How To Look After Your Rolex

Once you’ve purchased a Rolex, or any mechanical timepiece, have you thought about what the next steps are? Are there simple things that you can be doing to ensure the watch functions at its optimum level? Our in-house Rolex by The Watch Gallery watchmaker Jamie Hardes talks us through his five key tips to looking after your Rolex. Explore Rolex At The Watch Gallery:


Daniel Whyte says:

People comparing Rolex with Seiko is just comparing Ferrari with a Lada
You must compare beans to beans
If you are watching this video it means you like rolex and want one but you are pissed off you cannot afford one or you have one and you appreciate the history and revolution that the sub has brought to the watch world.
Or maybe youbare just a troll firing non substancial info about watches that you read at the back of potatoe chips bag.
Lets not forget how many of you have a seiko thats a copy of the rolex sub.
Now regarding the service , I would follow manufacturer guidelines and no it does not cost 1000 dollars as some user with no idea about watches wrote but 300-500 usd and this is all down to were you take it for service
Besides if you cant afford the service how did you afford buying it from the start and if you failed to do a correct research prior to buying it then it should be illegal for you to own one

Slipstream says:

Rolex now recommends 10 year service intervals. Due to oil now used is more efficient. Rolex watches are warranted now for 5 years.

Locutus D'Borg says:

I wrap my Sub around my knuckles and make a fist, if I think I’m going to fight off bad guys.   Oh, wait, that was James Bond…..guess I dozed off and was dreaming (*_*)

Said Garcia says:

Great tips to keep my Pro Diver 8928ob like new.

Sven Bolin says:

I have a Rolex but cant recomend buying one due to the service cost every 5 years. much better of with Swatch or any digital.

Grimshaw Grummage says:

the rolex is so overrated, it isn’t nice to look at, it’s very ordinary.

auxmike says:

Only service a watch if it stops keeping proper time. Otherwise you are wasting money!

Peter Holman says:

I have a Wolf watch winder. Do you recommend using it at night when you are sleeping? My Rolex sub (2000) was just serviced and it loses about 1.3 seconds per day and I wear it at night. Would it keep a little bit better time on a winder?

popopo1976 says:

Excellent advice. Ta.

Charlie K says:

Why not buy a real watch, like a Seiko?
My Seiko quartz needs no service; & a new one cost hardly more than a Rolex service.

Tommy Money says:

no no no.. step 1 should be, get a rolex.. then yeah..

ambi says:

who the fuck swims with a rolex.

Peter Holman says:

When using a watch wider it will turn either clockwise, counter clockwise, or both. What setting do you recommend for Rolex sub.

Kenneth YN Kwok says:


AlexRyteuBart says:

So you take 10.000$ toy and do what they say or go for 10$ CASIO and use it for next 15 years.

Lavaman3682 says:

Why in the HELL would I take a toothbrush to my watch?!!

A decent cloth such as Cape Cod and perhaps a q-tip will do wonders. every couple of months. A gentle rinse (10 secs) under tap water after swimming in salt water or to rinse pool water off. And yes, service it every 7 years or so. And that’s it. Job done.

The reason I bought a Rolex Professional model(GMT II in s/s with Oyster band) is so that I can wear it and largely forget about it. It will take punishment just fine. Jesus-squeezus, it’s a watch, kids. It’s 904 surgical grade stainless steel, not a wedding cake. Use it, wear it, look after it, and pass it one one day. (And yes, I also own an Omega, a Breit, and a couple of TAGs; they are all great in their own ways. Rolex is one of many good watches).

Oh, and the difference between a Rolex, a JLC, a Patek, Zenith, Omega, or some other fine watch?
No ones grand kids ever say “Gee, I hope grandma or grandpa leaves me their Wal-mart Casio…”

gmshadowtraders says:

Wow, so you recommend a service every 3 to 5 years huh? My Grand Seiko will not need servicing for the next half a century until which time it will continue to run flawlessly. What do you think of that? Later fanboys.

Din Phu says:

Another tip, don’t wear your Rolex with jackets with studded cuffs.

john wayne says:

Yes 3 to 5 years at $ 800.00 a service atleast in Geneva. I have a 1995 submariner an first service in 2015 paid my $ 800.00 an it’s fine with a regular use.

Jason jayson says:

fairy liquid? stfu

Nguyễn phạm chí thành says:

you can help me: The Rolex ?

SuperGear360 says:

Whats up with the A and B thing

vadim s says:

nice watch repair bench

Jatt Lalkar says:

But can these tips work with the fake Rolex watch

MMX2 says:

3-5 years haha now rolex suggest a service every 10 years

Saurav Damor says:

why is it so expencive

mikevac1978 says:

I am looking at getting my first Rolex. since I don’t have a lot of money to spend I am looking at the Date just.  could someone please tell me the deference between Date just 1 and date just 2



btx s says:

i got a sub 2016

MrJKL Foams says:

I got sub nd 114060 and YM40 116622. I dont think servicing is necessary specially if you dont use the watch everyday like there’s no tomorrow. Plus I rotate them together with other watches omega moonwatch and tag heuer cal36 flyback. But its up to the owner I guess.

The Emperor says:


mqabandi says:

Nice video.How to maintain the shine on the watch? and how to recover the shine on the watch as it fades?

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