New Rolex watch revealed! Really! Sort of.

Watch the new Rolex teaser video then leave me a comment on what you think:

Every new Rolex has three flaws. Let’s talk about them.


The Rolex drought will intensify, new smaller display cases installed at the Rolex AD?

Five ways to buy a used Rolex. Plus five ways to buy hard to find Rolex like Pepsi GMT and Sub

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madmex82 says:

you still have the Sea Dweller? I thought you sold it.

Captain Tsubasa 10 says:

I just hope they make the lugs smaller

Polar Roller says:

Marc I forgot to mention the new Basel Rolex Suby will be 46 mm…lol

drewmcinnes23423 says:

That lug is much narrower than tthr current sub lug.

Len Powell says:

Rolex are first alleged watchmakers but hold on…. No first marketing makers? And they are a ” charity”? I am not American but the word “Bollocks” is kind of universal? I am a very difficult fish to take the bait! Swim away and live (bank account) another day?Bollocks! Good channel and best regards,Len.UK.

M Riley says:

Price depression when the used market is flooded is a GREAT thing for us smart consumers. Let the suckers sell at a loss. Many will benefit from it. It’s better to spend $10k on a Batman than $13k these clowns just paid for not long ago. This will be a good time for buys to low ball the sellers. Personally I think Rolex is trolling everyone with the video. If it’s something like a new movement and not a case re-design, or a GMT Coke/blue Sub? Then it really isn’t something substantially “new”. It’s really recycling what they had leftover and made a few modifications. Just like what they did with the Date Just a few years ago. Rolex was like: “Oh hey lookie lookie new Date Just but with ROSE gold , ah? You like? How about a chocolate dial.. cough, new Sea Dweller red, cough cough… But check out all our new 40mm Date Just :-D”

magnuman008 says:

Don’t think it is a GMT. I thing the stack would be different.

M Riley says:

Old Daytona with the Zenith movement = plus $20k and actual vintage Zenith with the movement on the Daytona = less than $7k…… Doesn’t make any sense. Who is telling the Rolex sheep what is valued more? WTF!?!

Shelby M says:

An all everose Submariner with a new movement and slightly smaller case.

B B says:

If it’s anything like the previous releases, it’s a model our ADs won’t get for a few years, ha

Anthony Amato says:

Seems to be a Yachtmaster 40? Looks too polished to be a Sub or GMT.

Jose Garrido says:

At the end ..who cares.. its either unavailable or too expensive..

ripperx444 says:

1. It doesn’t matter because you can’t even get 2016-2018 models. If they updated the movement wow! Makes no difference the 3135 is just as good. Either way none of us are going to get this without premiums!

Jacobo Orlando says:

Great advice!!!!

Stan Gresham says:

I think its a Coke GMT-II with a 3285 caliber.

The watch Enthusiast says:

This teaser is the new SS YachtMaster on an oyster flex.

UptickWatchReviews says:

I predicted that a month ago. Easy guessing. Tudor will also release their version of the Sub. Double-whammy. Of course neither will be available for a year at best.

Jim C says:

It’s a Yachtmaster, my guess…

Matt Steemson says:

I will bet my money on it being a Submariner. 2018 saw Rolex and Tudor both release Pepsi GMT’s at the same time. We already know Tudor is going to pretty much release a Tudor Submariner so surely Rolex will do the same. I think there will be more “joint” releases from Rolex and Tudor from now on.

Tim Girian says:

Nice video mate

brand700 says:

Now at days, if you sell anything Rolex, you’d better make sure you don’t want it anymore. Because chances are, you won’t be able to get it back. Especially if you bought it at an AD, or at a good price preowned. To sell Rolex sport pieces is to submit yourself to long wait lists, or market value grey dealers. Unless you have a solid relationship with an AD, that is the new reality.

miguel xorrea says:

everrose is the tendency now, bye bye yellow gold for next ten years

Paul Tokeley says:

Steel Yachtmaster with black ceramic bezel and Oysterflex Rubber Strap

Marky Mark357 says:

Get the surgery booked now, so u can sell a kidney, & buy one of these on the grey market when your Rolex AD tells u it’s on a 5 year waiting list…

Antonio Littera says:

That dial picture actually doesn’t show on the Rolex teaser for me. Is it your own watch?

What I have been expecting is a new line of cases at the same time as the the movement is upgraded with Chronergy. The SD43 case is much more fluent with the bracelet so when that came out I pretty much thought it was the prequel to the next generation of Submariner.

nicholas cowen says:

i think they’re changing the shape of the sub back to slim lugs rather then the maxi case

Polar Roller says:

Marc……you are just great with your watch vids….hey….any news from our Scottish friend Simon Crane?


New Submariner with slimmer lugs and an oysterflex bracelet.

Selten Fotog says:

I can seem to get the perspective of the case shot. Meaning…no matter what angle I flip it in my head it doesn’t look like anything I know. It could be the background lighting softboxes….or its probably all digital so there’s really no telling for sure. But if I had to guess, its a radically new cased Rolex.

Christopher Glover says:

And no maxi-case

Larry Kippings says:

Compared to the current Submariner, the last letter of “oyster” and the first letter of “perpetual” are aligned differently to the R & O of “Rolex”. Check a current Sub, then compare to the video. This is a new dial, with new word alignment. So we know it is a new dial, could it be a new watch: slightly different dial diameter leading to the different alignment…..??!!??

M Riley says:

The Rolex Coke is like soft core nipple tease porn. No money shot, and we know Rolex does not adapt to change or give a crap what the fans/collectors want. Most Rolex customers (the non-enthusiast collectors like us) buy Rolex because it’s expensive. They don’t buy Rolex for the small differences or the different types of steel sport references that are not available at any local AD.

Bud Dastud says:

I thought the 10 seconds was useless

Jose Joaquin Miguel says:

It could be a YM2 as well.

Matthew Ross says:

Only this guy can turn 11 seconds into an 8 minute video

Minus4Plus6 says:

shiny lugs

nicholas cowen says:

it says “oyster perpetual date”

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