My Favourite Rolex Watches

Hi Everyone and welcome back to the L.W.C channel.

This week I share with you My Favourite Rolex Watches.

What’s your Favourite?

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J Ein says:

Great content as always. Obviously nice collection but too many modern Rolex for my taste. I was on a similar path myself and it started to feel redundant and boring. I branched out to more brands (i know you have as well) and also a vintage piece and I’m much happier now. Of course everybody has their own taste.

Matt Foss says:

Always enjoy watching your videos!!! I have the Explorer II and the Milgauss myself. Your collection of Rolex books is impressive too. You might want to check out Rolex: The Impossible Collection by Assouline Publishing if you haven’t already.

Samuel Moreno says:

First video I’ve seen of your channel great video but you sound like the swede from hell on wheels


big fan of your videos! thanks

Zachary Salmon says:

Video starts at 4:03.

Manuel Gonzalez-Rey says:

Thanks for the video. Great watches. My favorite is the GMT Pepsi

JoVi []_[] says:

The only Rolex I really like is the Daytona. Specifically that one there. I am a racing fan and I feel like most rolexes feel.. bland? I don’t know what it is.

Dawn Keebolz says:

Great collection! An iconic day date would finish off your Rolex collection nicely. Keep up with the great content, I have been watching you since the old channel.

Carspots Europa says:

Iwc review!!!

Juan Gallardo says:

Where’s the Explorer?

Alison Smith says:

I think you need to get the Kermit 50th anniversary watch. It has a different look to the Hulk & definitely is one that grows on you.Still think the Oyster bracelet is better for a sports watch than the dressier Jubilee. As ever though, enjoy your wonderful collection.

Paul Buttler says:

I love your collection were do you live.

Gary Smith says:

I appreciate your passion for watches and your collection but why is everyone fixated with Rolex? They are extremely commonplace. It seems everyone with a steady income has one. There are so many better watch brands out there yet every watch YouTuber worships their products. I’m slightly hypocritical though because I own three which I bought years ago. I used to enjoy wearing them from 2000-2010. Now due to their popularity, I rarely wear them. The only reason they remain in my collection is because of the ridiculous price increases of late.

tubetop123 says:


Cro's Reviews says:

you should show us your full collection

Kim Jong Skillz says:

What do you think of the Grand Seiko Snowflake – SBGA211?

jordaneverettross says:

I love my hulk and will never get rid of it. I had a blue dial sky dweller and gave it 9 months before moving on… Just didn’t do it for me…. the Daytona and Pepsi are on my list but I’m not willing to pay crazy amounts over retail right now

lecorsaire says:

It’s true about Hulk! When I went to get on the DaytonaC list, the girl asked me if I wanted a Hulk since she had one in the safe! They also sold for $7500-8000 in mint condition pre-owned all over the NYC jewelers.

Now a used Hulk is 11 grand and new 12-13 grand! It’s crazy. At the time the BLNR sold pre-owned for retail or even a couple hundred above retail! Now it’s the other way around!

Gerald wood Ny says:

Are the lugs on the hulk bigger than on the Pepsi?

D Jm says:

In my view nothing beats the daytona

Dan Madsen says:

I would like to see you do a review on a A. Lange N Sohn, either a Zeitwerk or One model.

Yong wen Luo says:

Wow!! Which AD do you go to?

Cro's Reviews says:

i really like that case. Shame they dont have it for just one watch

Patek Fennek says:

It’s my dream my favourite rolex is daytona beautiful watche.

seventhSabra says:

F-yeah! A fellow watch collector who stores their collection in Pelican cases!

I keep my high end knives, cameras, and other expensive gear in them as well.

Aziz Mursal says:

The hulk is amazing, the Daytona is my dream watch. What wonderful collection u have !!

ChrayzedCore says:

I agree with the GMT Master and Sky dweller, but would swap the hulk with the green dial 60th anniversary Day-date, and the Daytona for a Cellini moon phase.

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