Rolex Impressions + Batman Price Discussion: Baselworld 2019

Baselworld 2019: Rolex Impressions | Horology House
Well it’s a mixed bag this year from a lot of brands, however the star of the show – Rolex, did not have the most exciting line-up of watches, there may be a few reasons for this, which we will touch on in this video.
Lets take a closer looks over some of the releases, and also discuss the Batman pricing for the outgoing model.

*** For clarification – I missed the word GMT when speaking of the meteorite dial. This is the first GMT Rolex.

*** Please note images used are from
For more detailed information the watches shown, please head over the

Watches featured include:
Rolex Yachtmaster 42 Ref 226659 –
* Rolex Sea Dweller in Stainless and Yellow gold Ref 126603 –
* GMT Master 2 126710BLNR –
* Daydate 36  Reference 128238 –
* Datejust 36 Reference 126234 –
* Datejust 31 Reference 278273 –
* GMT Master 2 with a meteorite dial Reference 126719BLRO –
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100pila878 says:

Thanks a lot for all the updates on basel for us that can’t be there it’s really inspiring 🙂
I’ve been following the channel for many time and I’ve just got into watches
if you can give me some support on my channel it would be great I’m planning to do several time-lapses of watches 🙂
Thank you again for your comment on the watches from basel 🙂

david konsto says:

That meteorite dial is breathtaking.

trdi says:

Release some metal bezel Daytonas…

AL McL says:

Last yr both were kicking, but this year i am underwhelmed by both rolex and tudor releases to be frank (even the yachtmaster just looks like a glycine combat Aquarius homage)

Dr A&B says:

Thanks patek opinions please

Ess tiger says:

the real batman is much nicer than batgirl with jubelee

Edwin M says:

For me, it would be the Batman. But still, I’ve really been thinking a lot about a Navitimer and Grand Seiko is always a consideration for me. Thanks for the great info and video.

Dionisio Theodoropoulos says:

Which do you think are the 5-10 best investment watches (from different brands) ?

Watch Yourself says:

Rolex has put their foot down and said “a tool watch is a thing of the past”. I will be keeping my five digit collection, but will be moving onto Tudor and can’t wait to see what Omega has in store. Grand Seiko was also disappointing in my opinion.

My Calculated Randomness says:

Appreciate the shared opinion and great over all content. I was very fortunate to have purchased the 2018 Rolex GMT Master II (Root Beer) new from an AD and couldn’t be happier. Posted some reviews if you like to check it out. That said the grey market is truly getting out of hand with the Rolex Sport Models and its sad as hell seeing customers being taken advantage of. Please do keep spreading the word and hopefully it will save someone from being screwed out of a lot of money. Thanks again!

Michael Frilund says:

I like the Day-Date very much. You are wrong about the meteorite dial, Rolex has used it before. Or do you mean in a GMT-Master?

Cyrus Sataravalla says:

Yes all-new 2019 Batman on jubilee with upgraded 70 hour power Chronergy Movement a great Sports Rolex. I do have the earlier Itster Steel Pepsi 126710 BLRO on jubilee and feel this dressier current Batman will be much-loved. Cyrus

Tim Tim says:

Make up your mind in your video on July 19th, 2018 you said you like the batman on oyster better then the Pepsi on jubilee.I think The oyster batman will be worth more then the new batman the oyster is sturdier and feels stronger on the wrist then the jubilee. Jubilee is for the wife #batgirl. I prefer the oyster much more. And I think rolex will now only put oyster bracelets on the all gold gmts. The coke will be all gold on an oyster when it comes out.

James Kikuoka says:

Spot on. I remember as late as the fall of 2015, you could buy all 3: a Batman, a Hulk, and a Deep Sea JC-1 all at once if you desired, at a NJ mall. No waiting, no lists, no BS buying another watch you did not want. As the next downturn unfolds, the sports steel models may become more and more widely available. What will be price then? I imagine it will be higher than the base, but not at these levels. I myself will be buying the Two-tone Sea-Dweller. Why? If you want to have a precious metal style watch and wear it more than just on a special occasion, this is the watch to have for its toughness. You say I will lose money? Perhaps. I leave you with this. What if the price of gold revalues itself 2x-4x in a period of 5-10yrs? Look up the Basel III banking agreement in relation to gold (see many YouTube videos). You, yourself may be buying a two-tone Rolex or a solid gold Rolex(if available and you have the funds), when these banking regulations start to take place after April first (now). Rolex as a company (actually designated as a Swiss charity) is a lot smarter than we are.

Shaheen Evans says:

Agree with you totally

Rob Geist says:

The video stated that Rolex GMT II meteorite dial is the first from Rolex. I’ve seen Day-Dates and Daytonas with meteorite dial. Where these aftermarkets or factory?


I also have last years Pepsi and I love it!! So comfortable and your 100% correct on how easy my oyster bracelet scratch. Paying $27k for a Yachtmaster on rubber, Two tone Sea-Dweller will be a slow movers and Rolex needs that because of demand. 2019 was very well planned out by Rolex

Dani A says:

Grand Seiko and Patek did well maybe even Nomos with the Tangente Sport. Rolex and Tudor were no shows.

