How to Buy a Rolex and Not Screw Up

So you’ve never bought a Rolex in your life? This video is for you then. It’ll show you how to buy a Rolex watch, so that you won’t regret it later!

In it, I’m going to give you tips and advice on buying your first Rolex watch, so that you don’t screw up in the process!

Even though my regular videos are on reviews of different luxury watches, on this video I go back to basics. The thing is that many first-time watch buyers come to our store without any idea of the style or model of Rolex that they should purchase.

Should you buy a sports Rolex model or a dressier, more formal model? This video will help you decide and provide many visual examples to help you along the way.

But before we even start with the models, why should you buy a Rolex in the first place?

Two main reasons that justify the purchasing of a Rolex watch are design and preservation of value.

The Rolex design is classic and timeless. Rolex watches have withstood the test of time. As many watch manufacturers try to go overboard with complications and sophisticated watches, Rolex hasn’t gone this route. They have never allowed even their newer models to deviate drastically from their signature look. This brings me to the second reason…

Due to their timeless design and great brand recognition in the marketplace, the value of a Rolex watch tends to increase over time, especially if you stick to the more basic or preferred models.

There’s research out there that proves this fact, including our own in-house research, which you can access on our website’s blog.

Which Rolex Model Should You Buy?

Depending on the type of wear you plan to give your new Rolex watch, either a sports or dressier model might be more appropriate for you.

If you’re going to be in an office or formal setting, then maybe a dressier Rolex model might be more appropriate (like a Datejust, Day-Date, etc.).

If you plan to use your watch outdoors, like on a boat, then a sportier model, like a Rolex Submariner or GMT II might do the trick.

Of course, your budget will also play a role in the type of Rolex watch that you should buy.

A budget closer to the $4,000 range might limit you to an older 36-mm Datejust model from the 1990’s. If your budget is a bit higher, closer to $5,000, then you might be able to go with something a bit nicer, like a stainless steel Submariner. Close to the $7,000 level will allow you to dabble in the newer Rolex models, both the latest sports models and the dressier Datejust line.

Where to Buy Your First Rolex?

This is an important question. I wouldn’t recommend paying full retail price at an Authorized Dealer (AD) if you don’t plan to keep your watch your entire life. You will lose too much value in the process.

If you are OK with a preowned model, that can even be in a like-new condition, then you can go to other reputable watch dealers and save a lot of money (in comparison to making retail purchases at an AD).

Whatever Rolex model you decide to buy and wherever you decide to buy it, the important thing is for you to enjoy the process and not stress out!

If you have any other advice on buying your first Rolex watch, please leave it in the comments below.

Please make sure to like and share this video if you found it helpful and enjoyable.

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DaBank says:

I got the 1983 day date 18038 18k gold preowned w/ custom bezel for 10k

Jordy Blackbourn says:

hey man I just bought a Patek Philadelphia from this laundry lady down the street. Should I sell it for 29 million or 28 million. thanx

Emerson says:

Eric, I have been avoiding to buy a Rolex for years because I always think of it as a salesman’s watch. Toyota or BMW car salesmen and realtor agents, they wear Rolex watches. What do you think? Am I wrong?

Joseph Whitman says:

how much do they cost? do you have a website?

Ghoust says:

I’m looking to pull the trigger on my first watch costing between 4K and 5k. It’s not going to be a Rolex but a Panerai. Do Pans hold their value as much as Rolex? It’s very tempting to buy a discounted watch via EBay or a used watch online store. Would you recommend buying a Pan this way over the full retail at a brick and mortar? This would be a watch I would purchase and pass down through the generations when I die.

wingzfan102 says:

What would you say is a good price range for a pre owned GMT MASTER II 116710LN? Dated July 2016. Also do the Subs or GMTs hold their value better over time?

mario v says:

loose the glasses douche!

ievel fuq says:

Is that style, wearing shades? Pretty boring video..

Gcracka z says:

Youre “somebody else” bootleg background is annoying too me

7IRAM says:

Your feedback on the Tudor Heritage Black Bay Bronze. I own a steel Yachtmaster II, Deepsea D-Blue and a couple of IWC and Panerai.. But that bronze and patina is a killer. Thanks

korencek says:

when you buy rolex, you screw up 😉
why no omega reviews? too cheap?

