Real Vs. Fake Rolex Sea-Dweller – Comparing 126600 to a Noob Replica

Real Vs. Fake Rolex Sea-Dweller – Comparing 126600 to a Noob Replica on the JustBlueFish YouTube channel, home of high quality wristwatch and horology related reviews and videos.

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I am doing a side by side comparison of an authentic Rolex Sea-Dweller reference 126600 to a high end fake Noob Factory replica Sea-Dweller. This video is does not endorse or promote the replica or fake watch market. This is for educational purposes only.

Thanks for watching!

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Dean Speerbrecher says:

Instead of “Replica” might the word counterfeit be more accurate?

Sukhjit Singh says:

There is a noob v9 904L sea dweller out there with 3135 movement. Do a comparison with that model ?

Tad Watson says:

Great video! Replica anything disgusts me. People shouldn’t buy them. Considering the Chinese government promotes counterfeiting, people should avoid buying Chinese in general. Buy from your individual country when possible, or products built in the country they originated in. (I know a lot of Swiss brands started in other countries. I hope you’re not to stupid to get my point) When possible.

Shane Fu says:

that’s a good fake but side by side they are much easier to tell apart. If you got the fake separated form the real it would be much harder to tell.

vdbdg says:

Funny you didn’t address the giveaway that immediately jumps out: that clunky over-magnified date. Older replicas tended not to magnify enough actually. Seems it’s hard to get it right. For the rest, thanks for that informative video!

Jimmy V says:

1- On the replica the date “28” is off. The bottom of #8 is slightly higher than #2. They are perfectly flush on the rolex
2- The font on the date “28” is also thicker than the rolex.

That mother fucker is close though……

TinBin - Craig says:

thats a good fake … but i never pay $500 for a fake cheers

Min Choi says:

What if your friend reveals that he actually lend you a real deal?

Len Powell says:

Crikey! I’d does beg the question how much these actually cost to produce?Shame to put Rolex on the dial and just sell them as homages? Would take some beating.

Blueshirt Buddah says:

Great job as always Guy.

Miguel Toro says:

The bigger tell for me was the sound of the crown when winding: horribly gritty. Other than that, it is scary indeed what they are doing now 🙁

Paul H says:

The date is the big give away its dreadful on the replica. What about listening to both watches after all they have very different movements.

grante101 says:

Great video, great advice.

karl vernum says:

Just goes to demonstrate that unless you have a gen and replica side by side you are in danger of being duped. The rep watches are reaching scary levels.

murray55285 says:

Hi what about the lume

tim.herremans says:

It takes a certain kind of man to wear a replica. Can you imagine someone complementing you on your Rolex, or a collector who wants to check it out? You would have to tell him it’s a fake.. or worse, play it off like it’s the real thing. I would never look at that man the same way. This awareness is good, the people who see these videos and then go hunt down a replica would have anyways. It’s bad taste.

Royce Gracie says:

Where can I buy one of these replicas?

mark schwartz says:

Here are my two cents: I own a few Rolexes, and a few Seikos. What all of my watches offer me is pride of ownership. I am proud that I can afford to own and appreciate the workmanship and quality of these mechanical marvels. And that applies equally to the $500 Sumo and the $25,000 gold Daytona. You can not honestly tell me that owning a fake watch will impart anything like such pride. In the words of TGV, only a fake person would own a fake watch.

A M says:

Order a noob v8 (500) have actual rolex parts installed. gen glass (350) gen date wheel (400) custom insert (300) your all set.

PA Musso says:

Wow. A couple of years ago I saw a fake Rolex first hand. The lack of quality, haphazard placement of dial markers, janky case, etc., betrayed it as a fake. This however…

silverfish126 says:

What about the Helium escape valve?

Joe Precissi says:

Very well done and eye opening

ivan kerr says:

Fantastic comparison and very frightening. I’m sure all the dickheads here would say “ oh I could tell straight away” — crap as you said without the benefit of a genuine version it’s scary how good the replicas are. I’m now wondering why I have spent so much on my Rolex. A point worth noting is that most people who buy these don’t give a toss what movement is in it as long as it works . People buy these to for the look.

Brian Mcginlay says:

Yes I’ve handled a few of these and yes they are becoming very close . The biggest give away is the bezel , although not terrible if you know Rolex dive watches you can tell it is not as smooth and the quality isn’t quite there. Although given time they will nail this and we will all struggle greatly particularly if there is no genuine piece to compare

Craig Sekowski says:

Great vidro and education

Pedro Saenz says:

Replica is fake and fake watches are for fake people. Enjoy homages if do not want or cannot aford the real ones.

David Lau says:

Since the counterfeit is so similar, it means the manufacture of the real Rolex case, face, handset, bezel don’t cost anything close to what you pay.

Knowledge is Power says:

IMHO you are doing nothing more but promoting this fake watch no matter how “educational” you think it is. Unsubscribed.

AdrianMercs says:

Great video. I’ve owned a couple noob subs and it’s worth mentioning that these watches don’t come out big shiny factories like Rolex. These are built underground and often come out dirty from the factory. Once I took it all apart, swapped a swiss ETA 2824, cleaned the bezel assembly, bracelet, casing, crown, and put it back together it felt like a different watch. The bracelet, bezel, and crown had butter smooth operation. New ETA kept perfect time. I had the no date versions, so besides the bezel it practically had no tells. Swap a gen insert and for under $1000 the difference between rep and gen is negligible at best. I’m not pretending to own a gen, if a fellow WIS strikes a conversation about my sub, I’ll gladly mention it’s a replica. Practically all enthusiasts are blown away by how close it is to gen. And it keeps value too. Guys on forums will start auction wars over the best modded reps. Overall, do your research. The information is liberating

Waktosha 73 says:

I’m not a fan of fakes, but you have that fake such a good review that I almost want to get one. $500 vs $11,000 for the quality difference makes the fake seem like a great deal!

dax774 says:

how’s the accuracy of the fake movement?

Kevork Nourian says:

It’s scary I can’t tell the difference

Dale Taylor Jr. says:

Scary. Just refine the clasp and use a Sellita movement ($100 more in price) and you would have a real nice watch for $15,000 less than the Rolex.
I’m not going to get a replica but I’m also not going to pay that much for a Rolex ether.

mr bacchus says:

At least I was able to pick out the real one when you held them both up. I wonder if I could tell replica if I had it in hand.


99 out of 100 people who say they were able to spot the genuine from the fake before you told us which was which are lying.

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