My First Rolex!* – Air King 116900 – *Review




Extra long intro today as this is my first Rolex (review). What do I think? Well, I loved it. Not cheap, obviously, but then it is the only watch I have reviewed so far which will actually be an appreciating asset in the years to come. With that in mind, the value equation changes considerably. Would I buy an Air King? No. Would I buy a different Rolex? Watch and find out. Cheers, JOMW!


CDP 1802 says:

One of my pet peeves is inconsistent lume, this kept the Explorer I off my want list until Rolex finally started applying lume to the white gold arabics.

Ken Buffie says:

Addict behavior for sure 🙂 Personally I like the Omega your wife gave you much more. As always good video though.

Jeffrey Wood says:

An “affordable” Rolex…interesting choice for your first Rolex review. I agree, if I were to buy a Rolex it would be an Explorer 1 or Sub. I was a little surprised that there was no mention of the Ginault…maybe Mr. X can lend you one for a comparison video. Thank you to Mr. X for sharing his watch with us, and thank you for another brilliant video Jody 🙂

Milosh Jovic says:

The worst Rolex, lol spend double and get a blnr or a bit more for a sub date

Carp Andrei says:

What I really appreciate is that Mr. X wears his watches, regardless of their price tag. A watch needs to be on a wrist, not in a box.

Jesse 232 says:

I genuinely consider my watch-liking an addiction tbh. Also to someone who has never held the aqua terra or the air king how do they compare in quality?

Steve Knight says:

I like it however I am not sure I will keep liking it. The dial appeals to me at the moment but I am pretty sure the day will come when it doesn’t. On the plus side it has no date. I feel tòo many dials are ruined by punching a square hole through them.

Great video again, looking forward to more.

Blackbrook says:

For me the big question that remains unanswered: is it worth somewhere around 6000 dollars more than another decent watch, like lets say an Oris? And I know it has a better movement, white gold numerals and hands and such, but still…. does that compensate for that much more money? There’s not even a date on it and from the video I can’t really tell the difference in the quality of the finishing. Now I never handled a Rolex, but I would like to see a comparison to one of your favorite, but less expensive watches. And at the end your conclusion if the Rolex is really worth it for the product it is or that it has more to do with the image of it.

kane millard says:

what is that pepsi dialed watch in the watch winder?

Tod Schuck says:

I like some of the Rolex models but can’t see ever buying one. Like you I’m a Motorsport guy and used to race sports cars. But I did the bottom end of Porsche like the 924 and 914. I love 911, but don’t want to spend that kind of money. Rolex is the same way for me.

Mario Palacio says:

Awesome! Thanks

WatchDisplay says:

Great review. I like the mock up better myself.

Stewart Hendry says:

Another cracking review there. Don’t particularly like the dial design and actually think the Milgauss is a bit more refined. One small point to make, should you not blank out the serial number on your video, especially as this is Mr X’s watch? Happy to be corrected on this if I’m wrong though!

FallingTitan says:


Don P says:

Value is in the eyes of the buyer. Just like an old Ford and a Mercedes will both get you cross town, there are lots of watches that will do the same job as a Rolex. There is (so far) enough of a market for all players. I enjoy your videos.

Wan Asyraf says:

Mixed between classic case & modern dial.Dont love it either hate it.It’s good watch consider the price and the brand also the it consider a safe your presentation by the way.Love from Malaysia

Yona Wischkin says:

enjoyed the longer video. this kind of discussion will appreciate in value

Kevork Nourian says:


razvanon says:

the third dislike came from me. just so you know it 🙂

Nuno Mendes says:

Nice… Something to dream about

李佳旭 says:

That‘s good

David Brown says:

Never been a fan of Rolex watches, possibly the only one I would have (if i had the money) would be the Submariner.

FlorianLify says:

According to Sir Jackie Stewart his left sleeves are shorter so he can show off his sponsored Rolex 24/7 ☺ !
On topic: pretty boring and cluttered uninteresting 8k Rolex.

But a great review Jody! ☺

Nort says:

Worst looking Rolex of all the collection

TinBin - Craig says:

very nice i do like it a lot… but not the one i would go for….

ashley butterworth says:

I’m going to have to ask for a bigger allowance from Mrs.B…

JungleEddie says:

I think my taste in Rolex is similar to yours. The no date Submariner and the Explorer are my favourite of their current models. In the relatively new, used models I would like a Sea Dweller 116600. That said I can never see spending half that much on a watch. I would be afraid to wear it.

ZCherish says:

I speak only for myself, but I very much enjoyed the extra time in the video! You’re always pleasantly concise, but there was a lot to discuss here, and I appreciate the increased length.

Joop Plankman says:

I do have great respect for the brand, how could one not. But, as a normal working class man, these are not ment for me. First of all, they won’t sell me one! Second, service for a Rolex, even the relatively cheaper steel models, would cost me about 600 Euro’s and take several months. No thank you! And last but not least, i refuse to pay for there sponsoring of about everything sporty. I respectfully leave Rolex watches to Mr. X and his club mates of this world. I am perfectly happy with my cheap Orient Mako, as i should be.

m uzair says:

Is that a Senna helmet on your T-Shirt? Huge fan of Senna, though never saw him race live… speaks volume about him

Calvin Tan says:

In terms of looks this air king is really up in the air for debate. An acquired taste for sure. Yes ion is really a watch paradise here. If you have a fat wallet that is.

woocoheed says:

Mr X needs to take that sticker off haha

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