Rolex Daytona Fake vs Real – Official Rolex Video.

Three Rolex watches, two fake, one real. Can you tell which is real?

TraxNYC’s “Concept of Rolex” investigates what makes a real Rolex and what makes a fake one. Instigating every detail on one of the most popular Rolex models, the Daytona, this video reveals the true craftsmanship of of the master watch makers.


Adam Bean says:

The problem with the first test, comparing faces A/B/C, comes with the mention of the differing numbers. For the Daytonas that have the Zenith movement, the left dial does in fact have the numbers 60, 20, 40. Therefore, it is, on its own, an insufficient marker of a fake Daytona.

spmank says:

I have a collection of Rolex watches going back to 1948. The have only “SWISS MADE” on them. All bought by my dad and I from Roles ADs.

I see some Roles watches which have “T SWISS MADE T” at the bottom under 6 O’clock position. Are these genuine Rolex watches?

TheStereo941 says:

Very informative video

Marcos Silva says:

tomà nu cu

Michiel Tummers says:

had it correct on first sight 😀

Tyler Wallace says:

This is awsome one of my closest friends was deployed in Afghanistan and there was a guy who would get watches before they were shipped to U.A.E he would seek authentic watches to American soilder for 150 a pop hublot, patik phillep, Breitling you name he came back 100,000 plus dollars in watches and he gifted me with a authentic oyster perpetual white gold I absolutely love this time piece one of the best gifts ever on top of him coming back alive

E Al says:

BS. Higher resolution, microscopic details, that’s mean going for a fake is the right option. Fake Rolex in China Town $45.00, real Rolex @ $10000. Lets go and argue that fake Rolex will not last like a real one. Then take $450 and buy 10 of them, you die first before use 10 fakes Rolex. I know two person with fakes Rolex and they have been wearing for more than 6 years with no problem

Tubbehh T says:

Rolex is brainwashing people into thinking their watches are a good deal by calling them investments. If you want to invest in something, invest in securities, not a watch that is insanely overpriced.

turbostewi says:

But is it more accurate than my 20$ Casio?

Aaron Peavler/Geomodelrailroader Railroad Photography says:

Here are the answers: C is a CHEAP CHINESE KNOCKOFF! and here is the reason why. 1:47 see the left chronograph on C it is in military numbers and in GMT. Rolex does not used military numbers on Daytona’s or on chronographs. The correct numbers are left 12 3 6 and 9 on the right one 5 20 35 and 55 and on the bottom 60 15 30 and 45. 2:03 look at the time arrows on C all Rolex parts or laser cut those parts look like they were stamped. And here is the final nail in the coffin that eliminates C. 2:23 look at the illuminates on C they are stamped and have been glued onto the watch on A and B they have been laser cut. All these imperfections have marked Watch C as a FAKE and it is eliminated. That leaves watches A and B but look closely at A and see right away the watch has been tampered with. 2:53 first look at the crown it is stamped on B it is raised under a magnifying glass this will be completely invisible. 3:20 on A the lettering has been stamped on B it has been laser cut. 3:38 final feature which makes B Rolex is the dial is laser-cut A’s dial has been stamped on there. With means the winner is Watch B which is the Rolex.

j0eyp0ps says:

“…because of the chronographs…” Oh dear…

Mahfuz Shaon says:

I liked A better 🙁

TT entertainment says:

I subscribed

fastfordstang13 says:

how much does the watch on video is worth cuz I have one like it but it doesn’t work?

Liverpool Biker says:

Mine looks just like the real one but I know it’s fake because I only paid £60 for it. Top quality fake! You don’t see many of them lol

lillmondo says:

so the chronographs should be as the one in the original ? i mean on the left would it be days instead ?

CPSC says:

The guy TraxNYC Diamond Jewelry should look at the new fake Rolex nowadays. The fake Rolex has 3D Crown…everything has been copied exactly. This clip is NOT accurate. Sorry.

Ted Dow says:

trax, you sell fake ass watches….

x gibbz says:

Like how people says it’s a waste of money to buy a Rolex for 10,000$ +. First off, buying a Rolex can be a good investment, you can chose to sell it whenever you like. A Rolex watch might not suit you if you don’t make good ammount of money, which a lot of people does, then why not buy a fine luxury watch that is made real proffesional? Not to mention there are people like me that just loves watches, their look, their background also the brand. I’m super interrested in watches and I’ll give mad respect to anybody that buys a watch for a huge ammount of money.

ThaFeesh says:

2 myths are not all Rolex’s have the words Rolex engraved in the dial and not all Rolex’s glide, some tick.

Souvik Mitra says:

both say time

Ole Martin Kvam says:

i want a Rolex [NEW+RARE] Rainbow Daytona 116599 RBOW Black Diamond now give me one 😀

ab bii says:

i was told professional counterfeiters leave special marks on their products so that insiders can tell the difference. there is an honor system

BigFatLoserDude says:

if you take pride in what you make, you will strive to always make it better. i think this is a concept being forgotten.

erik l says:

so you’re telling me I spent 19000$ on a fake Daytona oh no JK it’s legit

NewPlay says:

i love how this video basicly says that its purpuse its to brainwash the uneducated consumer to buy a rolex watch that is in the most overpriced category of watches today due to its marketing campaings that cover 90% of the watch price that you are paying from your pocket and 10 % of that goes to make the watch , even less.

S0rfyPlays says:

i have a real one wtf! i just checked mine lol #21k

Joel Nainan says:

It’s better to buy fake ones cuz no one will care to see if the watch is real or not! Cheap and the best!

Happy roy says:


4n Style says:

I love watches, definatly the Rolex wacthes are my favorites. I do think of buying a fake one, because I cannot afford one in my age, but I dont like the fact that I help the illegal factory that makes them. I’m not the type of guy to brag about looking rich, I’m just loving the look of Rolexes designs but I will succed my life-goal once; to buy a real Rolex. Don’t be to ashamed of people rocking fake rolex watches, they might think as me.

Oscar Selemba says:

This video is really helpful for those making fake Daytonas!

ionicafardefrica says:

Nowadays, an expensive watch is just a way to brand yourself as a snob. Let’s be realistic, we need a wristwatch like we need a monocle. There are so many technologies to tell the time, this should be obvious.

Boris Terekidi says:

Hour marker on “A” look much better than on “B” 🙂

suck my ass suck my ass says:

pay 10K to know the time ..-_-

Maza says:

Rolex Daytona Zenith has a 60/30/20 on the left and the middle is 1/3/6/9 and its the only Rolex that does not use their own mechanical.

mt89 says:

is it just me or is the letter “C” of the word offiCically on the dial of watch B (the real rolex) slightly tilted? I just checked my 2008 daytona and the “C” is same as the one in the video.

Cypherdude1 says:

Is there anywhere I can see the other Rolex videos in this series?

75lexluther says:

only the royal ……

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