Rolex New Watches of Baselworld 2017

With Rolex, we know we not necessarily in for a revolution during Baselworld, but never the less a constant and subtle evolution of some of their iconic timepieces and 2017 was no exception with the introduction of the new Sea-Dweller now coming in a 43mm case.


Cb Vince says:

Marc Andre, thanks for the update. Which piece are u wearing? it was tough to tell

alexxxandder says:

Really love this guys enthusiasm!

Richard's World says:

I’m just waiting for the Bluetooth Rolex version to buy a Rolex. That’s all.

Wan Kit Fong says:

same same but different hahaha

greekatso says:

I like the new Sea Dweller, will this be in AD’s this month?

Hamza Khawaja says:

I feel that you don’t like rolex that much, that’s why we don’t see many rolex videos.

Kevin C says:

What’s the point of a cyclops on the Sea Dweller from a good 10-15+ feet away 99.99% of people who know watches
are automatically gonna assume its a Submariner that’s what made those two watches special.

Matt Stevens says:

Glasses = cool. Cyclops on SD = not cool.

Nurshahiddin Rasid says:

Same same but different is a commonly used phrase in Singapore! 😉

Andrew Steel says:

great video. dont like sea dweller cyclops.

Önder Çetinkaya says:

Nice video but I couldn’t see any mention to datejust 41

groeneschaap says:

Rolex most overrated brand of all
the rainbow Rolex is made special for Floyd Mayweather jr.

drwavedawg says: what glasses are you wearing?

Paul Pagel says:

The Cellini is rising again! It’s about time. By the way, I enjoyed the little jab at the “evolution” of the Yachtmaster.

Carlos Rolaça says:

Rolex should issue a flyback chrono for racers with a 10minute lap-time count-up and maintain the measured value while the next lap is measured (starting with 1st lap stop) until that 2nd lap is stopped and presented, while the 3rd is running until it’s stopped….

Abhishek Srivastava says:

3:57 Pimp my watch

richy jay says:

I wish the skydweller was a little smaller, its a large piece

Juho Ketola says:

Where is Omega report 🙂

Biff Bifford says:

Yes these models are nice, and the high quality is guaranteed to be there. But Rolex is clearly has its sights set on joining the PP, VC, and AP pricing territory. Perhaps Omega will replace Rolex for the pricing space Rolex is vacating?

marcuskuip says:

Nice roundup, but how could you forget the new steel Datejust 41?!

killamist666 says:

The fact it never had a magnifier, Is what made the SeaDweller so good, The 4000 was big enuff, Why would Rolex cease production? Too Big……

Stefan Tarara says:

thanks for the vid, but why is noone reporting/speaking about the new Datejust 41 with Jubelee bracelet? For me, this is the most interesting watch (I was even there at Baselworld to see it) but truly noone is saying anything about that.. 🙁

An Sung says:

did you see the moonphase cellini? which movement did they use? is it an open case back?
if they movement is outstanding, 20 years later people will pay huge money to collect it since its the 1st rolex moonphase.

michel arock says:

Well guys, as usual, your channel is the best of the best in terms of watches survey and entertainment. Big congrats to you for this sustained effort to bring us light on the very new watches at Baselworld. This is outstanding, as always. But please forget a little bit Rolex and particularly this “sea-dweller” which is nothing more than < 200 euros of steel and piece of glass, oversized and overpriced with non decorated cheap movement. I am even not sure that Chinese movements are less decorated and of lower value...10800 Euros for such a crap, when you can buy oris aquis for 1/5th of this price. It's a shame. Are theses folks at Rolex really think that we are all unbrained? Such a pity... But guys again, what a nice work you are doing! Please go ahead. Best.

A says:

Rolex Baselworld year 3180, yes they still look exactly the same, buy again!

Alan c says:

wow that seadweller looks kinda silly on your wrist

JF schnell says:

Not a fan of Rolex… they have nice watches to be honest but still…. I wouldn’t pay that money even if i had it

31 - for - 2 says:

What is the thickness of the SeaDweller?

Shafir Iqbal says:

Rolex rules horology 😉

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