I Wasted Thousands Buying Watches! – My Top 5 Regrets – Rolex, Seiko, Omega & Breitling

I have wasted thousands of dollars on watches over the years and in an effort to try and prevent you doing the same, today I share my top 5 biggest watch buying regrets.

Join me in this simultaneously tragic and humorous look back at some of these big mistakes featuring brands like Omega, Seiko, Rolex and Breitling.

Please feel free to share your watch buying regrets in the comments section! I would really like to hear your advice too so we can try and help as many people as possible from falling into the same traps.

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rp20832 says:

Killing it with the intros

Tom Tom says:

Urban Gentry, please come to the Black Forest and do a unique video on Cuckoo clocks! Best wishes!

Rex Hargrove says:

Brilliant work!

System11 YT says:

With point 2 I nearly sold the farm to buy a Seiko Peacock. The fever has ended since then, thankfully.

Sateesh Khadija says:

Anybody have experience buying used from Crown and Caliber?

Steve Bowden says:

TGV I LOVED your Amazon mockery! that was great! enjoyed the video overall, of course!

David Tench says:

Another great video. Thanks for all you do to inform people about watches, you were one of my first sources of info when I started looking at my first vintage mechanicals.

martin 878 says:

SHIT…. I legit just got an Omega Cosmic the other month and the day and date does not work. Now I know why.. oh well, the time still works and the watch is beautiful and I really do get enjoyment out of wearing it. How much do repairs go for that particular problem roughly?

Aurelio Duarte-Encinas says:

Great intro! You should come out with your own TGV device, perhaps named, The Good Sir.

“TGV-Good Sir, what is the weather like today?”

Good Sir-Bright and sunny. A good hat will come in handy. May I play Vivaldi’s Four Seasons to get your day going on a proper note?”

KoreanWhiteBoy says:

TGV, you should check out the Kickstarter of Jack Mason watches, the Regatta Timer! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/jackmason/jm-n105-regatta-timer-by-jack-mason

El Doma Dor de Dior says:

I am planning on buying Omega Seamaster 600 Orange Bezel from Jomashop. Are they AD or Grey seller?

Ryan Thomas says:

@1:25 what’s the name of that song in your intro? it’s really cool.

Iball nonya says:

Bought a cheap digital “waterproof” Casio years ago in Germany. Within a week it was dead due to water getting it.
Got a Citizen watch and then took the bad one to the motorpool and ran over it a few times with an M1A1 tank.

RejZoR says:

I have no real regrets. Then again, the most expensive watch I’ve bought was Casio Oceanus Manta Ray, imported straight from Japan. Full titanium, sapphire, radio controlled, looks magnificent. I mostly buy from gray market because AD’s in my country are just absurdly expensive and they don’t even have the models I wan’t anyway. I love buying Seiko’s, Citizen’s, Casio’s, Orient’s, Bulova’s etc.One might say I’m compensating quantity over quality, but I buy each for a reason. Either because it has an exciting feature or complication or it just looks nice and I want it. Watches are such an understated feature these days since most people have a smart phone anyway. But wrist watches are so much more, especially if they have something special about them like being mechanical or a HAQ or with a sweeping second hand and stuff like that. It’s cool and exciting. It’s rare to even see people wear wrist watches and even more rare to see them have something more than a cheap quartz. Realistically, I’ve only seen my uncle wearing his automatic Rado and one customer complimenting my Steinhart Ocean One at work (clearly he knew what I was wearing). It’s just cool wearing something hardly anyone else is wearing. Even if only I know what I’m wearing and for the rest of people is “just some watch”.

sdamico555 says:

The ability to not takes ones self too seriously is a mark of a man who is strong in his own belief and is steadfast in his own values. All the greats have been this way. Carol Burnett, William Shatner, and man, TGV you have that fun tongue and cheek humor. Keep it up! Best intro…

MrPrzepior says:

Dude, you look like you had your share in a bottle of bourbon this morning 😀

Great, entertaining material, as always. Cheers 🙂

Tony Ng says:

My only regret is buying a 6694 from a pawnshop (!) only to find out it had a miserable 17 hour power reserve…it is still with me – unloved…

Ben Dixon says:


Ken Fuller says:

Touch wood, I seem to have been lucky with my 1020 movement.

Stuart Sharratt says:

A great informative, and honest personal reflection on some of your past purchases. I deleted my past comment, it was too long winded. Totally agree on grey market.
Best Regards

David in LA says:

Just curious, why did you sell the FOIS?

Frank Dulon Barre says:

I must say that the only mistake I agree with is the one you made with the Seiko 5, which is a good looking watch as it is, nice dial, nothing more needed on that piece. But the others: nice pieces, just normal that you like one more then the other and taste can change in time.

System11 YT says:

By the way, your intro this time made my the Echo dock on my phone go crazy. 😉

Paul Winkfield says:

Awesome vid!! I was very lucky in the 60s on paper route, I had old world watchmaker, he was very old then, when I showed interest, he sat me down gave a great education. I have one regret, 2 yrs ago, on a Delaware boardwalk jewelrystore had a special Tissot chrono of a NASCAR racer, at a super price, I left store to think about it, then had to leave, I tried to find on web, lowest price 2-3x higher! Grown men do cry!

