My $7500 ROLEX Watch (Best Money Ever Spent) Steel Submariner / No Date

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B Bando says:

MY DAWG!!! This is the EXACT same reason I got mine.
Not for vanity, for me it represents where I have been and the journey.

Slipstream says:

It’s the best Rolex Reference imo. The 114060 Submariner is perfect in every respect. Many congrats.

Kami -sama says:

“The best version of myself”
Our principal always tells us that he is there to help us to be the best version of ourselves ; he is a real inspiration for me….

ErikMikic says:

It’s fake Look at the bezel its not correct but Nice vid anyways!

Andrew Lee says:

i know a lot of people who wear rolex watches. not one of them ever said to me check out my SEVEN THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED DOLLAR watch

rado19901 says:

where is your beard? sorry but you are a non beard bastard ahahahaha

Slipstream says:

There are two types of Submariner. The Submariner and the Submariner Date. No such thing as No Date. Remember the original Sub did not have a date.

Denero Rahming says:

Mean while I saw where the owner of a fortune 500 company worth millions wears a Hamilton valued at about $600….do not attach success to objects rather to the individual.

lee 54 says:

thanks for inspiring…. i hope i just leave my lazy behind….

The Flippity Flop says:

I’m a watch enthusiast but I don’t agree with this video at all. What is the point of life if you’re not even going to enjoy all of these moments of studying, reading, hard work, just to spend it on an expensive material good? You should buy something you like because you appreciate it. Material goods should complement your life, not be the end means.

jasnoniebieski says:

Agree with every word. Have same model with date. Congrats good taste!

Alexander Voell says:

Wearing the same watch for over 3 years now. Almost everyday. Great watch.

Catrina Bennett says:

My best purchase was a unicorn.

I am fucking your waifu and there's nothing you can do about it says:

You know you can buy watches that arn’t handmade for like 60 dollars and use those as a reminder.

Hillbilly Grizzly says:

I had a Breitling cronomat evolution a few years ago my house burned and then had to move back home to take care of 91 year old father and 86 year old mother had to sell the Breitling and I miss it but I love my parents and love being with them and helping them and I will have a rolex 116610 someday love that watch and once you own a nice watch others aren’t the same GODBLESS and merry Christmas

Roger Lo says:

420 hehe

Mark Kratzer says:

Good for you. I was in the same position as you many decades ago. My first Rolex was purchased a few years ago. So now the I’m a proud owner of a GMT BLNR. This purchase was not about ego but rather a symbol of the turnaround I’ve made in my life. Material things come and go because we have to love ourselves on the inside, as no watch or car will make us a whole and happy person. With that said, Congrats my friend and keep putting one foot in front of the other!

Michael Plummer says:

If it inspires you and encourages, then good for you!

Dor Friedman says:

Tim, you’re awesome. Don’t mind the haters that dislike! Keep it up bro

Mirkocc14 says:

I have been watching a few of your videos with great interest. This one however I fail to understand the point you are making.
May I ask for something, would you mind expending further on the “make your personal statement”? Thanks again for the channel

Asad lion says:


Naz alek says:

Your face is so small compared to you head

sammyRN1 says:

I just bought my first Rolex Submariner with a date model….I bought it yesterday……I agree with your point of view……To me, it’s more than just a timepiece…It is a reminder of how far I came in the last year. I’m doing what I love, living in a city that I dreamed of living in and living life. I am a Registered Nurse living in Southern California and I also listen to motivational speeches to keep me going.

Anthony M says:

If you’re going to buy that watch at least pronounce it correctly (unless it’s your accent, if that’s the case my apologies)

It’s sub – mare – in – er

Gustavowoah says:

this video is a constant reminder to me of why you are a douche haha

Dennis Durkop says:

An antique Rolex is a smart buy but paying retail for a cheap new one is arrogant as your only paying for their marketing! Many Vietnamese children could have a good meal for the money you wasted paying retail or taking one under your wing to get them out of poverty with an education! The older one gets the less importance material things are in ones life as you find out they rule over you!

mt89 says:

Welcome to the submariner club brooo

Daniele Poreba says:

Why not a JLC ??

Ton says:

Gets tears to my eyes, really. Greets from Holland.

Y J says:

wow so many dislikes haha. well.. haters always hate 😉


Dude this is inspiring keep up the good work.

White Space says:

0:45 haha what movie did you get that from?

David Yung says:

jesus, this dude

Muhammad Habibi says:


CCeleste says:

I’m female and like your channel. Thank you you are inspiring.

Paul Muriuki says:

don’t forget to help the poor

Hamza M says:

172 people dont like to see people reach there goals

hadi erturk says:

My best purchase was a golden Ferrari.


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Chris Lansdown says:

Great job. I’m so glad you managed to kill your demons. It is such a waste to see young lives destroyed by drugs and crime. I also wanted to say (and, as I am a disabled, overweight slob this will certainly impress your friends!) you look fantastic and your outfit and hairstyle would look good in GQ Magazine, if it is still a doyen of young style. Like you, I love my Rolex, a 1992 Explorer II. Not by any means my most expensive watch I have but certainly the most worn.

Keep up the good work – I enjoyed your video.

Xnocturnus says:

Very nice choice – the no date version rules.

Flamesling193 201 says:

ends at 4:20 m8

Al Carlay says:

the submariner in particular appreciates in value.. in 5-6 years that watch will be worth 10k easily so I see that watch more as an investment — it’s an excellent buy..

Krum Zarkov says:

My 36$ Tough Solar Casio is more accurate(+ 5 sec /month) and 11 years working without any falter

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