Monday Mailbag: Rolex Day-Date 40, Titanium Watches, Strangest Watch Ever, Luxury Watch Websites,

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Tonight, Tim Mosso and Jason Mane take your live questions about luxury watch collecting. We start with a head-to-head decision whether to strap on a Rolex Day-Date 40 228235 or a Vacheron Constantin Patrimony Retrograde Day-Date 4000U. Our discussion tackles a question from a viewer concerning the strangest decision that a watch brand has ever made, and a version of Zenith’s Christophe Colomb series is the answer. The Zenith Christophe Colomb Tribute to Felix Baumgartner is the strangest watch we’ve seen. We also discuss refinishing of titanium watches and how the material affects the restoration potential of titanium preowned watches with scratches and scuffs. Another use asks us about our favorite watch websites, and we have quite a few; watchprosite (puristSPro), ablogtowatch, Watches By sSJX, Vacheron Constantin’s The Hour Lounge, and IWC’s Collector’s Forum. We also discuss the watch website TimeZone and some of the useful older articles on that site’s Horologium. Finally Tim and Jason relate the correct and incorrect ways to clean your luxury watches.

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Zeitgeist says:

THIS is the best resource to learn about watches! What a great channel.

Peter North says:

blades and watches…a perfect cure the case of the Mondays

Gerold At Large says:

Like Jason.Where’s Nico?


It was nice to see a Seiko PADI watch on the wrist of Jason . It’s not about expensive watches all the time.

highnrising says:

I have enough of a problem cleaning my glass shower doors from all the soap scum that bar soap leaves behind. I wouldn’t touch that stuff on my watch.

Paul Hurst says:

Thanks to both of you. This episode was very informative and honest.

Dmitry Belyakov says:

nice one guys, cheers!

Jimmy Ang says:

Tim wiggling his middle finger through a cloth and saying “use that point to get into the crevices”.

Also that silicone dog tooth brush that looks like a good condom for fingering.

Jim Kaulentis says:

Tim, you might want to think about selling a  Tim Mosso watch cleaning kit with instructions,

Strangely Brown says:

“If it’s good enough for Fido, it’s good enough for Fortis”. That has GOT to be the quote of the year! Keep up the great work guys.

Mateus Maranhão says:

You guys should take just the audio from the videos and make a podcast! It would be a great podcast to listen to. And not many people can seat and watch a 40 min video. I for example would love to listen to it on my way to the university.

kjparlay says:

Definitely wouldn’t want to do any co-branding with someone who gets mixed up in right wing politics like Felix Baumgartner.

But co-branding with communist totalitarian Che Guevara, who was chief executioner of political dissidents and started Cuba’s forced labor camps, no problemo.

I know I have a dark sense of humor, but that bit was hilarious.

Ariaditya Pramestu says:

First time i have seen a seiko on a wrist on watchuwant

Jason Russell says:

Respect for the PADI Turtle. Way to keep it real.

HachiZenki says:

No William Henry knives?

Functional Doc says:

I love that you listened and made the photos of the watches bigger on the screen. I like this style of back and forth and you are not only just covering Patek and Rolex.

citygreek1 says:

Are the fit and finish and tolerances of your knife equal CRK ?

Bubba B says:

Great show guys nice variety tonight . Tim, your production is spot on and upscale. I appreciate the visuals side by side shots and that of the enlargements. By the way manual wind, definitely old school. Upon review of comments, the podcasts is an interesting idea, but I’m a laymen who thoroughly enjoys the videos visual references . Not saying a podcast does not have a place. Keep up the great work. Finally, your favorite car, muscle and exotic. Best regards.

Peter Olsson says:

Wonderful video

edu danel says:

Hey Tim, just out of curiosity, which watch are you taking to the Switzerland trip?

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