I bought all the big Rolex watches

I might have accidentally bought every Rolex that’s
larger than 40 mm, at least the ones I like. Rolex Sea Dweller, Rolex Sky Dweller, Rolex Polar Explorer. Now what?

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The Dread Parsnip says:

Hey Mark, always loved your Batman; 40mm, but somewhat mysteriously, seems to wear MUCH bigger than that on the wrist. The ‘super-case’ is great for that big, bold, “power move” kinda look, but then again, all ur Rolexes kind of are. They’re just so huge lol; was expecting to see a yacht master next or something! Impressive collection though, sir! I saw elsewhere you said you once had a Daytona & didn’t exactly love it; out of curiosity can I ask why? Never handled one; they definitely look like….a lot to deal with, haha.

Benjamin E. Breitenbauch says:

Boy, dog training is deceptively profitable.

Turd Ferguson says:

40mm is the sweetspot

stevenjm12 says:

You have all the same bracelet. Switch them out. Do something different

Jens Marder says:

dont know what to do next? Maybe taste another brand? Jaeger le coultre? AP? PP? i dont know, if only Rolex a good Investment in the Longrun. What is, if the elite-Replicas become as good as the Original, include Movement? Like Panerai? Difficult decisions….

PA Musso says:

Can’t really help you. I like the Explorer and the Oyster Perpetual. One day I hope to join the Rolex Blue Oyster Cult (in 36mm).

damachine3 says:

I’m with you–40mm is the minimum I want. My Deepsea James Cameron 126660 is a bit big at 44mm, but it’s awesome and I wear it when I want the ka-pow! My SD43 is perfecto and, when I get the SS blue dial Sky-Dweller, I’m sure that will be absolutely perfect at 42mm. All of my other watches (two Pepsi jubilees, two Batmen, TT Root Beer, Hulk, Daytona) are 40mm and are just fine. Nothing less than 40mm!

Matthew Long says:

Ym2 SS; trade up one of the dwellers

Jay Paster says:

My Explorer is a V8 4WD.

Sallyballsesbrother says:

Hopefully Clybe will be joining the SD43 club soon

Scott SJ says:

Hi Marc. I only wish I had your dilemma. haha. I personally do not like oversized watches. I know you love them. I am not sure if you are in contact with the phatso pontiff. He has had 46mm Breitling watches. But his wrists are larger than most peoples legs. I personally don’t care for them, and he seems to flip them, but at least you do not look like your turning into a walrus. He does. I wish he would stick to his diet. I would miss phatso if he died. I hate seeing him eat garbage like he films himself. Anyway, Ball makes some big watches too. I think you get a lot more for your money. I know you love Rolex and they are good to hold value where a Breitling will lose value fast, but they do make some very large chronographs and divers. I do not see why you would want to add any more as the Special Sea dweller you have is huge to me 44mm.I don’t think Rolex has a larger size. I am also a fan of microbrands where you might get a good value with a nice movement. You already have your Gshock for a beater watch as well as I do, I read you can run them over with a 10-ton truck and they will still work. When I was a computer technician I worked on computers, Giant laser printers with many boards to take out, that Gshock I had never got scratched but my wedding band nearly ruined being Gold. You also have a Seiko Monster which is a 44mm watch I think, it is large and heavy just the way you like. I can’t think of anything else.

rrp925 says:

The Batman and the Skydweller are beautiful!

Crappy Watches & Cheap Whores says:

Your Rolex collection is outstanding. The Sky Dweller is your F U. watch. Beautiphul. Now that you have Rolex covered, you can move on to the phollowing options:
1) Upgrade to a Victorinox INOX 43mm. Indestructible.
2) Get a container of Regal Nova used imported Asian truck tires. Call Glenn now or anytime; he’s waiting phor your call.
3. Hold oph on any more watches. Instead, take a trip to Switzerland and enjoy a virtual pheast of watch shopping.
4. If Switzerland is too expensive or impractical, there’s always Branson, Missouri.

Dave O'shea says:

Great collection, I picked up a Tudor 4540 at an auction last week.. only starting my collecting now… what ya think ?

Tony Soprano says:


ForbinColossus says:

I like the Seiko orange dial srp315

Logan Smith says:

The Skydweller would be my favourite but in white gold with the blue dial and red seconds.

Andrew says:

The 50th anniversary sea dweller is the best, but you don’t need me to tell you that, do you Marc? The two tone sky dweller is nice but too much like a DJ41. If getting a Sky Dweller, I would have opted for the steel version. I think a TT DJ41 (or DJ2 to save $$) with champagne diamond dial is what your collection needs should you sell the TT sky dweller. I also think you need a steel ceramic Submariner Date but I thought you already did?? Overall you have a great collection , all bought at MSRP or less which is the golden rule so those profiteering grey market sellers can go fuck themselves !!!

Robert Sullivan says:

Popped in to see what was going on and decided to leave, don’t need a tour of Rolex.

unclemonkey808 says:

Mark, you’re missing the yatch master II??? You should get rid of one of the sea dwellers and get the yatch master II it’s a better looking watch than the plain divers. You have 3 watches that look exactly the same? Come on mark!

Mousy Pluta Prestige says:

I stole your book from Barns & Noble. They held the door open for me as I left and asked if I would be so kind to steal more cause they are tired of dusting them off.

MrBacchus18 says:

I can do the same thing…but with Seiko divers lol

American Jedi says:

Sell all but Batman. Rebuy a SD50 MK1 before they go nutz like the flat4 Kermit, and a new JC because it wears better. Maybe try Panerai or JLC. You don’t have an alarm.

Justin Houdei says:

You need a gmt master 2 Pepsi or root beer

Alexandre Vigo says:

40 for me . Explorer 1 39mm is fine on me and so is the 2 42mm. Wider is just too much for me ! I love all your pieces but I think the deep sea and the Explorer 2 are the ones that fit you the best …

Jason Springman says:

Great collection Marc, as you alluded to in an earlier comment, you don’t seem to be interested in an alternate color i.e. green, or “no date” sub, what about a different bracelet option, like the jubilee or president? Even though the watch would be a “duplicate” model, or as you say, the Day-Date doesn’t speak to you, maybe just a change from the oyster bracelet would be a nice addition? Or even the original Yacht Master, 116622 Albino or the Rose Oyster Flex 116655. Keep the content coming!

Frank Handy says:

I would sell my kidney for a Batman!!

Eddie Dominguez says:

I see like over 70 grand of watch’s and I got wood lol

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