New Rolex 2019 Baselworld Releases ? – Federico Talks Watches

New Rolex 2019 Baselworld Releases ? – Federico Talks Watches

In today’s episode of Federico Talks Watches I talk Rolex potential new releases for Baselworld 2019. What models is Rolex releasing? A new Milgauss? Are they discontinuing the Batman GMT. Will Rolex come out with a new steel sports model? No one really knows but Rolex releases are the most anticipated of 2019.


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chugkingchris says:

What about a white dial explorer?!

Jeremy Elliott says:

Am I the only one that thinks a conversation about using an existing watch with an existing bracelet as a “new” release is insane? Not a complaint about Federico, just the watch world in general.

Blair Calvin says:

Rolex aaargh

Patrick Chip says:

Blue Pelagos for Smurf

rrp925 says:

The Smurf is the best, but alas, I predict solid gold watches on a bracelet are not in my future 😉

Art Ponce says:

Do you think Rolex will ever do a quartz watch ever again ? Like the “oysterquartz” with some jewels. Or do you think that in doing so Rolex with hurt it’s reputation as luxury watch?

Marktuyet says:

Nice to see TVG is back in the saddle . You watch guys should welcome him back . He adds a lot to the community.

TheRunningManZ says:

Ceramic bezel on a two tone (possibly Rose gold) Daytona? Maybe a coke instead of Batman, or update Batman and black GMT to new movements. If they do the subs to new movements I bets it’s gold and two tone only this year. Steel subs next year and Explorer 2s in 2021 (50th anniversary year).

Stromboli says:

White dial sub, id buy it as soon as I see it

S.M.P says:

Tudor watches now use a better movement than what is present in the Rolex (70hrs vs ~50 hrs, etc). My guess is Rolex has an even better version of that movement, and they are going to announce that movement at baselworth

Ron Feinberg says:

I’m hoping they make a ceramic Explorer II

Mo 786 says:

A datejust sub without a cyclops would be sweet

patrick favaro says:

They must offer the rubber band for all the sports whatch, people who like (and i think they are a lot) buy it from everastband and all that kind of stuff. I think it can be a good business for Rolex to enter in this market, like omega do with the seamaster family. It simply have sense a rubber band on a submariner

Tom Lucas says:

Rolex is collectable the last 10years. What shall the future bring?
Omega collectable? Other more rare brands..

UXXV says:

Good shout on the image supplier ! Its a minefield out there now.

Robert Dickson says:

Rolex pricing went up in the UK, on average 5% around October last year. No more price increases here please. Explorer went from £4400 to £5000 for example.

Francua van der Merwe says:

Do you think there will be a precious metal deepsea? rolex have never put non-steel bracelets on any of their steel models, so precious metal pieces would be needed for the rubber strap 😉

Rick Grimes says:

John P looks like a Japanese anime nerd with those glasses, but the Speedmaster balances it out. True story.

rrp925 says:

John makes for a fun video!

Mauro Labate says:

They could replace the Batman with the Coke

pguste says:

whatever Rolex releases you cant buy, so who cares!

Tom Roman says:

I wonder if the Rolex execs get together at Swiss happy hours and watch all the pre-Basel predictions for their brand. Maybe the Swiss aren’t into that tho…

Mohammad Waly says:

Not expecting the GMT Coke to come back? Even if only in precious metals? Since the Pepsi is now in Steel

Darryl Fraser says:

My local AD is still trying to sell a White Milgauss $9000 no tax.

Grim Reaper says:

There would be a new submariner this year !

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