Lil Baby Buys SON A NEW Rolex & Makes CUSTOM “BABY” CHAIN for BDAY!

Lil Baby stops by the Icebox Store to pick up some gifts for his son’s birthday!!
WATCH NOW to see Lil Baby working in the ICEBOX SHOP & more!!!!

Happy Birthday Baby Jason!

Icebox Diamonds & Watches
3255 Peachtree Rd NE
Atlanta, GA 30305

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La Original says:

Absolutely stupid. This is the shit that black ppl do with their money that keeps them in poverty.

RamboDirty 40 says:

How bout you take that bussdown Rollie money and put it into a trust fund for your kid young bull tf a 4 yr old gon do with 10K bussdown smh

Rich Allison says:

Icebox is trash

Mighty says:

What’s the song of the intro?! The beat…

thrasher boi says:

Most overrated rapper

zion thiem says:


Frederick Davis says:

dey buy jewelry cause it holds value never kno wen u need to sale

Johnathan Bishop says:

I bet if i had a son he would have fun with alot of batman watches, his son must know how much that watch worth.

Ricky says:

what jacket does he have on

Basharia Tucker says:

Lil baby boy u is Rich as fuck

Akeil NBA says:

Someone hear tax??

John Smith says:

The things black people think are important

thomas godfreyjr. says:

What’s the name of the beat or song in the background

willie peppers says:

Prep school would of been a better choice..

KXRELL says:

I dont understand why everyone hating. Its money he earned. He can do whatever. Everyone hating is just irrelevant to him.

Dominio Jamby says:

Wah wah wah !!!

Anastasia FFY says:

CC says:

I see what Ice Box is doing. Smart move.

Snootches Bootches says:

Honest question for the people out there that are like this. What’s the point of this type of jelwery. What do you dudes imagine accomplishing if you got your chance to buy this.
Honestly this shit is a waste of money in my eyes. Honestly rather by a house on an island than to waste money on pure garbage. Nothing useful but eye candy with jewelery. Literally a waste of money for anybody

Front Plaza says:

Hosea 4:6

elz zino says:

icebox a bump shuda gone to elliot

YD Davoo says:

For What Tho

Jon Doughman says:

Never heard of this guy just another Lil rapper I guess. Thankfully tho when he goes broke he can at least pawn his shit lolololol

bonecollector13 says:

My name jason

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