New Rolex and Tudor Releases Baselworld 2019 – REALLY ROLEX ?!?! – Rant

New Rolex and Tudor Releases Baselworld 2019 – REALLY ROLEX ?!?! – Rant

In todays video of Federico Talks Watches I am joined by John P and we discuss the new rolex and tudor releases from Baselworld 2019. The new Tudor Black Bays, Rolex GMT Master Batman and Sea Dweller amongst others. What did you guys think of this year’s Baselworld 2019 show?


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the Epster says:

Imagine they jube out the subs and the oyster bracelet is history. Haha! But they did on the steel GMT. Nobody but nobody could see that coming.

Maxseven777 says:

Why don’t you fix that Rolex wall clock – that bothers me every time I watch one of your videos 🙂

Sergey Zerkin says:

The right guy has the funniest and the weirdest humour

ronisworld2 says:

i’m not rich, but i do watch your videos & check your facebook page.

Bugster987 says:

Tudor went through all the effort to design the BB58 (a watch selling so well it’s still extremely difficult to get hold of 12 months after launch) and instead of adding colours etc they put out the monstrosity that is the PO1. Very odd decision. Like you said, super limited edition would have been understandable but they can’t expect the wider public to want this watch. It looks hideous.

DF DF says:

Lets also be frank, Rolex ADs sell their supply to the grey markets over genuine walk-in customers and then Rolex claims demand exceeds supply.

airnomicsair says:

I think that the premium on the Batman with the jubilee is going to price me out of the market. I tried to buy the Pepsi when it was released on the jubilee (even though I wasn’t thrilled about the brilliance of the colors) I still wanted to add it to my collection but after seeing the premium I just couldn’t do it. I feel like it’s going to be the same with this release.

Stu says:

Why did Rolex not update the sub movement? Why did they not release something like the Milguass monochrome wanted? Why did they not release a polar explorer?

Why did Tudor not do a lot more with the 58 39mm size.

All easy decisions, all there for them but they didn’t?

David Cahill says:

Rolex, always boring

Brian C says:

Federico at 8:47! HA! So, funny! Best explanation of this I’ve heard yet.

Uther pendragon says:

Looking more and more like swatch group new exactly what they were doing by staying away from baselworld!!

Ronny Trapp says:

Roles interchanges colors and bracelets and everyone goes crazy.

Jeffrey KRUPA says:

2-tone Sea Dweller: Impress those fish!

Darren Dalton says:

So disappointed with Tudor releases this year ☹️

andsam says:

Rolex gmt on jubilee just doing this to keep second hand prices rising they like the fact that second hand gmt and subs are stupidly high

The watch Slayer says:

I’m not a fan of Rolex, but I don’t get the jubilee hate, last year it was the must have watch, this year no one wants it. Go figure.

Pug Henry says:

All Tudor had to do to cement a place at the top for the next DECADE was to introduce a BB 58 with colored bezels, a BB 58 GMT, and a BB 58 chrono. Done. The production lines would be busy 24 hours a day making Tudor hundreds of millions of dollars.

UnavailableNotAgain says:

I believe for the Tudor two tone watches, the bezel and the crown are solid gold, the bracelet is gold capped.

Marco Del Dotto says:

Tudor make a fake prototype to make this watch really…

John B says:

Does this mean the black GMT will increase in value even more than it already has?

weerobot says:

Put it on a Nato….

Tod S. says:

Rolex = frustrating business model = no sale from me.

Cody DalSanto says:

I guess Im the only person that likes the jubilee more

sglatitude says:

Nah…I don’t feelin it with Tudor. That’s ugly as fuck! It’s a much better off for Tudor to release Tudor Submariner.
As for Rolex, well I don’t give a damn really. Rolex can release the most beautiful, masterpiece, state of the art, elegant luxury watch. But what’s all that for if one need to wait for months if not years to purchase it? After all, there are much better watches in market such as Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantine, AP, JLC, IWC, Blancpain, Cartier.

magnuman008 says:

the PCL’s were not too popular due to them being a scratch magnet. The GMT II however always presented itself as a dressier model compared to the Sub. I think that the addition of the Jubilee to the GMT II keeps it dressier but eliminates the scratch magnet part that everyone hated.

Derick Rubio says:

Rolex posers, beware!

Yin Zhao says:

Tell you friend stop making those women jokes. Just talk about watches !

Trev Barlow says:

I thought smaller watches were making a comeback?

Michael Schiappa says:

The two tone tudor chrono on a bracelet was my favorite release between the two brands.

stratmad says:

I gotta say I watch your videos sometimes and shake my head, but this time you guys are 100% on point. The middle finger from Rolex and Tudor to the public is still looming large.

Raphael Sher says:

What a huge disappointment Rolex was this year.

Big E says:

What about the Day Date 36mm on a jubilee? Looks great I think. Sea Dweller two tone….not so sure about that.

Alex Brosseau says:

Its not ”frederico talks watches” its ”Frederico bitchs on watches”

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