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Hi Guys,

I’ve recently bought a Rolex GMT Master II – 116710 BLNR Batman from an Authorised Dealer (AD). It’s a watch which usually has a waitlist of 1-2 years. So naturally, I’ve had lots of questions from people asking “how can I buy a batman?” or “how do I get on a waitlist?”. Here are my thoughts on this.



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Magister Ludi says:

Rolex can get rekt. Nice watches but I’m not giving the AD a blow job for the privilege of spending a wheelbarrow full of cash on a stainless steel watch.

Error Logging says:

Hi Adrian, what do you think about the milgauss Z blue? Is it worth to buy?

Brian Mcginlay says:

I’m afraid the whole desperado thing just dosent appeal .. I’m pretty much disinterested in getting involved in the ridiculous Merry go round and becoming a pawn in Rolex’s little games . A couple of the sports models I own are now viewed as hard to come bye but when I purchased they were ordered they were readily plentiful and with me in a few weeks . If I had been quoted long waiting times I wouldn’t have bothered . Professional sports models will probably become easier to access quite soon, economic markets aren’t doing too badly worldwide. I don’t expect ADs to be sitting with huge stock in the window but should think most models will probably be accessed from the factories quite easily on request…

Jonathan Tennant says:

Another great video…… I’ve just purchased a Rolex from M&W and I can confirm that the Watches of Switzerland Group do hold a data base and if someone puts multi – applications are their various stores they will be black listed . Also if customers are seen to flip watches for profit bought at any Watches Of Switzerland store they again will be backlisted.

Georgie Bungle says:

Adrian’s an imbecile ! Nice imbecile but still an imbecile

akroeger98 says:

I worked at a Rolex AD for awhile, and this is all very accurate. Where I was, they did have a waitlist, but would shuffle their favourite customers up to the front of it to keep them happy. The rest of the regular customers were just placed in a queue, and whoever was at the top of the list would get the call when the watch came in. However, for some models, such as the steel skydweller, the waitlists were so unbelievably long (5+ years) that it was meaningless to put more names down. We’d tell them this, but still they’d usually insist we take their information, anyways. When that would happen, their info would often just go straight into the garbage.

Omair Malik says:

Buy them a coffee? Get the Donuts? I called an old friend who works for a Rolex/Tudor AD when I was looking for a BBGMT. His list was 7 deep, his exact words were if one of his clients who have a £100k+ account comes in looking for a watch they get priority. My donuts would naff all! Number 1 think that will get your AD thinking of you is how much cash you spend with them.

STAng7788 says:

Watches are non-essential jewelry we can live without. When ADs asked me to be included to their Waitlist or pay a Premium for a _______, my answer is a polite “No, thank you” after which I went on to buy a Breguet Type XXI Flyback which has a far more striking wrist presence than a _______. I purposely did not mention the brand avoid adding fuel to the hype.

Eat my Wilks says:

It kind of blows having to blow the sales jerk into selling you a 10k watch.

stavr katsopr says:

To be,or not to be, that is the question. Suck a dick, or sick of duck. Or in my words… ffs m8, get a life!

Timber land says:

i walked in the AD close to my place and asked for the batman, they had 4 of them and i chose the best of the 4. its not super rare, but avoid AD’s with lots of stores as they are known for building up waitinglists

Watches the Collection of Time says:

Bottom line… don’t let your watches define you. Because once you take it off, what do you have? There is a reason it’s called an accessory. 😉

thievesarmy says:

5:04 this COULD be true but I kinda doubt it. If it is true it would only apply to companies or chains that have multiple shops and that have fully connected systems. Rolex is not keeping waitlists, that’s only something that AD’s would do and for the most part in a decent sized city you should have a handful of AD’s in close proximity and most of them won’t be affiliated with each other.

Barry island says:

It’s surprising us mere mortals get any of the sought after pieces at all after they have satisfied their highly paid sportsmen/ media people/ well heeled high spenders who also purchase jewels and of course their Grey market chums…..I have obtained 2 sports models in the past year just by as you say building a relationship with my AD …where other ADs have just dismissed my enquiries making me feel like a total time waster trying to spend £8k+… I would never flip any piece I have ever purchased and maybe this comes across when I talk to them..but you are correct they have 20 people wanting each watch so selling it to me is pure luck..I don’t agree with this but what choice do we have apart from buying other brands…

Cedar Canoe says:

Buy chocolats for the AD manager and you’ll get your Batman for sure

Michael H says:


Bark and Jack says:

This video seems to upset a few people, which is understandable. I don’t like the follow-up videos with further communication because it means I failed to communicate correctly in the video. But here are a couple of points: the “bribe stuff” I don’t do myself. I like to think I can connect well with people.

