New Rolex GMT Master Release Confirmed ? – Rolex Releases Teaser Video

New Rolex GMT Master Release Confirmed ? – Rolex Releases Teaser Video

In today’s episode of Federico Talks Watches I talk about Rolex new teaser video which alludes to them adding the Jubilee bracelet to a new Rolex GMT Master II. This is one hell of a teaser video. Do you guys want a new Rolex GMT Master II on Jubilee bracelet? Let me know!


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George Cassidy says:

I hate to sound cynical, but it is hard to get too excited to see a new Rolex that I will probably not be able to buy anytime soon. This will be like the C Daytona’s, 43mm Seadweller, and various stainless Skydwellers. Only the lucky or chosen few will actually find one at their AD anytime this decade. If anything, the “non-availability” of these recent releases has allowed me to explore other brands. I just recently bought the new Zenith Defy El Primero 21 at my local AD for less than 1/2 the going rate for a C Daytona. I’m learning to live without Rolex….though I have 3 of them and will drool over the new one(s)!

Arliss Arlington says:

With the Pepsi GMT being discontinued and rumors the Smurf Sub as well, I got a sinking feeling this is will be Rolex’s new white gold model.

Bear Clooney Watches says:

This is so exciting!

UXXV says:

Thanks for the update! You going to Basel? Also why’s the video not in 16:9 format for this vid ?

Lawrence Rogers says:

I’m excited. I bought my first Rolex from an AD today. Thrilled to bits, a blue face 39mm Oyster Perpetual. It’s only entry level but I was after a dress type watch and it filled the bill. I was going to get an Omega Aqua Terra but the Rolex was the same price. A no brainer.

Doug Hindman says:

You did not mention that the clasp is an Oysterlock – which would be new for the GMT.

usk13f says:

Has to be a GMT. Can’t be a Sub because of the PCLs in the teaser.

Adam P says:

It’s a Lady Submariner folks. Let’s not get carried away here

Wherecar 54 says:

Never ever liked the jubilee bracelet, always thought it looked cheap, and not very sturdy and after owning a two tone jubilee, I’ll never get another.

Rich Dubbya says:

So their newest models are reissues??? However they have a higher new price!!!

ripperx444 says:

I’m not interested in that at all! I just want an updated sub.

MrSmallpops says:

could not see the link to Rolex link so put ‘Rolex’ in as search term ‘recent upload date’ and this came up lol.

Mark Kratzer says:

I wonder if they will discontinue the GMT BLNR. They say that for every 40 bezels made they only use one due to the intricacies of the process. If they do add the GMT Come do you think value of the BLNR with be driven lower? Well it will always be the first one that came out with the cerachrom bezel and the waiting list for all sports models is crazy. We shall see.

billy3287480 says:

I prefer the jubilee

Stefanos Ziomas says:

Considering how desirable the Batman still is, do you think a coke gmt will kill that market?

Noel de Santos says:

Does it have polished center links? If not, I am a fan. The polished center links is one of the reasons I prefer the vintage GMTs, the other being the slimmer bodies.

Titi teatea says:

A new GMT on jubilee bracelet and if it’s a coke, which is possible as Rolex could make reference to its history, here again… Oh My God, this is gonna be Red HOT! 😉

Emad B. says:

I think it’s either a black GMT or I’m hoping for a coke, thx Fed.

golfbuddy1969 says:

Coke on a jubilee? 2 year waiting list. I love the jubilee myself, better than the oyster.

stevestojan says:

Keep growing the beard out Fed. Oh, and I bought a Rolex Sub Date from my AD three weeks ago. If they update that watch at Basel, I’ll be pissed! (Or does that make mine vintage? 🙂 Love your channel, bro.

Brian DeBe says:

Great job Fed! You’re my go to for new news! First youtuber to catch the new teasers! That’s definitely a GMT master ii with the polished center links. Let’s see if it’s going to be on a new colored bezel or if they will tack that on a BLNR. Keep up the good work!

Adventure Motorsports of NWF Pensacola, FL says:

Federico have you ever been to Baselworld?

Ryan Banks says:

Jubilee with that oyster clasp just throws it off for me. Never like that they did that

jared packer says:

Lost me at Jubilee…….

Vladimir Mihnev says:

Man I have to go get my self one of those for my Batman. Wanted to put it on jubeley since I got It. Thanks for making me spend ridiculous amounts of money again, Frederico.

gmshadowtraders says:

Tease me, Tease me, Tease me, Tease me baby… till I lose control… tease me with your lovin tillI I lose control… take over my body and soul, ohhhhhh……

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