Rolex Replicas and Fake Rolex Submariner Thailand

Checking out high end copies of Rolex watches and rolex replica’s in the streets of Ko Samui, Thailand. Submariners, Daytona’s, Yachtmaster and more. Yellow gold Submariner.



Eldecy says:

Are these high quality like they feel good on ur wrist and would look real to someone who Has not seen a real one

versace 666 says:

i want one with paved fake diamonds

Andrew Villanueva says:

l would never buy a fake Rolex watch

Basti Liedtk says:

No no no put those lights off

Dwayne Mertz says:

No cost?

Goaltimer says:

The initial offered price was 3800. What would be the approx price to close?

Tyler Proud says:

I have a fake Rolex from Thailand. It is a very good fake. But it is more interesting to own than to wear.


stop touchig buy something broke dude

Varadero Co. says:

This is what is wrong with the world. Why are you trying to show something you cant afford. It sickens me how many fake watches I spot. I am a collector and people like this make collectors like me look bad. Honestly how fake of a personality are you to buy one of these. I would love to get a hammer and smash that glass. If you want get a homage. A watch that looks similar in a way buy has its own heritage. But dont buy a fake come on


Would you buy one of these?

Tobias Brown says:

Those aren’t high end reps at all lol you’re just a novice obviously…

The Prince Of Real Estate says:

They should go to jail.

Rolex Phang says:

A fake is a fake. Is never a Rolex. Shame on those people who bought them.

WH11 says:

Pla make more vids like this, I wanted to see the YM2

Peter Wilkins says:

Where snoop dog gets all his watches

Hamish O'Loughlin says:

Just wanted to say THANK YOU! I found that place which I think is the one in the video Fishermans Village. Got the YachtMaster II gold. Really hard piece to find and it looks like the real deal. There was other watch stands but this was by far the best!

Rey Luque says:

hey where can I buy a fake one online

Santhi Sanka says:

whats the price of a green dial submariner?

MoKush 4Me says:

Dumb thot after the club pussy magnet right there…


He named the watch she was like “huh” not there buddy just point to it !

Luis Limon says:

at 1:25 a lady “tests” your watch of for authenticity by turning the bezel.

Goku says:


micky bang-bang says:


NewPlay says:

where can i found 1 pleeeez i want 1 so bad so so bad

GROBNOB the Troll says:

Andy Hunter’s favourite shop

joey alfaro says:

I view like this book a fight get you 1 fake put it on your wrist. if someone calls you out on your bolex. say I’m cool with it sucker

awesomesebi says:

Are there very good copy’s of cellinis?

Nur-e -Imam says:

where it is located ?

diamencik1 says:

Thailand Rolexes – $30 – $50 max price .

Arman Malik says:

Which places is this ?

August Guzman says:

where I order one at?

Pot Ato says:

3800 thb is £87 fuck that!

Greg Miel says:

The guy making this video is classless just like the copy watches. Even if he bought an original i would think its a fake without close inspection. Flip flops, koh samui night markets says it all.

Johnny Danger says:

from what i know these watches are all not fixed good because i always found dust and some shit like almost fingerprints under the glass. but u can take em appart and clean it to make it hard to spot it out as a fake even for a juwelen. 😉

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