Rolex Run Off

On 8-12-14 at approximately 7:11 pm, Laredo Police were dispatched to a theft call at 5301 San Dario Ave. (Deutsch & Deutsch). Dispatch advised that a female wearing a pink long sleeved shirt stole two Rolex watches from the jewelry store and ran towards the Bank of America.
Upon arrival at Deutsch & Deutsch store employees reported that at approximately 6:50 pm, a female subject wearing a white Nike headband, pink hooded shirt, black running shorts and purple/orange tennis shoes entered the jewelry store. The employees stated that the female was inquiring about Rolex watches and was very knowledgeable and specific as to what she was looking for. The store employee placed two gold Rolex watches on a display tray for the female to look at. The female then grabbed both watches from the display tray and ran out of the jewelry store. The witnesses said they last saw the female running towards the Bank of America parking lot. The total value of both Rolex watches was $60,000. If anyone can recognize this suspect they are asked to contact Laredo Police at 795-2800, Crime Stoppers at 727-TIPS, or Text a tip to tip411 (847411) Keyword; Laredo. All calls will remain anonymous.

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Justin Elliot says:

Dirty tits

Daniel Marjan says:

master thief

348frank348 says:

daamn that girl was dressed to run, she was hauling ass

SAND -Y says:

She was probably from across. …Who dresses like that?! lol

Drill Movement says:

Lol, ”

im on a whole lotta gang shit”

Kari Rod says:

They need to check security cameras to see what vehicle she went in. Hopefully the license plate number shows

Binney John says:

Take away the trainers first.

Shauny Boy says:

Boonk gang whole lotta gang shit


never trust woman wearing pink and nike headband.

619 Stratusfaction says:

Hey everyone Her name is Rachel Joy Moss

Slava Terzeman says:

Ones she did it does she knows what is the price she will gonna pay for?

Denny says:

Free Tag Heuer advertisement for pink cancer marathon run.

rompn4x says:

Wonder if she warmed up and stretched before her sprint.

The Joker says:

She got away Kahahaha

fuck you says:

What’s a marathon runner

Skywalkerr98 says:

Smart idea they will just think shes just a runner

Mandyy RC says:

Damn! What’s the used to steal them if they gonna caught you stupid lady.. I hope the catch her!

Jackie Trujillo says:

good that bitch got caught. next time get a job and buy the watch if u want it so bad. stupid bitch.

devin bee says:

Wow where are all of the racist comments if this was a black person the comment section would be filled with hatred. The point I am trying to make is no matter what color the person it is each race has thieves

The Angry General says:

Let me guess they let her off that easy because she was white… If she was black she would have been slammed in the door way.

619 Stratusfaction says:

everybody take a look at this video when they found her, this is the kgns news from Laredo, Texas. Rachel Joy Moss has changed but finally found her from Port Huron, Michigan

Joe Hurtado says:

Why did the dumb salesgirl have three pieces out at the same time? I’ve been in high end jewelry stores and almost all the cases read “we can only show one piece at a time due to insurance rules” I bet she got written up or fired. Lol

Mark Bloom says:

She had her running gear on, I bet they didn’t catch her

619 Stratusfaction says:

wow they found her already from Michigan her name is Rachel Joy Moss

Andrew Stiltner says:

60k for two watches what the hell

Tama Joe says:


619 Stratusfaction says:

Rachel Joy Moss is a bitch from Michigan

anthony star says:

Like the Jaime Sommers Bionic Run 🙂

Marshall says:

She is so stupid that her headband is on upside down.

Jason Lang says:

this bitch looked suspicious…

Djms&capo DeMorais says:

The door wasn’t even locked, I bet all Rotex watches are China termite republic made.

Jesus Christ says:

I hope she got away

Leonardo Villalobos says:

how to be rich in 1 minute

Sebastianyalice Martinez says:

That headband though

Andrew King says:

Nice ! perfect outfit for a quick steal cause she can run on the street outside and noone will be suspicious

Joe Shmoe says:

dumb bitch didnt even chase her

Lego Lord says:

Slow as fuck wouldve tackled her ass down

Bree Collins says:


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