Rolex To DISCONTINUE The Submariner ?

Rolex To DISCONTINUE The Submariner ?

In today’s episode of Federico Talks Watches I am going to talk about a rumor that happens every year and it drives me nuts! Rolex discontinuing the Rolex Submariner! Who thinks of such craziness? Why would Rolex discontinue the submariner? The Rolex Submariner is their cash cow, their most iconic watch. Who makes this crazy stuff up? Discontinuing the Rolex Submariner!!! LOL!!!


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ohroonoko says:

Is Ford discontinuing the F150? Watch my video!

Robert Haley says:

Rolex would go under without sports watches:D

Luke C says:

Dude expect more than this click bait sorry

CK ROY says:

Rolex can stop production for all I care for, I have acquired a DJ and YM, I am done with the brand. JLC is my next brand in focus

Toño Martnez says:

Good video, as usual its great to hear your opinion more focused on watch market, brand strategies, thats what makes your channel different, its not ridiculous to talk about this, they talk this shit now because its november and they want to sell out during Christmas …

man8god says:

Apple discontinuing iphones

Omar Green says:

Brooks Brothers before Rolex! Lol

Marktuyet says:

My AD in Singapore has thousands of new submariners and he’s still selling them for 600.00 . Don’t worry , be happy !

Roelf van der Merwe says:

Oh come on Fed. Clickbait!

scott satren says:

Never ceases to amaze me how many sheeple their are out there, huh Fed ?

granitsky says:

I just heard that Porsche is stopping production of the 911.

Vince Watches says:

I have heard that Omega is discontinuing the SpeedMaster…subscribe to my channel to know more !-)))))) Well done Federico.

Kerwin Go says:

I’m never going to get that 5 minutes of my life back.

carlm189 says:

God damn clickbait haha, i was relieved after the video though 🙂

Ricardo Reis says:

Why would Rolex discontinue their best selling model??

OmegaCaldereroid says:

not gonna happen mate, good thing I still have a 114060 though just in case lol, my only sub…

Steven UK1 says:

Rolex supply grey market on-line websites indirectly if they crank up the price above MSRP, this is done intentionally to also aid demand. I think this is pathetic really, MSRP is high enough and loyal customers to ADs are missing out to grey on-liners. Shame on Rolex. You can get any steel Sub or new Sea-Dweller from at least 2 on-line websites (you know who they are) and they ship world wide. If we stop buying them, Rolex will stop this.

binkymagnus says:

next: BMW discontinues the 3 series

J S says:

“There’s a shortage”? Really? Is this why one can buy basically anything (Ya, you can’t get a Patek 5711 for a discount) at or well below retail on the grey market? The reason Rolex is “not shipping until the new year” is because, in the aggregate, there is ABSOLUTELY NOT a shortage.

Trevor Hirst says:

any word on when/if the sub will get the 3235?

Walevolence says:

Meanwhile, McDonalds to discontinue fries and Big Macs

toocoolforu says:

If they could get rid of the newer “boxy Submariners” that would be great


Why would Rolex cut the sports steel models?! Makes no sense for people to assume that.

MooxLive says:

Help please,
What is the difference between srpb41j1 and sary073 from Seiko ?

J Lo says:

Rolex loves money. Gimmick for a brief uptick in cost per unit

WatchAficionado says:

Rolex discontinuing the Sub would be like Ford stopping production of the F150. Ain’t gonna happen!

man8god says:

Coke is discontinuing coke

Wilson Scott says:

they got you to talk about it. mission accomplished.

fernando goncalo says:

Is Rolex discontinuing the DateJust II with black dial?

Joseph Stalni says:

Thank goodness there is no shortage of Chinese made Submariners even the rare vintage models are easy to find 🙂

The Time Teller says:

Needed to be said! Thanks, Fed!

ripperx444 says:

Hahahaha lol what kind of RETARD will even think this?

bigdick heavyweight says:

its all rolex is really known or good for, who would believe this rumor.

SpringInFialta says:

Rolex discontinuing their Reverso, Calatrava, Nautilus, and Royal Oak.

o2xb says:

FGS Federico, please stop highlighting your ‘shameless plugs’!!!!! Its not illegal to earn a good honest living and if you want to use youtube as a form of advertisement for your OWN company then all the best to you man..I know if I was living in the states I wouldn’t mind especially if you happened to advertise a watch I might be potentially interested in…Keep up the good videos, best wishes from the UK!!!

highnrising says:

Rolex won’t DISCONTINUE the Sub, but is it possible Rolex will blink and update the Sub to include features found on some competitors’ watches?I’m talking about a 60- or 70-hour power reserve and a display case back. Also, maybe a “Cyclops” magnifier that doesn’t protrude from the crystal. They already have the longer power reserve in the Sea-Dweller.

Mark Playford says:

Hate to say it, but if Rolex closed their doors, locked them and threw away the key. I would care not a jot! Open your eyes do your homework and you can find that quality for a lot less that look nicer too. Ah unless of course your a brand snob?

crossface222 says:

A shortage in steel? Steel is made of iron. The Earth is made of iron. It’s the last thing we could ever run out of.

weerobot says:

Omg almost ran about screaming…LOL

Oliver Dorfer says:

Rolex has an over stock

Steve Tackett says:

great video. It’s very amusing how rumors get started. That said, I’m glad I’m not in the market for a new steel Rolex at least until after the new year.

Tony Hill says:


aniger818 says:

Yes, but why do you hate grand seiko, Federico?

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