Rolex Datejust Alternatives – What To Pick If A Datejust Isn’t An Option

Rolex Datejust Alternatives – What To Pick If A Datejust Isn’t An Option

In today’s episode of Federico Talks Watches I talk about alternative to the iconic Rolex Datejust. The Rolex datejust is one of the most versatile watches ever made and is responsible for turning Rolex into the king of luxury watches. But what if a Rolex Datejust is not an option? What are some great alternatives? Watch and find out.


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evan h says:

Can’t imagine having to settle for an alternative to a Datejust. You can find them Pre-Owned for great prices with tons of variety to satisfy anyone’s taste. But if I where to choose something on this list it would probably be the GS or Omega

Winston Baby says:

Could have picked a picture of a datejust without the factory protective film! 😉

Nick G says:

love the IWC only if it had a in house movmt I would snatch one up

Daniel Horst says:

Grand Seiko or Oyster Perpetual.

Peter Shallis says:

Such a good list, properly tasteful. For me..I can’t decide between the stylish but tough Aquatera, and the quality high tech of the Grand Seiko.

Ben Montgomery says:

Hey Fed, IWC Mark 18 comes in 4 options not two (black, white, blue and brown).

Collecting Vintage Watches says:

I really like the why you talk about Cartier its such a heavy hitter in the modern and vintage market, great video

Justin R says:

Any good watches on a jubilee bracelet other than the Skx and Datejust ?

Kurt Nunn says:

Love the Seamaster Aqua Terra choice

Pedro Saenz says:

Thank you. Today I totally disagree with you. None of them wiuld I trade for my 16030. A Speedy could have been there.

G1234 X says:

Really enjoy the Alternative series. I think good alternatives (way) under price range could be the SARB series from Seiko, and (way) over the Royal Oak. I think a GMT Master II alternative episode would be really fun! Keep it up!

Ruvim stoyan says:

This can’t be your list. I can’t imagine you putting the Grand Seiko on your list. Or maybe you’re slowly starting to fall in love with them? I would pick the IWC. The Ballon is amazing but a bit too dressy. I can picture a Jaeger Master control Q1548171 being an alternative.

Christian Kim says:

No Explorer? Oyster Perpetual? Milgauss?

Venus Dee says:

I would also thrown in there the Tag Heuer Carrera calibre 5 (three hander) as it is similar to the Aqua Terra or Grand Seiko in general look and sportiness but is a fraction of the cost and still has brand prestige and is pretty iconic. I own a Datejust as my grail (116234) but being that it is a more classical/old school design, I wanted a modern design as well and was considering between the Aqua Terra, GS, and Carrera calibre 5. The Carrera won based on styling (equal to the AT to me), bracelet was better than AT and rivalled that of the GS, and it cost less than the others. It loses out in the level of movement but at least it has the modern feature of a clear caseback.

HachiZenki says:

Fed, I think you missed an opportunity for a video with Valentine’s Day: Top 5 Women’s Watches.

gamebred26 says:

Before I even watched…no pun intended… I said Aqua Terra….I just got one and it’s really stopping me from buying an Exp 1. I can’t seem to figure out why I need one lol…yet. Very versatile watch.

Fabian Teka says:

Tudor bb 36 mm or Tudor ranger tag carerra Cal 5

rrp925 says:

Grand Seiko!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

Andrew Steel says:

Maybe just a old school Tudor Prince with the Rolex signed crown and bracelet. I guess I’m thinking second hand and matching case. Great list.

Luke W says:

What’s the difference between a “pilot’s watch” and a “field watch”?

Bear Clooney Watches says:


Shane Fu says:

Hey Fed what about a Ball fireman?

prokoviev says:

ok, but how are the Cartiers closer to the DJ than the Omega Globemaster??

Lingan says:

Big fan of your videos. Lots of good knowledgeable content. I wonder if you are conscious of the speed of your presentation. Almost all your videos I put the playback speed at 1.5x and you still sound clear and I don’t miss a beat. Also big plus is I can then digest a video in less than 6 min 🙂 Just a suggestion to put out there if you want.

J S says:

37mm GS > Datejust. With a leather strap….beyond stealthy.

James Logan says:

Teasing a new watch.. I NEED to know!

Cornelius Puiulet says:

IWC Mark XVIII for me.

clemsonalum98 says:

Love the datejust but I can’t go 36mm.

Barry E says:

Great “iconic” (teehee) video, Fed. I would totally go for the Grand Seiko as a Datejust alternative, although, the Cartier Santos is just… SO… cool!!! Maybe I need both.

TheArithrix says:

A few of my favorites that I think are alternatives to the Datejust are the JLC Master Control Date on the bracelet, the Glasshutte Original Senator Excellence Panorama Date on the bracelet, and the Nomos Ahoi Datum (its a “diver”, sorta, and not on a bracelet though).

golfbuddy1969 says:

Great picks Federico. I think that the Aqua Terra is probably the most comparable to the Datejust… I love IWC, but what about the Ingenuer instead of the pilot?

Pete B. says:

Fed talking good about grand seiko lo;, its obvious he’s been replaced by the watch mafia with a clone ; P ! ! !

HachiZenki says:

Datejust alternatives? There is the Omega Aqua Terra, Omega Globemaster. After that….?

Ben Andersen says:

I have a modern Tudor DateDay 76200 which negates the ‘need’ for a datejust in my collection, but that might slightly be cheating to put it on this list…

Michael Minehart says:

I own the galbee

binkymagnus says:

the aqua terra with the white dial and blue hands is fantastic. but it bugs me that only the minute hand has the arrow head on it. it just looks a little weird

Stephen Berry says:

Another great video Federico, thank you

LiquidSm0ke says:

It’s a shame cartier doesn’t get the respect it deserves.

Beng Chiat Seah says:

ETA tried the ko axial too… 50 years ago, i think.

Mark Playford says:

Love the Omega but would prefer the Railmaster or are they the same? Never quite worked that one out! Idiot Brit knows nothing.
Would love the Grand Seiko too, nothing like the qudos of the Rolex (unless your in the know) but gorgeous just the same.

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