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A Few Preliminary Points
First, he wants to address that he’s a watch slut. He loves the beauty of watches, everything from a cheap-ass Timex Weekender (everyone can get one of these). Next, watches are the most amazing accessory out there. Alpha loves the cool ass watches that aren’t Rolex! He promotes watches that he loves that aren’t Rolex. He loves the aesthetics! Last, Alpha is not an expert but the loves the combinations of metals, faces, straps, and so forth. The Timex keeps better time than his Rolex. It doesn’t stop, need to be wound, and has other benefits. That being said, he does love Rolex.

General Info About the Watches
He has three expensive watches, and they vary in price. He started with a cheaper watch and then made more expensive purchases by selling cheaper versions. He wears these watches HARD. They are scratched up from one end to the other. He works out and runs in them. He doesn’t plan on selling them — they’re his, he loves them, and he wears them as much as possible.

Do Not Fakes
Buying online watches, buy from a reputable dealer. Fakes today, they look almost like a one to one copy. Do not ever buy a fake luxury watch? Why would you when so many outstanding affordable watches are available? Save up for that luxury watch.

Alpha’s Rolex Watches

Milgauss – he fell in love with it when he saw it on a GQ cover. He loves the orange hand and grayish face. It’s beautiful to him although a lot of people are ‘weird’ about this watch. He got it when he went on Shark Tank the 2nd time – it was a statement that he was proud of.

GMT-Master II – It’s more sporty and rugged. It looks like a Submariner, but he likes it better because of the luxurious and blingy look. He also said that the numbers around the entire bezel. He likes the balance. It’s comfortable and heavy where you can feel it on your wrist.

Yacht-Master – This is Alpha’s baby. It’s rose gold with matte black bezel and face. It has a rubber bracelet and rose gold clasp in the back. To Alpha, this is his ‘grail watch’. This is it — the pinnacle of perfect for him. He has no intention of buying another super high end watch.

Stuff Is Just Stuff
Stuff has never been a motivator for Alpha. Success and feeling of accomplishments are what drive him. At the end of the day, watches are just stuff. Life is about being happy and feeling good about yourself. Helping others, relationships, and making something of yourself are what matter. Watches are ‘stuff’ and it’s cool. In social media, people have fancy cars and stuff, but Alpha has never felt comfortable talking about his Rolex watches. He doesn’t want to send out the wrong message – that you should strive for material possessions. The fact is that Alpha has busted his ass, and at the end of the day, he rewarded himself for his hard work. These three watches are representations of him not giving up and working hard.


Hamouda IA says:

“I am a huge Watch Slut”
Aaron Marino 2017

Ryan Manak says:

This guy needs a Royal Oak

thundermorphine says:

Which one of those are you going to wear with a suit? Any of them? If the answer is yes then you have some way to go,

Haroon Hussain says:

Damn I love this guy

No homo

Richie P says:

You don’t have to be “all geeked out over complications,” but if you buy a GMT Master you should know what a GMT hand is for god’s sake.

Shiva Kohli says:

U look like Saif Ali Khan

Panda says:

that YM everose gold is a STUNNING piece. that would be my grail too man. but F*** ME DEAD because that thing costs like a car!! insanity!

Lowcountry Chess Enthusiast Fischer says:

I have found my new idol!

James Ondari says:

I liked your video and life lesson. I’d have to disagree slightly. Having spent the last year rewatching GoT and relating to Tywin Lannister and studying trusts law. I believe that watches are part of the legacy I’d like to leave my child. That’s perhaps why I’m willing to pay more for the sentimental connection. That’s just me. Loved the video

Jitendra Raghuwanshi says:

my Favorite watch under 100$ Timex Fairfield Chronograph .

Rich Huerta says:

Great video

M.Poorvesh Muthraman says:


Watch Addict Watch Reviews says:

my man , nice collection  , you need a Speedy now =)

Helman Garcia says:

You gave me a big lesson today alpha thank you so much !!! I’ve been following you long before you hit 1 million subscribers and I got to say that there is always something new and nice to learn in all your videos thank you so much for being so great brother!!!

sifis flisk says:

What a cocksucker u Re… if u had any idea about watches u would not by Rolex u just got them just to show off because it’s a commercial company…there many brands better as patek phillip , vavheron, jager… u are just a retard…


Load Tiege Hanley memes…

RiAnime says:

I like watches but even if I’m successful
I would still buy a £100-200 watch that looks nice.

Sunita Gupta says:

Can you please do a new video for grooming

edgar orellana says:

You’re awesome boss man

Igor Lamponi says:

This man is really amazing

GuyLogic says:


scott baus says:

I’ve always thought Rolex watches are very very ugly

Ryan Lee says:

oml how do you work out with a watch on it makes your wrist sweaty

Greg Souza says:

I have been a subscriber for a while. Good vid Alpha. I am into timepieces as well, but like you they are just stuff and more often than not I do not share what I have. Painful to see all the scratches but also glad you are using them. See you on the next one.

alter3go says:

Did you ever have to bring them in for service since you use them so intensely?


I’m glad you wear your watches hard.
I do the same .

Kenny George says:

i once went to buy one diver watch…cos i am a reason… but still… anyways, i ended up buying two of the same series, one metal strap and one with the same dials but rubber belt… spent double the budget…to this date…no regrets!!! love them both!
Casio Edifice divers edition

Pete Horn says:

Feel free to FLEX

KGB19882 says:

IWC And Patek Philippe.

Arron Singh says:

I honestly thought he was going to say “well suck it I’m a watch slut”

Banks Dunks says:

I just want a Rollie Rollie Rolex

Eddie Kim says:

Hellyes! Finally. What was the rolex you sold? Daytona maybe?

Irfan Chowdhury says:

That’s an honest answer alpha loved it.

De Enige Echte says:

Tiege Hanley will take care of the scratches.

hazrie imran says:

Rolex GMT is awesome! Better than the Milgauss

JJ Flash says:

As a Watch Afficionado I appreciate the craftsmanship and design in Mechanical Movements.  You can get some beautiful Mechanical (automatic) watches from Seiko, Orient, Tissot, Hamilton & Certina from $150 -$700 that will last a Lifetime.  Even Swatch, in their Sistem51 Line, now makes some nice mechanical movements.  Yes, you have to manually wind them if you don’t wear them often but so what.   Takes you less than a minute to set and wind them.  Don’t waste your money on MVT or other disposable “Fashion Brand” Watches that put a Chinese-Made $5.00 Quartz movement in their watches that will stop working the minute the warranty runs out in a year or two.

EricGalaxies says:

What made you attracted to the Rolex brand?

Florian Herbers says:

i think the 5 digit Rolex models are a bit more stylish. My favorite one i own is the 16610lv

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