rolex is going broke. Other poster is right the Datejust 36 in steel is STILL there best watch. I waited almost 12 months for nothing.

dima rabiner says:

Sky Dweller is amazing!

Vigi Driver says:

43mm is pushing the “too large for me” size. Sorry, but I know Rolex is wanting the Youth Market. Evolution is leaving me behind.

Rafal Wu says:

next good channel about watches in my subscribe collection

Perchlorure says:

“blitzed” everybody pissed on their new releases

ישעיה גורדון says:

I don’t see the skydweller on the site with that blue dial configuration…

Nayr747 says:

Rolex is so boring. They know they can get sales based on marketing and brand awareness so they don’t have to innovate or offer value for money. Everyone just buys them because they know they’ll get social recognition.

Morgan Andred says:

The 50th anniversary is hyped. The cyclops does not fit it all.

Miguel V says:

They should’ve just called the new sea dweller a jumbo sub.

wdw says:

All can be improve.

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