I enjoy rolex watches

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King Charles says:

Gosh. I thought u were a chick. U speak too much….way too much

ilyaihylmt88sy says:

“If you have to explain to anyone or yourself? There’s something wrong.” Literally right after he explained why he likes the watch.

beavisbonce says:

Even Julie the dog is embarrassed to be seen outside with the black pee wee Herman doll

N E says:

This comment section is ridiculous. There are too many people that whine about Charles and his spending habits or the fact he is receiving thousands of dollars worth of merchandise from some rich guy. What makes it all the more ridiculous is that these people usually complain under the false pretense that they’re upset he’s either being so loose with money or taking a guy for granted. Regardless of the reasoning it doesn’t help the arguments coming from left field when it’s quite clear that these arguments are usually founded on jealousy. For goodness’ sake. I may not agree with everything Charles may do or say but when people begin to bitch about him having a sugar daddy and THEN complaining because they wish that they themselves had one it becomes a schoolyard type of conflict.

I love fashion. I have some handbags as well. I myself cannot afford the type fashion-house brands that Charles can afford. But that’s alright. I am not going to be jealous of him and whine about it. I may not agree with his point of view on things but I’m most definitely not going to dog him just because I’m envious of what he has. There’s more to life than clothing/apparel.

Amal Z. says:

Charles, I enjoy your channel but why do you think it’s not your place to discuss social issues? You’re clearly not a white man, and I’m sure even YOU have experienced injustice in your life at SOME point. You have so many followers and so many Black, LGBT, and Hispanic (etc) ones too! You say you care about the ones who follow you but do you really? Because stuff is real out here especially for my black ass. It’s easy for you to be wealthy and not think any of this racist/prejudice shit could hit you because of your status, but you are wrong. PS, i’m not a hater. Like I said, I love your channel. But these things going on today are far too great to be ignored…

Rae Badding's says:

Fake sugar daddy stories. If you did it sarcastically it would be entertaining… but even if this was real this content is beyond boring… what makes it worse it’s it’s fake, and you’ve made up the most boring unrealistic mundane story for the new things you’ve bought with your parents and YouTube money…

Mister B says:

You should have an easy link extension in that clasp… so you can wear it tighter or longer as you wish.

Can't stop looking at my Rolex says:

Cool AIR KING…!!

lizzy c says:

sort of starting to think earl isn’t actually a real person…

Cee says:

I just kind of stumbled on this page, who is he??

Marni Sexton says:

Charles…. you are extremely materialistic.
What do you work at? Do you only make money doing your YouTube channel?

Rae Badding's says:

How did you return a vintage watch? Lol

Oliver Twist says:

this guy/girl is an absolute waste to society

SODOM says:

oh man, you look unhealthily skinny brother. Other than the body shaming, what a great watch. I love my Yachtmaster 40mm!

Simone Schroeder says:

humble classy choice charles. air king is epic.

selvin yeo says:

Thats a cheap rollie…. boring

D. Selfridge says:

hahaha the people commenting on the last video saying “how long will it take for that rolex to end up on depop” It took him 24 hours to get bored of that watch and for someone’s opinion to sway him off it

Noelle Lee says:

I love the vids ! So keep doing you and put your life out there!

Nikos Tz says:

What is the video ,were he bought a cartier tank watch, called ???

Connor Askins says:

Why did you change the title ? ! !


Mommy and daddy are treating you very nicely.

Carson Fox says:

I’m glad we are allowed to request nudes now! XO

daturaGhost* says:

Omg Charles is reminding me of Catherine O’Hara in Schitt’s Creek, where she thinks her nudes leaked & is disappointed when they don’t. So she leaks them herself so her level of fame goes back up hahahah! Not a read, but that’s what that reminded me of lol.

Also where is the link for the slippers on Amazon? Grandma needs some bunion comfort. Plus we don’t have carpet, & I don’t like walking barefoot on hardwood floors when they’re dirty with cat hair lol

PiranhaJaw22 says:

you show the watch for two seconds, the whole video is just your face

SpunkySora says:

i never really got the hype for many of your accessories.. like your birkins, other handbags, rings, other watches etc but that rolex air king yeeEEESSS!!! 100% agree it is so gorgeous and looks amazing on you. definitely keep that one no matter what anyone says * v *
also your smile when talking with your sister is so cute.

mmanda515 says:

Both are nice but imho, you are right…. I like the looks of this one even more. Regardless, had ya loved the first one… it shouldn’t have mattered what anyone ELSE thought, etc. Family, viewers, etc. whomever. Same for the rings you loved, the bracelet… the coat(s) etc etc etc……. Whatever brand, whatever cost…. (for me anyway) if I like something, I would never not get it, return it or sell it… merely because it wasn’t “x” branded… OR after someone made some rude comment or insulted the item. If I happen to love a nice, cozy fluffy powder blue sweatshirt…. & it just so happened to be on clearance for $12.50 @ Target, I don’t give a flying fu$# what the label (or anyone else for that matter) has to say about it. THEY aren’t the one’s buying or wearing it. Likewise, if I happen to come across & adore a nice, cozy fluffy teal sweatshirt that I just have to have…… but it’s $300…. I’m going to save &/or splurge on it. Not because it’s got that ‘x’ label on it or cost this much…. but because I….. like… it. =) No one could tell me differently, either. Same applies to any “thing”… Be that clothing, handbags, whatever.. To me, for function anyway, a purse is a purse is a purse. If I see one I like the looks/style of & it’s 20 bucks… I’m buying it. If I want something more pricey because I like the looks of that…. dont need to explain my decision OR reasoning, to anyone frankly…… Neither do you. Boils down to, f… the labels, the pricing… the opinions of others…. JUST BE HAPPY TO CHOOSE WHAT YOU WANT……… & DO YOU… DOING SO…. ABSOLUCKINGFLUTELY…… UNAPOLOGETICALLY !!!!!!! =) ~ Be well….. Be strong…. BE HAPPY!!!!! ~

Armani V says:

WHY is he so vehemently opposed to criticism about his habits ? They’re destructive and although he says he loves his life, the previous habits he’s expressed don’t indicate that.

Seputar android says:

$250 per minggu or week https://youtu.be/BWoqcEK5RBg

Im Shook says:

2:37…….why was that even relevant to the video?

Sullivan Molette says:

You can buy a Rolex but not a strait hairline

Drake Timroth says:

Stop talking about the haters. And talk about the lovers.

Adrian Rami says:

He should definitely buy you hair plugs and better teeth

coupleofbeers31 says:

You said “I brought this watch”. WRONG. That John of yours brought it for you. You really are a sad person. You are a prostitute for sure.

Sandra C. says:

what is the bracelet you are wearing? Not the Tiffany bracelet but the other one.

Shane Kemp says:

Air king rolex are just stainless steel not Gold so the price will be low compared to gold.

Forrest Vorwald says:

Charles i love you and these videos, but you are always talking about the hate you get on videos… Every. Single. Video. It is getting really old in my opinion.

Scott Miller says:

Liza Minelli is more masculine!

Christina A. says:

Cool watch.

trayan scragg says:

Didn’t you say you hated Rolex in your previous videos and that you preferred Cartier ?

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