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akula1055 says:

Archiballs Yugoslavia doesn’t exist anymore

Greg Miel says:

Just means that second hand market in 1-2 years will be primed

Greg Miel says:

Honesty from the pontiff

Jason Schwartz says:

Wow surprisingly thoughtful insight. I am a watch lover however anything above a $10 Casio is an unnecessary luxury in today’s world.

Paul Love says:

The watch investment is only part of a financial Portfolio. Like u said Archie to many eggs in one basket”

clyde a says:

Goddamn it, who let Archie start watching CNN again?

Mr. Bass says:


fullsaildigital says:

why am I writing this and why are YOU reading this!?

Guy Frowney says:

archie was a boom time rat ……now hes a gloom time water buffalo
phuck me dead arch ….we all know something is only worph what some other dickhead is prepared to pay phor it

Heffe67 says:

Not phirst phuckers!

ArchieWasPhisted2Hard says:

Investment potential of Luxury Wrist Watches advised by a you tube  begging fat man child who needs donations to buy a phucking pizza. Oh the irony .

Bob FromBrisbane says:

Nice one Archie, you tell them.

Mad Man says:

You are rambling like an old fortune-teller. Fuck me dead.

michael m Wilkerson says:

get a fucking job.

I've got to be honest with you says:

there is no investment potential; these watches aren’t particularly rare, and even if they were, it would be decades before you saw a significant increase in value. the reality is, the watches will depriciate the same way a car does. given that fact that you’re paying nearly 20k for 1k of gold, i’d say it’s a pretty stupid investment. figures archie would make such a choice.

Morris Nell says:

Wtf Yugoslavia really Archie you dumb cunt..Good vid but..

Shane Delahunty says:

Fuck cell phones! I gave those up a long time ago and never used one by choice during the days when I had one.

ihopetowin says:

Trump has solved nothing. He is a pawn of Wall Street financiers. These rich parasites demand tax cuts. Ryan and Trump want to furnish these tax cuts by robbing US citizens of their health care, to loot health care. Health care is a Human Right. This asset stripping is tantamount to murder. Where is his jobs program? Where is his infrastructure program?

If you want to see how to make America great again one need look no further than FDR and the New Deal. Look at his first 100 days in office and look at Trumps. Hamiltonian Economics is key to taking power back from the financial oligarchy. This is the system used and to great success by John Quincy Adams, Lincoln FDR, and JFK. Keep one eye on history and the other on contemporary issues. Tax Wall Street (Tobin Tax) Nationalise the Federal Reserve. Stop the bail outs and foreclosures. Trump will do none of these things because he is the tool of Austerity Economists, Malthusian and Calvinist philosophies, in other words anti growth race to the bottom atrophy that spells the destruction of the middle and working classes. Blind folly.

This current administration is looking more and more like Richard Nixon’s and you remember what happened to that.

Lycosa says:

Ooouuhhh trumpster at the wheel. Trump. Archie lakshureeh. Doesn’t mention Nordic Europe ever

Frank V says:

Just Two words: Medulla Oblongata! shoot the bullet there, you won’t feel a thing

angrydachshund says:

The ghost cities are not the result of an economic downtown. Rather, they are an inefficient form of savings account, since most other investments are forbidden. Google “China is a kleptocracy” for a fuller explanation of why they build ghost cities.

George hall says:

really like the new format, good job!

eco8gator says:

Good topic big boy. Very few channels willing to give this kind of information because of being tied to a business or being completely ignorant on the subject.

Keeping phisting the truth big boy. Steel Rolex is a safe bet.

Aria Kowsarian says:


Ben Bignell says:

There is no investment potential Archie. Unless of course a simp donates 30 USD for you to talk Cr*p

Greg Miel says:

More videos like this arch

Apollo Prospector says:

Whadoo I think? I think I nearly fell asleep during this vid itself there.

Polar Roller says:

Excellent review of the “state of the industry” Archie.

spukke247 says:

Future watch in your skin… After that old stuff will go crazy.. Many go down… What will go up… Don’t know like i would know… How many decades don’t know..

Super Dude says:

Your complexion keeps on getting more and more yellow. It might be an idea to get your liver functions checked. Plus you’ll get to meet someone who actually has the income to afford a 10k+ Patek. Will you be doing a wrist watch check while the gastroenterologist gives the long awaited diagnosis of alcoholic hepatitis?

Ariel Avi says:

Why do u have to be “COMPLETELY HONEST” sometimes instead of just being “honest” ALL of the TIME! (PUN INTENDED)

The Critical Gentleman says:

Vintage and collectible markets are hitting new records e.g. Bao Dai Rolex at $5mil. Modern production? Cut %30 once you take the stickers off then wait 30 years to see if it becomes a collector watch. Your money is better off in NYSE

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