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Rolex Submariner Watchmaking Demonstration:

Watchfinder & Co. presents: Inside the Rolex Submariner, a demonstration of the intricacies of the Rolex calibre 3135. Watchfinder Head Watchmaker Tony Williams shows you how this famous movement is taken apart and reassembled.

A History of the Rolex Submariner:

First revealed to the public in 1953, the Rolex Submariner was a diving watch for everyone. Appealing to both professional and hobby divers, the Submariner set the standard for the category, its affordability and practicality unmatched. Rolex also developed non-chronometer versions of the Submariner that were even more affordable, costing roughly two weeks’ pay at the time.

As the Submariner gained credibility, it was adopted by professional organisations such as COMEX, the deep-sea diving contractor, and the British Ministry of Defence. The civilian model also evolved, growing a date complication, and then an updated dial with white gold markers. Then, in 2010, the Submariner had its biggest change yet to become the 116610 LN, a chunkier, sportier, more high tech watch that brought Rolex into the 21st century.

The Rolex Submariner is one of the most instantly recognisable watches ever made, and continues to be one of the most popular, too.

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WARNING! This demonstration was undertaken by a professional watchmaker for entertainment purposes only. This is NOT a guide for servicing a watch. The watch featured in the video is NOT being serviced. DO NOT attempt to replicate this video on your own watch.


alphaandliarize says:

How do I become a Watch repairman?

appie072 says:

I’ve got already a Rolex no need to make one but nice video bro

Sean Coleman says:

At first I was thinking, “What! He’s taking apart a perfectly good watch!” But then it all gets a bath and then all goes back together. Whew!

julian schanofski says:

but this is a gmt master isnt it?

Ian Raffel says:

Cut your nails bro

jfdomega says:

wow’ steady hands, very nice job.

saud alshammari says:

تعتبر من اجود وارقى الساعات على مستوى العالم

이순신 says:


IHuntGiants says:

How’s that thing stay on his eye

Kwatro Pogi says:

i swear the actual is difficult

NewPlay says:

shitty music put some skrillex on it and then come at my suggestion list on youtube

joseph burtulato says:

It’s amazing all of those parts sitting on the table by themselves do nothing,but put them together and wind them up and mechanical magic happens.

wuurks says:

A mechanical surgeon

Loek Lodewijck says:

No finger condom?

Efe Egemen says:


Noel Evans says:

Half the price is taken by the retailer and another 20 % to the government for vat

Tri3t Saint says:

one question. HOW!

Moayyad Alsanibi says:

I watched this after work .. almost fell asleep
so peaceful, so beautiful and relaxing

MrShimizoo says:

Retarded music…

Master Burnek says:

Satisfying to watch..

이시하라사토미아라가키유이 says:


pal shtjefni says:

ai coraggio sei un grande

Galamgia says:

a nail clipper would be nice present for this guy

Wasted Geologist says:

PG $8000+

Warped says:

All that and you didn’t bother to show how to change the battery.

Scott Lencl says:

Still over priced. Just paying for a name.

Sophisticated One says:

amazing job .

Dylan Larking says:

It wouldn’t surprise me if they used rubber screwdrivers to avoid scratching the screws XD
Also 1000th comment

Stacey Schroeder says:

I don’t like seeing metal touching metal. plastic tools no?

RitzDaCracker1 says:

Clip your damn nails

Animez Trinity says:

When i’m disassemble that watch….turn upside down and shack it.. Finish!

SHR Sense says:

That’s why one should go digital!

Shane Kemp says:

dude needs to cut his finger nails

Ismail Shaikh says:

The music in the background is so annoying

Carl Rowe says:

Why no nail polish? Think how beautiful it is with red colored nails.

Sterlin Smith says:

Obviously time lapsed – how long does this entire process generally take?

Emil Westh Lager says:

This is beautiful, but painful to watch

Lamont and Mariesa Cruz-Tillery says:

This guy is a watch surgeon!!!

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