I Finally Got A New Rolex

I finally replaced my Rolex Watch but not with just any kind of Rolex This time I bought a flooded out VVS diamond Rolex! One that you have to see to believe!

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lil pump says:

CJ con you adopt me please

Shirley Hurst says:

Where did you get your rollex

Chamyra Charleston says:

That Rolex looking icey on your rist bling bling


I love your family, you all are just great people. @ age 51…lol. I watched all your shows. I never had a designer anything. nice to see people live good. good luck

Darlene Niles says:

Can you come to my house it is by l my Lewis e Rowe

zyaire Brown says:


ilechukwu asiergbunam says:

Love the rolly

lil pump says:

CJ SO COOL can prank the kids that they all get Gucci shoes but they get books

that one girl who likes hugs says:

Wrist so icy wonder why she like me

Joshua King says:

I can’t even see Ur jewelry it’s so shiny

Annie George says:


dope boy says:

Yes im broke

bxprince1977 says:

Did he use sope at all

Kyle Jackson says:

Love the videos and the iced out watch and that’s husky rock for royalty but the engagement ring is supposed to be on the left hand

Caleb Jones says:

The blue

D'Mya Clements says:

Come to Danville VA

Ciara Kennedy says:


1K CLINT says:

Yoo what was the outro song ?

Kai S W says:

You do to much and that’s why you got robbed

Hooked on zay says:

Buy Sam some yeeszys

The Vlogger Bro says:

“ITS NOT FLEXING IF ITS MY LIFE STYLE” Says Cj as he flexes lol and I don’t even come at you for flexing g but once you said that I jus had to

Jayden Medina says:


Rodrick Bailey says:

I saw poop xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Isabella Jordan LR01 says:

bruh u need to clean your damn camera lense.

amyah cutoure says:

Come to la

Ruthless Duba says:

Go to Missouri Independence it’s lit here for your

Alexander Wilson Jr says:

Cj. So. Cool. I. Like. Your. Vogdt. To. Cj. So. Cool

Hooked on zay says:

Cj I think I just got blinded my the beauty of the rollie

Dexter Nelson JR says:

Nu booty

Kurl X says:

I love your lifestyle and i watch your video because they encourage me to try to make it big like you

Jadon Jones says:


Isaiah Gilbert says:


Rodrick Bailey says:

Dj I love your video

Erica Norville says:

When are u getting married

lllFe4Rless643lll UZI says:

He just didn’t get a dab of ranch he got a hole cup of ranch fire CJ WWWWS

Juan Urena says:

Yo cj new 11’s came out

CJ SO COOL says:

4 Mill on the way and with that comes the epic $4000 giveaway #4Mill

Luis Rivera says:

Wuts that song at the end?

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