Rolex or Panerai ? – America’s Cup Watches, Relevant? – Tim and Josh

Rolex or Panerai ? – America’s Cup Watches, Relevant? – Tim and Josh

In today’s episode of this week in watches Tim is joined by Josh and they discuss quite a bit and answer viewer’s questions. This or that? The new limited edition Panerai Radiomir PAM 685 or the new Rolex Sea dweller Anniversary? Which would you pick? They also delve into the world of America’s Cup limited edition watches. They seem to be very popular considering that the event is not. A lot of watch brands have released limited editions. Omega being the most prominent. Let us know what you guys think in the comment section below.


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thumperjdm says:

Another great show today. I appreciated Josh’ comments about buyers preferring darker dials as they get older, for failing eyesight. At 48, my eyesight is ever-so-steadily declining, and I’m finding I like a lot of contrast on a dial, and 3-hand dials are easier for me to read than chronograph (read: busy) dials. Oh, and way-too-busy Breitlings will never be in my collection. 😉

Michael Vetsch says:

If you trade in your current collection for a single watch then you have to go bold. Really bold. Like a Daniel Roth Jean Daniel Nicolas or a Journe T30. Anything else is not going to make you happy. Including PPs, VCs, or APs.

Michael Vetsch says:

I disagree with Josh. The standard X-33 is, I think, more thought-out than any Breitling Superquartz. But that’s principally a question of perception and choice (and where you’re coming from). On the other hand I do agree with Tim and Josh that America’s Cup special editions are probably really just a waste of your time and money. Nevertheless, I would like to further challenge Tim in regards to his beloved JLC Reversos, Just because I think that Polo is about as stupid as sailing.

WatchDisplay says:

That JLC Tim has is breathtaking

quokka mode says:

this isn’t a hard question a 1000 dollar swiss is better quality than a 5000 dollar Panerai so the rolex is waaaaaay bettrr

Michael Vetsch says:

Nato’s are pastimes for people who can’t really afford a new watch.

M. Hamza says:

IMO, Panerai watches are ugly, unreasonably large (remember the 52-mm model released in 2015.. seriously who the f*** would wear that?!). Also I believe that the extra little housing-like covering the crown made it looks even worse! Panerai is a symbol for anti-elegance!

mountainhobo says:

If you gave a choice of a traditional, basic Luminor (like the 560) vs. a basic Rolex, I would go for the Luminor in a heartbeat, but this Panerai Radiomir you chose just doesn’t do anything for me (actually, I don’t like it), so I would pick the Rolex, too, just to have one “in your face watch” (yes, it is by my standards).

Lee McDonald says:

Oh man, you guys are really making me want an Aquanaut, I recently bought a ceramic sub but man, that watch is so nice even on rubber.

Yanran Wang says:

Everything is “limited edition” and they make thousands of them. I wonder how many can be sold? Are people really attracted by the endless limited edition marketing strategy?

Amintas Neto says:

Great show as usual Tim and Josh.
On the dark dial point just wondering if they tend do deteriorate more or faster over time compared to the light ones.
Thoughts on that?


mountainhobo says:

All those America’s Cup watches from brands like Omega just underscore how desperate those brands have become.

The Marquis says:

Huge association football fan (loved that you referred to it by its birth name!). Tim, do you follow any leagues? Great vid as always gents!!

Michael Vetsch says:

Not always true: an enamel (white) dial always creates a lot of contrast, I think. Together with black or blue hands.

Mike Braykovich says:

Do I even need to comment on Rolex or Panerai ? LOL Thanks for another great video. BIG LIKE

pguste says:

Gray is the new blue, but pending. I just laughed at that and told my wife you are such watch geeks, to which she replied I am!

Hywel Owen says:

You guys look way better without the hats!

Steven UK1 says:

excellent.. The guy with the 3 Rolex, I would keep them, especially the Hulk and 40mm Sea-Dweller, in fact you have the best 3.. Keep them!

Bubba B says:

Yacht racing? 3 ATM’s? Really? You guys were were really nice on this topic. Wow!

Watch Looker Watch says:

I love this show.

jj lad says:

Apples and Oranges. Plus as a Pam collector, I’m not crazy about the PAM 687 at all. The 721 however, pushes all the right buttons.

Warren C. says:

Great discussion on trading in 4 Rolex, wow.

highnrising says:

Tim,In all seriousness, I’d like your expertise on this: A watch with a bunch of complications, like the Patek–For how long is it likely to run flawlessly, before you’d need to get it serviced and overhauled? A regular Swiss watch like a Rolex or Omega with hour, minute, second hands and date can easily give you 10 years before you need to have it opened up. I have a sneaking suspicion that a complicated watch like the Patek–if you wore it”everyday”–would need much more frequent servicing. The Patek looks like a “special occasion” watch.

903lew says:

Sailing is sailing. Luxury wristwatches are a must to mix with the crowd and crews. It’s not a mass-market sport, but it’s the Swiss luxury watchmakers core audience. Me, I love proper match racing over several days. Proper sailing, if you will.

Tyler Peacock says:

Rolex way better

AjaxForever says:

A “half” 3 and a “half” 9 and then it’s a beautiful piece?? When the new Seiko Presage chrono had a “half” 6 people called it ugly.

AjaxForever says:

I notice there are Always a couple of beautiful pieces on your desk. Why don’t you guys just show us quick close-ups and brand/model mentions?  I Always wonder which pieces there are in front of you. On top of that, please tell us which timepiece you are wearing.   Would be great. Thanks.

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