Steban Lewansky says:

Grand Seiko was the only brand to make an incredible effort this Year. Big win from Grand Seiko

Tony Hill says:

Wise advice about the outgoing Batman. The biggest talkers up of price on this watch are present owners. I’d never pay a premium on a watch. You won’t get the latest hot Rolex the moment you walk into an AD but build that relationship, be willing to pay a deposit, and the watches come. I do like the look of the Yachtmaster but the price, WOW!!

Cyrus Sataravalla says:

Your thoughts on Rolex always truly superb and arrive from a deep inner love connect and overall affinity for Rolex in particular. Recently I felt like exchanging my 2017 Rolex Blue LB for a twotone black LN. Was attracted to the sunray blue at first but now, after enjoying it I find, overall, the black LN is yet more classic. Sober maybe. Yet completely handsome, clean looking. The white text on dial also cleaner appearing. Mind you this inspire of having many black dial Rolex including GMT 11 Ref 116713 LN, Rolex 114060 no Date Sub, 116528 Cosmograph diamond dot black dial, Explorer 42mm Satin Black, Deepsea Blue black gradient.

Gregory M says:

It looks like the Datejust went back to the 16234 proportions! As far as I’m concerned, if it’s the case that’s a clear winner. Appart from Rolex, I think the Zenith Inventor is epic, the SBGY003 has made it to my shopping list, and I know it might sound weird but I’m curious to see how the Tudor BB P01 looks like with something else on than its silly strap/bracelet (straplet?).

MRaaronneary says:

I’d love a new Batman. Jubilee is hands down my favourite bracelet/strap style. Hopefully supply driven premiums dont effect it as bad as the outgoing Batman, as a premium puts it out of reach of the average middle class bloke

CarlosSS says:

There has been meteorite dials already in DayDate and Daytona at least, that I have seen in the flesh.

katalysis says:

A solid gold GMTII with a green dial and bezel would be pretty sick.

DuKirpalani says:

Yes!!! Another classic one Chris! Thanks bunches. Also I kinda like what Nomos is doing!

Jimmy Gunawan says:

It’s all personal preferences. I love the new Batman with regards to the upgraded movement. As for the bracelet, I’m more of a leather strap kind of guy, so even I’m lucky enough to get one, I will swap them with leather straight away. The top 3 releases for me is the new Blue Dial Pepsi, The Batman and Yacht Master 42. The Blue Dial Pepsi is very attractive!

Mason Swift says:

As already mentioned, Grand Seiko were the only brand that pulled their fingers out this year.
The Swiss need to watch out!

AMEX says:

Hey Chris, maybe next Baselworld you can actually go and do a live review.

I love the Jubilee owning one on a DJ41, but some are calling the new BLNR a Batwoman

Horology House says:

Tudor Video Spoiler – It wont be as balanced.

peggy69peggy says:

I agree on your opinion the Jubile bracelet. The polished center link Rolex watches are just nor good for daily wear. This includes the Milgaus, The GMTII, The Daytonam, DJ41. I dont know why Rolex is still doing this polished bracelet stuff.

Joe Valencia says:

Totally agree, underwhelming year from Rolex

golfbuddy1969 says:

One of your best videos! I have said for years that I prefer the Jubilee over the polished center Oyster, because it is much more durable, while being more comfortable…yet maybe slightly dressier too. Those all would normally be opposites…but it is what makes the Jubilee so awesome.

altbinhax says:

Sorry, but massive disappointment. The talking heads at Basel world didn’t come across with convincing optimism.

Rob Ward says:

I think Rolex’s decisions on the YM, SD, and Batman were wrong. White gold + rubber strap? On a Yachtmaster? Should have been steel or titanium with rubber. Yellow gold on a Sea-dweller? Again, steel or titanium. And jubilee on the Batman? It’s being called the Bat Girl now instead. Oyster bracelet all the way.

It feels like Rolex wasn’t aiming for their actual fans with these–but for people who have more money than sense.

Ryker H. Grotte says:

I saw a seiko skx modded in the batman style. Looked just as exciting.

Wrek U says:

Great information and summary. I like the meteor watch, but my bank says “haha”.
Thanks for your insights on these releases.

William Candrick says:

Agreed! It’s not like Rolex and Tudor suddenly forgot how to make hyped watches. They took an intentional breather because demand is through the roof and production needs to catch up.

Derek Shearer says:

I guess you don’t own a polished center link stainless steel Rolex, it holds up better than my brushed Tudor. Cheers

JP Melbs says:

Great video, Chris! Rolex has had a very ‘meh’ Baselworld. The TT SD43 is just wrong, really wish they hadn’t done that. In regards to the BLNR: I’ve had mine for about a year now and I much prefer it on the oyster. Won’t ever sell it. Yes, I had the opportunity to try on the Pepsi in the Jubilee. It’s not for me. Buying watches as an investment is almost always a bad idea. Buy the stuff you like and you want to wear!

Sean Petersen says:

Really Helpful thanks!

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