Captain Haramb e says:

Good day tgv you know i wanted to wear the same watch that chris prat use in jurassic world which is G shock GA-700-1B but it is HUMONGOUS at 57,5 mm and i dont know what to do should i buy it or not

Captain harambe

Bill King says:

I bought an Omega Speedmaster Professional in 1971 at a PX for $170. Still on my wrist today.

Jake Roth says:

*we know your mom’s biggest regret*

SJ says:

my biggest mistakes was selling any of the Rolex I’ve owned… they’ve all gone up in value.. The same goes to my Patek Philipe’s.. My single biggest mistake was not grabbing a PP 5711/1R for retail when I had the chance to in Utah… I could have easily flipped it for $65K, a $14K profit ..

Josue Castrejon says:

I will buy Alexa if is with your voice. Lol!
Very funny!

Ryan Utz says:

That intro !!

Darrin Rentruc says:

I have a vintage bumper LeCoultre automatic that was my grandfathers, I brought it to my local jewelry store to have cleaned up and the crystal replaced but was told they where unable to remove the back. Do you have any suggestions as to where I could send this that is a reputable watch repair. Thank you Love your videos, The time you put in them is obvious.

ublade82 says:

So I have an unusual problem, I play the piano and to have balanced wrist support for my weaker right hand also it’s better to keep a watch on both wrists, especially something with a substantial bracelet, are there any thoughts on how to go about this more tastefully?

Ty Nungester says:

Tip 1: As tons of others will say, try it before you buy it, if at all possible. I have wasted tons of money on this.
Tip 2: Do not let the crowd influence you. Buy watches for yourself. This will save you money and frustration.

Skeeter Valentine says:

I love the 2001 reference.

FatSamEIE says:

I had a GMTc and didn’t click with it either- my regret was selling for a £200 loss though, when I could have held out a year and made a small profit. Rolex have since moved out of the price range I’m prepared to pay (for a Rolex) so I feel it may have been my last Rolex too which is more of a shame than the £200!

My other biggest regrets were a fantastic aquaterra auto with white dial and rose gold indices that I let go for £650 and the first planet ocean I sold for a Grand after wearing for only a month. These were both over ten years ago when the watch market hadn’t blown up like it has now

Finally I regret selling my sarbs (033/035) as they are so cheap it’s just not worth selling them! For £200 quid you won’t get anything close to them and I wish I’d just kept them to give to family members or friends

Shaun S says:

I had the EXACT same situation with the exact same GMT Master. Researched like crazy, tried it on, loved it, wore it, and damn it just didn’t click. After about 3 months I sold it.

Distance Shooter says:

Well Wagner is not a mistake.

Julio Flo says:

I’m a new owner of the Rolex see-dweller reference 126600. I received it as a present from the wife but I actually prefer my seiko skx007 then the Rolex. The scratches the band receives are unbelievable rather wear a cheaper watch.

Roi Bennoun says:

Those cuts scenes are simply hilarious LOL ! Just one question i got to ask. You said the Breitling was simply too big and thats what i am afraid of before buying. What do you think bigger deal, the watch diameter or the watch thickness. I saw the Breitling Chronometer Cockpit which looks really good. Its 39mm diameter which is perfect for me but its almost 15mm thickness which sounds big. What do you think ? can the small diameter compensate for the thickness ? Thank you ! love your channel !

WEGO says:

Yes, I have 100’s of watches in my collection…never seems to stop, its always ‘Only one more’ would love to make a video, just that my dining table is to small.

Drybrush Everything says:

R.I.P Rick. Great video champ.

Ramiro Díaz García says:

Some of the best reviews are from the unattached eyes that look at something already discarded. Great intro and analysis. I have a request for a video, LACK OF LUME ON DRESS WATCHES! why is this? Is elegance so romantic? I think its relative. Thank you!

Nuno N says:

Important to point out that you can buy at a Grey Market dealer (cheaper than at an AD) but sourced from an AD, so with full factory warranty. I saved a couple of thousand on a Speedmaster DSOTM with that and still full 4 year official Omega warranty.

Nothing wrong with GDs if you pick the right ones (i.e. the ones who source from ADs, with valid original warranties).
Shame on the Sub tho. 😛

MultiTheflyer says:

Tgv, I absolutely love your Seiko skx. What are the mods on it? What I see are submariner hands and bezel, and a black anodized casing. Is there anything else? Thanks!

I Flick says:

Have you seen the Dr. George Daniels documentary? “The Watchmaker’s Apprentice” ? He was the greatest watchmaker of the twentieth century. It is outstanding!

Mac Dee says:

Hmm I would say my only regret is buying a swatch to use for work. Then months later, I found out about Orient that can be bought for around similar price to the swatch I bought. But the orient is like 10 times better, made of metal, automatic, and most importantly, made in JAPAN!.

HE - MAN says:

My grail watch cost me $ 250 …
Most pieces run $ 15-30 …
Made hundreds $$$

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