Rolex Nicknames – What Do They Mean ? What Is a Rolex Hulk, Great White, Smurf and Others ?

Rolex Nicknames – What Do They Mean ? What Is a Rolex Hulk, Great White, Smurf and Others ?

In today’s episode of Federico Talks Watches I talk about nicknames for Rolex watches. Nicknames like the hulk, kermit, surf, great white and president amongst other. Nicknames that Rolex watches have gotten over the years. I try and explain why they got these names and how prominent they are.

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Kevork Nourian says:

Thank you for the information

Kris Handsome says:

A new video with Hans is coming? I enjoyed his last appearance on the channel, so I’m kinda looking forward to that.

andrewst12 says:

I refuse to call my BLNR the batman, batman wears all black

jared packer says:

I dig bruiser over Batman, although a green and purple GMT called the Joker would be a awesome addition

Haslett Hyaenidae says:

I like the affectionate character nicknames (Kermit, Smurf, etc.) it’s cute.

Ian Alminger says:

Now we need one on the Seiko nicknames.

jared packer says:

Welcome back!

auxmike says:

Excellent content, welcome back home!

mrg1911 says:

Nicknames are silly……for 40 years I’ve referred to watches as red & blue GMT, or green Sub, etc….and many times link the reference number to those descriptions.

Lee Taylor says:

Yet another great informing vid Fed, keep up the good work sir..

Osmy Straps says:

Yes!,waiting for the next video with Hanns.

Knobexploit music electronics says:

The amount of nicknames is out of control, every dealer and his neighbour seems to use some exotic nickname for a certain watch. It seems that dealers tend to make up nicknames as they go to add some specialty feeling. I find those comic book hero nicknames plain stupid, people grow up. Imagine spending 25k on a white gold submariner and then someone calls you out for having a “smurf” on your arm..yuk….

Ernesto Duhne B. says:

Not that painting again …

User Name says:

I’ve always gotten the sense the names were partially adopted based on pop culture references at the time. Great White for example coincides with the Jaws movie that came out.

Yasha V says:

2:20, did Federico like “fight club”?

Brian S says:

No Rolex 1675 GMT Blueberry?

Kurt Nunn says:

Rolex Bluesy

R Design Inc says:

Federico! Ben tornato! Hope your vacation to Italy was fantastico! Could you give your opinion of Tonino Lamborghini watches? They look pretty cool (and very unique) with their triangular dials and they use Swiss ETA movements so I was wondering if you had an opinion – complete garbage or pretty good? Thanks fratello!

Anthony R says:

Blue and Red GMT will always be a PanAm to me. I don’t use any nicknames for rolexs. I think it’s silly.

ernesto izquierdo says:

Pan am , comex .

Zander Brown says:

Fed, ditch the Brooks Bros polo! Gimme that silk shirt on the videos!!! Haha

Petar Babac says:

guys, the truth is that this guys name is actually Federico, and his last name is NOT “Talks Watches” .

The Provincial Gentry says:

Always wondered the origin of some of these nicknames. Great video as always Fed!

OldSport says:

Wouldn’t an actual Batman Rolex be all black?

michael downing says:

I think you need to get a Smurf now

MsTalons says:

Pepsi should be called spider-man

Jedidiah Smith says:

Your suit for the wedding was amazing. What watch were you wearing?

David Williams says:

Welcome back Fed. Look forward to the video with Hans. Saluti

David Fredriksen says:

Glad to have you back bud!

Jeff J says:

Love the Smurf!

Danny T says:

You didn’t explain where the Rolex President nickname came from. You only said because of the bracelet, but why was the bracelet called the President? Don’t worry, I googled it.

fernando sanchez says:

rolex octopussy and rolex pussy galore lmao

Antimo Nunziante says:

You have me goosebumps when the Eye of the Tiger was on video, and you said the BLNR batman is purple and black (Blue Noir=BLNR=Blue and Back) and the rootbeer is not the eye of the tiger. It’s the new Basel model.

Captain Z says:

Steve McQueen bro!!!

Mike Mush says:

Great video Fed! Fun topic. I love the Rolex nicknames.

B T says:

Welcome back Fed!

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