ROLEX Submariner [REVIEW] NOT Worth Its Price?

Here is my Rolex Submariner review. The 116610LN, with its maxi case, is not to everybody’s taste. But can you wear a submariner on a 6 inch wrist? Is the submariner worth it? I will answer those questions, along with a full review of the piece.

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Suresh Obhan says:

My grail watch….not a big fan of the maxi case though….too expensive for men though….

shaneweightman says:

Is it worth the money ,,, well that’s a point of a personal opinion, If you spend your own money on one I guess you come to the conclusion it is, else you wouldn’t have bought it ,,,I’m sure they are a very well made and has a fantastic movement but I dont like the looks of them , and couldn’t justify the high asking price , so my view is simple , not worth the money in a million years and do not like what they stand for cheers Shane UK,,, and in future any competition s you do can you make them to win on YouTube and not Instagram,,as I watch your all your videos on YouTube and dont want to start accounts on other apps

vdbdg says:

I’m not so sure the value will hold when Rolex introduces the 70-hr PR movement and thins out the lugs in the next version.

Matt Cowan says:

So it’s a thousand dollar watch that you pay $10k for just for the cache of the brand. With all the homage watches out there the styling is boring to me now. I think I would rather have a Doxa or Squale at a tenth of the price and as you stated, the same kind of specs.

Adonis Duma says:

I feel like u dont apreaciate the wach enougft

surfitli says:

I very nice review. It’s completely subjective if it’s worth the price. Some think is is while others think it’s overpriced.
It’s a very well made and very accurate. It’s also very durable, and can actually be used as a diver. It’s also slim enough that it can be used as a 1-collection watch.
However, I could never justify spending this much on any watch. For most people it would take a very long time to save up money like this. There are so many great watches at affordable prices that will over the same enjoyment.

Eye Heart Sushi says:

Great review, Alessandro. That watch is an icon. It really comes down to what you said: you buy the Rolex Submariner because you want a Rolex Submariner. Other than that, one can get plenty of watch joy for the same amount of money.

M Riley says:

For how it’s built and the material not including shipping or AD retail price? No, the Submariner is not worth $7k-$8k USD. It’s really worth $4k – $6K for what it is. Yes it’s really the best built Submariner to date but as a Rolex owner. Rolex IS NOT as accurate as it should be. In fact Rolex watches tend to gain or lose a few seconds per week or month. You definitely need to get it regulated after 5-7 years. Now, as for inflated aftermarket, grey market, and rib are collector prices? Hell NO! It is definitely not worth more than it’s full retail price.

themightysquid says:

Excellent, honest review. I was looking for a pre-ceramic sub or GMT and I saw a 2000 Explorer 2 in the case. The comfort of the Exp2 was so much better than the sub and I bought it. It has the gmt dial and movement in a more comfortable package and I saved $1500 over the Sub. I always liked the sub but it is copied so often that it kind of loses its uniqueness. I’ve worn my invicta pro diver for 13 years and have worn it without fear of scratching or theft. Don’t get me wrong, I couldn’t be happier with the Exp2 but the value depends on your personal taste and financial situation. A watch at these prices should only be bought with a certain level of comfort in your budget. The joy of owning can soon fade when the other bills start to pile up. I do think that the money is in the Rolex name and I think it should cost no more than a Tudor, but such is the market and credit to Rolex for making this market. So value is in the eyes of the beholder. Great watch but there are many options for homages that are excellent, steinhardt, Ginault, Invicta, and even more affordable Rolex’s to choose from. Buy the watch for your pleasure and not for what others may think . Not too many people will even notice, nor even comment on your watch .
Thanks again for the honest review Alessandro. Your direct and sincere approach is why your subscriber base is growing so rapidly and will continue to do so.

Colin Lack says:

It’s a nice watch but not one I will ever go after. Because for the cost I could buy plenty of watches that are on my grail list.

Miguel Toro says:

Enjoyable review. The editing is really nice and made to the point. Thank you.

The Slender Wrist says:

Don’t forget the watch giveaway! Enter before March 1, 2019:

Amit Lesly says:

Love your videos, keep them in the 10 min frame. .pleaseee

Gábor Pál dr. Turcsán says:

Great review! I would love to see a comparison video with this Rolex and your Steinheart GMT!

golfbuddy1969 says:

Nice video. Pet peeve for me, is guys that wear their watch like a bracelet…hanging down on their hand. Yuck!

Luciole Dizerot says:

No matter what anyone thinks, a watch is worth what one is willing to pay for it. Since people are waiting in line for this watch and willing to pay the price, it is worth it. Doing super precise comparisons based on material properties and technical capabilities is not really relevant, since mechanical watches in general are an obsolete technology. If you think it’s too expensive, don’t buy it. But that doesn’t mean it’s not worth it to the people who buy it.

Derek Shearer says:

People that can’t afford a Rolex hate Rolex as the comments prove. I own a Rolex, working on number 2. You have to own one to really appreciate it. It is worth twice the price. Cheers

2fast4u says:

Absolutely it deserves a colorful helium bubble and a lighter

촌놈TV says:

서브마리너 good

adrian choo says:

I would actually put the presence as average and then in your face once the person looking at it realises that it isn’t a homage. 😀
In terms of value I think there should be a 3rd option for those thinking of flipping it. It will be great as they really do seem to be among the best if not the best brand to retain it’s value.

Marc Yaptinchay says:

I do agree , the steel of Rolex has a different shine (even with scratches). I do not think gold markers, and hands , with a thin layer of platinum in the bezel warrants that price . But one thing i can say about Rolex is those movements are bomb proof (mine are more than 10 years and still keep time ) . Hassle free is a must with me . My other watches can be delicate and have to be a bit more mindful with them.

Sparro says:

Way too big for your wrist. Fat case does not help.

FatSamEIE says:

I really like the watch and am considering it for my 40th next year…. but to be honest there’s just no value in the Rolex brand now. It’s great as an investment or if you will sell it in the future as your money is safe or will increase. But for the price of a sub I could more or less have a speedy pro, a grand seiko springdrive and a Tudor pelagos or black bay(all new).

Or I could have a jaeger le coultre reverso tribute and a seiko marinemaster…

Subs are great but they’re overpriced (to me) and too common (for me)

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