Rolex GMT Master – New vs Vintage – Federico Talks Watches

Rolex GMT Master – New vs Vintage – Federico Talks Watches

In today’s episode of Federico Talks Watches I answer a question for a friend of mine. What do I think between the new the Rolex GMT Master BLNR and the vintage Rolex GMT Master Pepsi. There are quite a few differences between these two Rolex GMT Master watches. The case, the bezel, the bracelet and the price. Ultimately they are two very different watches. Which Rolex GMT Master is right for you? Let us know in the comment section below.

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Will Smith says:

The BLNR is a full blown “luxury watch”, the Pepsi, while a still technically a luxury watch, is much closer to its Toll watch roots.

xjsteve says:

I recently bought a new 116710LN Black on Black GMT Master II and it’s an epic piece. More obtainable than the BLNR and more under the radar than the Batman version, this watch ticks all the boxes for me. The green dial text and green GMT hand gives an appealing pop of colour too. Me personally, I’d go with the latest version of the GMTM2 every time; no only for looks and quality, it’s a better watch overall compared to the Pepsi 16700.

Larry Banda says:

Nice glasses Fed, sharp. I like the older GMT without polish and compactness. Also, understated compared to new reference.

G Posada says:

Every episode should be this short

Antoine Thisdale says:

Reaffirms my need for the GMT II BLNR.

Chacho Guevara says:

The aluminum looks cheap to me after experiencing the ceramic bezels, all though I get the vintage tick. I’d go with a late 70s or 80s with a tiffany dial for the pepsi with a beautiful patina on the hour marks. If not that then BLNR all day. I’ve enjoyed my BLNR for 2 years it’s literally the best everyday watch I’ve ever had. It’s a watch that you see people that know about watches wear on a daily basis.

mario siaven says:

100 % agree on the topic now to me having the older pepsi gmt with the new bracelet and clasp would be a desirable combination

benasgud says:

Can’t imagine myself paying 6k and getting that shitter bracelet 🙂 I have Batman and it just POPS. And 50% of the beauty is bracelet with center polish links. Also don’t listen to people who say it’s scratches easily, while it’s a bit true, you can’t see it if you look at full arm lengh or 1 meter and it’s soooo good looking. I’m kinda new to the watches so I don’t any attachments to Pepsi so for me Batman is better in every category.

mt89 says:

Totally loving my green dial GMT!!

highnrising says:

The Rolex website also shows a GMT watch called the Explorer II. The Explorer II is actually larger than the GMT Master II (42 mm vs. 40 mm), but it costs about $800 less.Why do they have two different ones and why is the larger watch cheaper?

evaninnewport says:

thanks fed. can you please run for president

Dave Lee says:

The Herd mentality and You tube channels continue to push prices higher.

Imthiaz Jamal says:


Tomasina Covell says:

In my opinion the ceramic bezel inserts and bezels are tacky looking, they’ll just make the chunky look look even more silly.

Mike Mancinelli says:

Cyclops is brutal

Peter Werle says:

By the way, Federico regarding your Talking Hands segments. Just be yourself your enthusiasm and delivery should come naturally. I know it’s hard not to hear Tim in your head, but give it your best shot. I think you could really be good at it.

Ariaditya Pramestu says:

You sold one to tgv

COLLABERATORZ Sean Huang says:

I love my BLNR. But one thing that I wish Rolex would improve on their GMT line is the 48 power reserve. The power reserve should last much longer to make the watch more usable and won’t died down when you take it off on the weekends.

Gerold At Large says:

Owned a batman for a year. It’s a great watch in the sun. Different tones seem to come out in the light. At night it looks Sub like. A friend wears the Pepsi on occasion. It’s a classic good looking watch. I like the better more modern calibre in my watch. One can’t go wrong with either.

Rafael Castro says:

In my opinion the batman gmt is one of the most stylish modern rolexes 😉

evvignes says:

I wonder if a pepsi could be my only luxury watch?
Is it versatile enough?

Michael Doran says:

Love the Giro-Polo (ask Tim…)

mikevac1978 says:

I have a question not about watches. but about the bottle of Knob Creek in the book shelf.  I never see any one drinking it

Mike Braykovich says:

Great subject. I love both of these time pieces and i would love to have them both. I actually I think they perfectly compliment each other. thanks for great video and looking forward to live stream tomorrow!

thumperjdm says:

Fed—You know I’m loving my Bucherer Scubatec, on bracelet. In this video you mentioned the Rolex bracelets–and in my opinion the Rolex bracelets are far inferior to bracelets being offered by many other mfgs.

Scott Satren says:

You are so dead on about the clasps, I bought my 1st Submariner Ref16800 brand new in 1982 & I have been a Rolex collector ever since but the buckle was the worlds worst & now the milled buckle is a work of art. BTW my every day watch is a black ceramic GMT, definatly more watch for the money then the Sub.

jakobus Maximus says:

I always thought the same thing. How could a watch this expensive have such cheap clasps. the new ones are amazing but the introduction took way too long.
yee forgot to say im wearing a blnr watching this 🙂

Scott Satren says:

If Rolex wanted to blow people’s mind, imagine this, a SS GMT with a radiant brown dial with matching ceramic bezel, not only beautiful but a nod too the Clint Eastwood GMTs that are very desirable now that they couldn’t give away in the day.

Tony Hill says:

That old Rolex clasp!!!!!! How did they get away with it?

mathiDXB says:

2 years ago i actually wanted to buy the pepsi. so i walked into their boutique and realized they dont do it in stainless steel anymore. so being over my budget i bought the batman and i am happy i didnt buy the pepsi. the batman watch is absolutely beautiful. i also own a hublot classic fusion chrono black dial on black strap for 2 month now. i hope to buy next year the royal oak 39mm stainless steel blue dial. you guys are amazing

Edmund Choy says:

milgauss and the 36mm perpetual no date are the sleeper hits of rolex for me. gmt and yatchmaster are probably 2nd on the list.

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