Eric C. says:

Hey Eric. Great reviews brother. I live in Toronto Canada and I’m looking to get my first higher end watch. Was interested in the Navitimer but want something built strong and be water proof. So I really like the submariner. Possibly the 2015 and up models. Maybe the steel with black bezel or the blue two tone. Is it important to have the box and papers with it?

Also what price range is good for them? Or am I better to buy new?


Eric from Toronto.

Cristian Olmos says:

Can you get me the new Daytona for $13k please? I would love a Sub and can get one for the $8k retail but boy I really really really want a Daytona!

Alex W.H. Miller says:

Research also shows that fact is cinpletly made up about stocks. Stocks and stock mutual funds have offered the most potential for growth. Rolex, no. You can probably ride out the ups and downs of stocks. Rolex, no. Stocks are an equity investment that represents part ownership in a corporation and entitles you to part of that corporation’s earnings and assets. Buying a role…you now have a watch. Good video man. But infesting in a tangible item unless you plan to flip the item and study the trend of the item, is useless. Stocks are the way to go over all.

PM Keith says:

What’s with the sunglasses? Arrogance? If you have an eye problem then I apologise.

Michael Lukin says:

Talk about omega speedmaster MOTM

OrangePHX says:

Far from my first watch, but I went with a new Explorer I.

Leonard Levine says:

Any chance you would review an A. Lange & Söhne? Preferbly an 1815 or just the brand itself.

Michael Lee says:

Hey crm, is the watch your wearing Patek nautilus???

Piotr Janiczek says:

Great video

Mike Day says:

The rolex oyster perpetual no-date black dial is the most tasteful dress watch of all time.

Marcos de leon says:

do you sell the stainless rolexes?

Friedrich Engesser says:

am I supposed to take advice about watches from a guy, who looks, dresses and speaks like this? Seriously?

Rocky Dog says:

cuban wanna be thug

Jeff Liss says:

Good advice.

gmshadowtraders says:

I know how but I’m not going to tell you

John christopher says:

Love your videos

john james says:

Hey . Is a Daytona worth buying Rrp 15 k pounds or would u think that is not a investment. If people could give there opinion please that be good thanks

chinfinger says:

Good none biased advice! Thank you.

Joseph Whitman says:

what shop or safest website can I buy a Rolex date just 2 tone white face with jubbellie bracllet. 90’s model

Timothy Boyette says:

Thanks bro, your amazing..

Mad Man says:

First rule: Never buy from turkish or arab sellers… 😉

william iskandar says:

My first rolex was a datejust ii ref 116300 blue dial , roman numeral, whats your opinion? 🙂

korencek says:

Are jacqet droz watches popular in the usa?

HEKTIC458 says:

An “average” Rolex isnt an investment, it won’t make you money, it’s a watch.

VoRTeXPB says:

this video was very helpful thank you very much I will subscribe to you

amir qawiem says:

i love how the 1975’s somebody else is playing in the back.

mt89 says:

loved ur videos, keep em coming!

Adam Drapala says:

This video was very helpful. Plan on buying my first Rolex this year. My heart is set on the Batman.

Picco Ger says:

Sub Date or GMT II for 1st rolex? I’m an Army Officer and want to buy me a rolex. Thx and greetz from Germany

cyclopamine says:

Wearing a Rolex at construction site is a bad idea, maybe something less “I roll in money” in front of employees.
Also imo there is no dressy enough Rolex for a suit.

Ravichandra Kshirsagar says:

Eric could you please do a video on jaegerlecoultre reverso thanks

VideosByVick says:

I just saw a 2016 batman pre ownwed going for 8500 at Sawgrass Mills. box and everything included. do you think its a good deal? my target price is 8. have a little leverage because my boy was with me and he wanted a 2015 submariner. so we’re thinking if we buy at the same time they can hook up a deal.

Ben Berman says:

just bought the GMT Master ii BLNR (Batman) was that a good investment? they’re rare to find?

Meexy Berries says:

so much better than archie shit fat review.

Cory Wattenberger says:

Excellent video, Eric. Thanks for sharing.

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