So why mention buying a coffee?
Well, you can either be a proactive buyer or a passive buyer. If you’re passive you will put your name on the waitlist and wait. Good luck with that. If you’re proactive you will continue connecting with the sales team, and a deeper level would be to make yourself standout – taking an extra coffee into the brand with you is a way of standing out.

If we move the idea to a work environment, you want a promotion and so does your colleague. You both his your targets so how are you going be passive and let fate take its course, or are you going to be proactive about the situation, connect with your boss – the extreme of this is ass-licking.

No one likes an ass-licker, but don’t get upset if the ass-licker gets the job, they were proactive about it.

To conclude: how hard you work for something comes down to how much you want it. If you don’t want it badly you’ll be passive and you might not get it. If you’re too proud to work for it, then again you’ll be passive and you might not get it.

dann says:

My AD definitely has wait lists…but that’s not to say they can’t be jumped. I have finally got my Rolex Explorer after being on the wait list for 8+months but while I was there I enquired about the Tudor GMT and was shown and told I could take it there and then if I wanted even though there is a wait list for it. I declined (mainly because my wife would have killed me!) but obviously a quick and easy sale for the AD makes sense.
*these models may not have wait lists elsewhere in the world, but I’m in NZ and sometimes it takes a while for things to trickle down this way!

Science-is-god says:

What the hell is this garbage, get on a wait list, be polite to people.
Or is this guy just getting his face on a video.

Aqua says:

fuck the “connection” aka asslicking. if paying more than 10.000 i don’t have to do that, don’t get a victim of merchandising.

Jamie Connor says:

What do you think my chance of getting a gmt are???

Mtalll1 says:

The last thing you need is a special relationship with an AD and show so much thirst. The best advise rigth now is stop craving for rolex steel sport models. The craving, list and the whole deal is the actual problem, cuz ads are selling them on grey market and making more profit than selling it to you, no amount of coffee and being nice will make the ad want to loose money, grey market dealers already made the conection and special relationship. As an inteligent consumer you just need a different strategy, which requieres patience and willingness to get something else.
The way to be there is to know that rolex is nothing special, most people assume its fake, they actually ask you upfront, is it real?

devon wiltch says:

This is coming from a guy who would never but a brand new watch…. smh now hes the professional who knows everything after buying 1 one brand new watch. Money talks bullshit walks.

Richard Bonanno says:

The waiting list is pretty much a lie. Doesn’t exist. Some dealers now won’t even take your name down. You either are a regular client or have to know somebody to get the model you want. A friend of mine just called his friend who is a regular at an AD and in 3-6 weeks he got the model he wanted. It’s possible they may like you and decide to sell to you if your lucky.

Paul Anderson says:

normally a sales history with that AD is the best way to connect with them. i do believe the constraint on Rolex sports models is a ploy to push some customers to Tudor (Black Bay and Pelagos). just a thought

Glendon Beck says:

I walked in the Rolex AD in my city and they had EVERYTHING including a Batman I think small cities are the best place to buy gems

Car Oracle says:

I think the point is – treat the sales guys as you would like to be treated and show real interest in the watch and brand you are buying.
I’m currently on the list for a Daytona white face, Hulk and Patek Aquanaut through Watches of Switzerland, having bought two Rolex’s watches previously. When I requested the Patek, they checked their database, spoke to the manager of the Rolex Boutique and wanted to meet me in person before they added me to the list. They said they want to prioritise previous customers and people that live in London, rather than tourists. I think this is fair. What do you think?

Mr RM says:

buy an AP, sod Rolex

Mark Lavalla says:

Do you miss your kermit?

Eddie Dominguez says:

I just bought a Batman but my datejust 41 is my fav…

Carlos Tab says:


ivan kerr says:

I am getting pissed off with Rolex and think I will just move on to Omega or another brand. I can’t even go into an authorised dealer to see or try on a watch let alone buy one. And the premiums now being charged for pre owned is getting more ridiculous by the day. There is no way a basic sub is worth over £7000 for a used piece.

TwoSheds Jack says:

If there were only waitlists für batmans or pepsis that would be perfectly fine. but there are waitlists for steel-subs (date or no-date), for regular gmts or steel daytonas…. Still: when you walk the downtown-streets of any major city in western or central europe you’ll see one on a wrist every five minutes…. so that’s a bit of a dilemma or paradox here imho. you have to get on a very exclusive waitlist to buy a very expensive product to find out it’s very common. I mean how does that make sense? It must be some kind of hoax. Or a social experiment. It’s like waiting in queue in front of what you think is the most exclusive club of london and when you finally get in you find out it’s no club, it’s just the tube…

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