One Rolex or 4 Watches ? Did Vacheron Constantin Make a Bad Move ? – Tim and Josh

One Rolex or 4 Watches ? Did Vacheron Constantin Make a Bad Move ? – Tim and Josh

On today’s live show Tim is joined once again by our lead watch buyer Josh. They discuss a lot of different watch topics. Such as, for the same budget would you buy one Rolex Submariner no date or 4 other watches for variety. Watches like the Longines Legend Diver, Rado Captain Cook, Oris 65 and Longines. Also they discuss whether or not Vacheron Constantin may have made a bad move releasing a very expensive Vacheron Constantin Overseas in two tone, a watch we do not think will sell very well. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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Amintas Neto says:

Great show as usual boys.
Speaking of VC I’ve been offered a Cornes de Vache Chronograph Limited Edition for Hodinkee with a $11,000 premium.
I’ve passed it since I don’t see a justifiable reason for that.
Am I out of my mind? 😉


John Salevurakis says:

Given those stated options, I would absolutely go with the Rolex. HOWEVER, if I were given the choice of a SubC OR (for just a tiny bit more money) a Seiko MM300, a Speedy Pro, and a Zenith dress piece, I would go with the latter collection over a single piece.

rk702 says:

“Campanola” reminds me of the components on my custom made vintage road bike.

James Wong says:

I thought El Primero is Zenith’s identity?

haute horlogerie says:

Great show….. thanks from Holland

ripperx444 says:

I think with VC it’s simple! People will pick AP or Patek any day especially with their prices!

TheRj1986 says:

Josh nailed it on the Zenith identity problems. It’s an amazing brand with great quality for the money, so hope they can fix that in the future.

AjaxForever says:

I thought Chronomaster is Citizen’s version the Grand Seiko

AjaxForever says:

Josh is a funny guy

Philip A Winged says:

41:04 gotta be the most awkward high 5 ever, but that makes it all the more charming. Gotta love the team! Keep it up guys. 10/10 video as always.

jose antonio zamora reyes says:

If you buy a Captain Hook, your hand will be eaten by a Crocodile

Daniel Katz says:

Great comments about Grand Seiko and word of mouth

Atif Chaudhry says:

Josh, please do a video on straps!


4 watches for me . I like variety .

67roaddog says:

just did my first Rolex watch review. Maybe you can check it out and provide some feedback.

racing0wl says:

Never forget… today is the day Brian Govberg said Tim is shaving Josh’s head at 50k subs!!!!

Damien Wright says:

Hi Watchuwant . Great program , love it . How do I get to ask a question on the show . Thanks . Damien

Luke C says:

sub without a doubt or two preowned classic pieces. reverso and 80s dj.

Daniel Katz says:

Thx Tim, then old school of word of mouth

Ryan Jones says:

“A Gambian meteorite.” LoL! This raises an interesting question–how many dials can Rolex produce from a given size meteorite?

Robert Dickson says:

I said to fed in the live chat the other night, Biver, love or loathe him, he is a titan of the watch world.

Watch Looker Watch says:

Great content and screen chemistry. I really enjoyed the whole video. I am now considering the steel SkyDweller into the collection. : )

eco8gator says:

Yes, 1 Rolex vs those 4 watches listed. You’ll never consolidate those into a sub…ever.

Taylor Weldon says:

I would take the no-date sub vs the four other pieces. every. day. and twice on sunday.

Harrison Slick says:

I would choose the roly

wear it with the steel bracelet
wear it with a leather strap
wear it with a NATO or even
wear it with a rubber strap

you now have 4 diff watch haha

Veltto123 says:

Take your sunglasses and put them in your backpack

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