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Christian covers Floyd Mayweather’s sponsorship by Hublot, experiences with replica Omega Rancheros, Tudor value props (and potential for prices to increase in the future), the ever-increasing prices of vintage Universal Geneva Polerouters, the green Rolex Daytona, Louis Vuitton’s World Timer & more!

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Frank Salazar says:

Can I order a 22mm t&h strap?


I asked about the green rolex.

Great work Christian. Keep it up. ❤

Jay Cee says:

Hublot the beater that wife beaters choose

Memmnarch1981 says:

160$ for a leather band ?!?

Watch Collecting Strategy says:

Round 9. End of story. Ofcorse the fight was for Mayweather not Conor… You know how bad the boxing industry would look if Conor won? Not to mention Conor should have agreed to more than just pure boxing rules, thats insane to give Mayweather leverage like that unless you don’t care about losing. I think Mayweather fought a good fight, but i also think in round 9 the judge had no right to take Conor off Mayweather while he was beating the crap out of him and there was ZERO things illegal about how Conor was beating him. Second, they should not have stopped the fight even if Conor looked tired, so what…..he could easily bounce back at the 11th round. Mayweather beat his wife? Talk about a false legend and idol.

For all Mayweather fans out there dont get butt hurt, this is just my opinion and also i stopped liking him ever since the MPY fight when all he did was ran away and cuddle Manny.



Nuno Ferro says:

Well, I wasn’t expecting that backstory for your bracelet, much love Christian

Matt Adam says:

I know you don’t love the Tudor BB36/41, but, wouldn’t it be cool if they released red and blue dials to better fit into the black bay line up? Oh and cherry on top would be a sunburst/linen/mosaic or other interestingly textured dial. So the line up would all share snow flake hands, and red,black,blue options. The divers are too thick, and the 36/41 is just not interesting enough I think.

David Parrish says:

Christian you keep getting better… love your shows… you are totes bril!!

Michael Rankins says:

3 and a half thousand. Ha ! I wish I was still spending only $3.5k!

Mohamed Ali says:

it’s non of your business how much taxes he needs to pay. let the man live buddy

Raaar1 says:

Hublot also sponsors the boxers Gennady Golovkin and Sergey Kovalev. The latter killed a man in the boxing ring. Lol.

Steve Smith says:

lol, you thought McGreggor was going to win, really?

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