ROLEX Baselworld 2017 – The World Watch and Jewellery Show

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luis cruz says:

I like and bought the breitling  superocean instead of the rolex sub just thought it was nicer

ryvr madduck says:

Nothing Rolex brought out this year I want. Too bad. I hate that big phucking Sea-Dweller. Might as well slap big phucking diamonds on the dial and bezel. A date magnifier on the crystal? PHUUUCK!!!! I’ll stick with my 2002 Sea-Dweller. I do like the DateJusts, but I don’t need a dress watch.

Terry Mc says:

Baselworld has you full steam back in your wheelhouse! Great vids AC3!

Steve Jovan says:

Funny that the global economy has not affected other luxury items such as cars and clothes! Luxury car saes are at a record high! Hint idiot high income earners under 45 have grown up with cell phones! Watches are no longer a necessity!! They are a fashion statement meaning the market is shrinking!

986C says:

Arch! Come on man!! Especilize on Rolex Basel releases big boy! They DID release the all SS SkyDweller.

Lycosa says:


william banks says:

It’s not a real sea dweller though 🙁 how could they fuck up so bad

Mark Phister says:

Some red paint and a couple of size changes. What a load of pish!!

GILLUMINATI - 204 says:

I hope they release a stainless skydweller next year? C’mon Archie you fucker.. They released it in 3 colors this year big boy..

Francis Villanueva says:

Wasn’t the DJ2 (116300, 116334, 116333) also a 41mm?

Ming Damerciless says:

Oh Archiebald! You know as little about new watches as you do about keeping a woman happy in bed. And no – thats not happiness you’re giving them when you leave the bedroom, thats just relief – so that doesn’t count phuckeroonie!

Matt Long says:

8 out of 10 lady boys prefer the 28 over the 26mm fat boy [phist]

We are done says:

They also released a steel sky dweller

matt church says:

Rolex are following fender and gibson with how to do a vintage re-issue. They change the specs slightly upping the case size a bit and changing to a cyclops because they don’t want people trying to pass off a new watch as an old watch or have new buyers try and get credibility off a new watch representing a collectable – as to not piss off the collectors that have fucked themselves to get an original Red Sea dweller. So it’s smart recognising the sophistication and deep love for the original watch but also supplying a wonderful reissue that both satisfies a collectors market and new buyers alike. Vintage watches and guitars are big big money and Rolex have understood that they should recognise this and want to.

MrEleven1181 - Luxury Reviews says:

Red Sea dweller is dog shit Archie 43mm and a cyclops fuck off with that shit plus the steel sky dweller oh boy that’s a kick in the balls for the WG owners

Ming Damerciless says:

Such a phucking idiot! The datejust ii was 41mm. The only difference is the change in naming. Such a phucking numb nuts!

Chris Boulas says:

Datejust ii was also 41mm. Get your facts straight big boy!

George says:

Also models tend to appear in precious metals first then into stainless steel.

frieswithmayo says:

daytona on a rubber strap ???? yuck yuck yuck….. but very nice datejust, beautiful

Rover Waters says:

rolex is for gispsies

Nexus Achiles says:

New SD, Rolex is about evolution, not revolution. New movement, new size, that’s a big change right there for Rolex. Now the SD sits nicely between the Sub and the Deepsea. Green is way too polarising. too many people hate it, so red lettering is a nice neo-vintage touch. As ABTW mention in their written review, the Cyclops was always meant to be on the SD since its beginning but would cause the crystal to shatter at high depth so was discarded, this limitation has been overcome since up to a certain depth and it’s only logical to put it on the SD as it’s part of Rolex’s DNA. I’m extremely excited about this model. I prefer its size, the tapered lugs, their perfect alignment with the end links, the red lettering, the 3235 at last in a sport model, the larger bracelet (22mm?), glossy dial to match a shiny bezel. It all makes sense, this is the SD I’ve wanted for the past 3 years since they released that dreadful SD4K with the awful protruding crystal, misaligned end links, odd case proportions (thick but small, like a little hockey puck), the whole thing was a mess, and it was about time they killed it, I mean no one wanted it, let’s be honest, bar a few.

Nicholas Squitieri says:

26mm Retired

Dis Count says:

at least rolex didnt go to the gorilla phist sizes like some of the shitters
unfortunately the price will remain a gorilla phist in your sky rocket

Kayserili38ification says:

not only is the sky dweller two tone… first time the sky dweller is available in batons rather then shitty arabic or roman numerels.

Dallas Time Bandits says:

So I guess 40mm sea dweller just went up

7IRAM says:

There’s a steel sky dweller on their website. It’s reference 326934…

Joe E says:

A suggestion for you, easy on the espresso or coke or whatever you are on. You are NOT Johnny Carson. How about make an decent video without squeal like a zoo animal in heat?

Goh Tee We says:

Nothing says I am cheap more than a two tone Sky Dweller

Mad Man says:

And why is the Datejust 41 smaller than DJ II? Both have 41mm. What an ignorant fool indeed there.

Jeffrey KRUPA says:

Either his hair is shrinking or his head’s getting fatter…

CP B says:

You are rocking it out Arch. great job. Very professional. Great content. Keep it up.

Byron Sutton says:

Archie there was a release of a steel skydweller with a white gold fluted bezel. So there is a steel version now.

Vavazelus says:

1st world, that Arch is babbling about.

Zeddington says:

Red Sea Dweller. Are Rolex aiming at the Jewish market?

1307scooter says:

As a man I have been wearing a 36mm Datejust for the last 20 years and I love it. It’s my everyday watch.

Mad Man says:

The Sensation is a Sky Dweller Annual in steel you inept cunt! Its already available! Instead of all that stupid rambling you should have done some research.

Super Dude says:

This cunt has no money to fix his collapsing house, no money for curtains, but he talks about tough times for the watch industry? Get some perspective you walking heart-attack.

Clyve says:

Hasn’t Rolex traditionally introduced special features first to precious metal designs before incorporating them into the two tone and steel models?

Archie's sickening, vile head horn alien antennas says:


X-rated (because of ladyboys)

Adrian Barnard says:

Sky dweller not my thing. 41mm Datejust rocks! Even bigger Deep Sea? Wow

7IRAM says:

The only watch channel that kicks ass! Keep it up Arch!!! And fuck all the cunts!

Christopher Shea says:

My wife and her friends are still wearing our watches. 34mm Omegas etc. Don’t think they want small yet.

Function First says:

Seems like your content is getting better. Keep it up.

Dennis P says:

u forgot about the non two tone ss skydweller too

Scott Anderson says:

Lady boy date just

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