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I’m a 22 year old kid living in Los Angeles. I make comedy vids, travel a lot, I have a pretty colorful parrot named Maverick and a savage dog named Kong. This is my life.


sarim nadeem says:

You said that you are coming to Pakistan.When you will come?

Diego Fernandez says:

Do you give some of your money to the poor Logan?

Tania Mughal says:

logan is the best team 10 is the best!!!

F ইসলাম Islam says:

Absolute prick this wanker

Maria Rios says:

Habibi means friend

niko tilja says:

Logan respecting another country ayee lets go

Jesus Perez says:

Fake ass watch

Ian the best says:

Tell me if you noticed how to basic

DJ Blue says:

You talk Arabic?

Ruben Aucamp says:

You should dress up as a homeless person, then go to like the fanciest store you can find and pick out a bunch of expensive jewelry and be like ” i want it all, pack it up and check it out”. Like if you agree


It’s better if you gave that to charity mate

SmallyBoyTMS says:

i went there -to the tallest tower- last week

Hugo Dreano says:

this title is so terrible

Ibrahim Bram says:

Cm on in morroco

U mad BRA says:

Shit channel kys clicbait show off, if i met you in real life you would be dead already because you would get shot the fuck up.

Kilian G. says:

WHY is he so exited ? Did he find a dead body again?

Harry potter says:

You are so high. Normal people don’t behave like this. Were you in an interview? hahah wtf

blau Bayou says:


Gamer Habib says:

my name is habit

EnZBorn says:

Im not sure but is this watch a patek phillipe tour billion ?

nadia dixdix says:

I love yoi logan # morroco

Ak gämîņğ says:

Logang from pakistan

Umut Erdem says:


Octavio Sainz says:

Wow!!! Bless that man with LA cap. RESPECT

gjaddajg says:

“it doesn’t tick and it hasn’t got a battery”

Jesus Christ, the cringe is real…

GamerBudies says:


Julian Boiten says:

3m for watch the time

Sigvard Fosshaug says:

That rich kid is ballin His watch was 25000000 and he took it off when he gavs thoose ”black diomonds to logang

Hayder Ali Lakho says:

I am from pakistan

AFERA says:

suka blyat

Tom says:

Fucking cunt

T2Master01 says:

First time coming across this logan guy on youtube and I must say, he would make a very good live action Tarzan as depicted in the Disney animated version. He just has to be himself but only speak gorilla…

dp ampatuan says:

Where’s the watch??

astilerosss says:

No body cares abt you no more fatggett

Ernie Fernandez says:

first time i seen ur video and i think is gonna be the last ….

PaynPlay play says:

Ahh yeaahh…. That kid is bullshitting that is not a $20,000 dollar watch theres just no way anyone could spoil a kid like that, kinda upsets his life in a way when gets older he would think he could get that stuff pretty easily when some thing could happen and he gets kmart shit

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