Rolex GMT-Master II Review – The best daily wear watch

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Salem Al Maskari says:

I own a GMT-II black Ceramic, if I have only one watch to own it would be this. I habe replaced Explorer II (1996 model), Panerai Zero and IWC ingiener vintage classic for Rolex GMT-II + cash. I know people a crazed with Subs or Batman but this one look good and the polish makes it perfect as well as the polished ceramic dail is great.

sdemosi says:

It’s a wonderful watch. Possibly the nicest of the sports luxury models. Everything just looks right and I agree about the little details being so important to showing its quality. It’s also one of the most counterfeited models in the world so those details are proof of authenticity, particularly the laser etched coronet.

Paul Cumby says:

I too own this watch and even though everyone is talking about the Batman and now the new Pepsi as being the watches of desire for Rolex professional series, your review of the watch was perfect. Your review of this timepiece was perfect to the way I feel about this watch and to let you know I have had this watch for 8 years now and the feeling does not diminish over time. I love this unit the same today as I did the first day I put it on my wrist.


i love your vid but most importantly i love this watch thats why i bought a pre owned 116710ln as well. this watch is amazing. from everyday use to dress up use. only thing i feel its lacking is the glide lock system that the sub has. cheers

Neurotripsicks says:

What does the green hand do

Bear Clooney Watches says:

Nice one Bruce! Loved your video and love that watch

Arce Adam says:

I almost bought this watch.. almost but i bought a patek instead..450000$ in uk

Auttie B says:

Beauty! Congratulations

MrTokusatsuFan says:

I have this GMT Master II for 3 years. The only cons I found so far is cannot set both GMT time & bezel (3rd GMT time) on 30-min timezone difference. I wonder if the value of any Rolex watches are going up after years of keeping.

Norman Goldstuck says:

I have one exactly like this and I love it. I am a small man with small wrists and I was wearing a gold day date which I lost in a mugging. I replaced it with a rose gold day-date with a chocolate face and diamonds and rubies and am too scared to wear it so I bought the GMT II you are shoeing. It has a larger face but it is still ok on my small wrists. I won’t sell the day-date but I really prefer the GMT. Both are well insured. I live in South Africa where crime is rife.

Wolf DNA says:

Awesome and congrats!!!! That pop of green mmmmmmm. What do you think about this compared to that polar explore 2 you had a year ago?

evvignes says:

That watch looks good on top of your hand.

Garry Perkins says:

Good luck with this Rolex. I would have gone for the Batman, but I know the waiting list is long. Enjoy the watch and remember NOT to place this one where it does not belong (on the top of a car, in the body cavity of a ,…, well, you know, do not f*ck this one up. Congratulations.

Kieren Moore says:

Nah. ND Sub it is.

poopy_fingers says:

just bought one…not patiently waiting for it to arrive. I want it and I want it NOW.

Raoul raoul says:

Couldnt agree more! Rocking the 2017 gmt every day

levi saxen says:

Awesome video!!! Really enjoyed your content, beautiful watch as well

Zenithx Zenith says:

Got mine today
And your review has a part in choosing it:}

pennfootball says:

Crown is not a triplock…That is just on Sub. Rest of video was great. It is my daily watch too and have the same one. Cheers!

steven uk1 says:

also looks great on aftermarket rubber and alligator leather straps. expensive, but its fantastic build quality, size, design and features.

Svoby23 says:

What price depreciation of batman do you expect after release of batman with new movement? Thx

ToddB987 says:

Nice review.. I’ve been eyeing the gold and silver version with black face.

-Genes- says:

Keeping those polished center links scratch-free would drive my inner ocd nuts. And I really like Submariners for their glidelock clasp which allows me to set the watch just right on my wrist, again satisfying my ocd.

skykoh sky says:

Been to 7 Ad for 6 month and nothing’s there. Dangg…

Vegas Milgauss says:

Absolutely beautiful

Josh Garren says:

How u wear the watch makes me cringe

Taylor W. says:

Bruce, you have such a nice watch there. Please give us more than 4 minutes ..

Thank you

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