How Rolex TRICKS you into buying the Submariner and other watches!

Let’s talk about how much Rolex generally spends on advertising to convince you that it’s the best brand of Swiss watch. Plus they manipulate supply while pumping demand. You won’t even believe what they spent in one hour on Oscars night.


bluebottle650 says:

Marc I always love your content but something went astray with the audio on this one…..turned the volume all the way up on computer and you still sound too far.

Mike Hydropneumatic says:

How is 10x 6M a billion?

Mike Hydropneumatic says:

LOL Brain fart…Patek Philippe. mon dieu.

mister robert says:


Lee K says:

Rolex is doing what every manufacturer of luxury goods does, and they do that brilliantly. The average man on the street thinks that Rolex makes the finest watches in the world, and that is partly because of their success as marketers as well as a well-deserved reputation of reliability and producing a quality product. Nothing wrong with that at all — this is capitalism at work.

Me? I have no real interest in the brand or their products and would rather have forty SKXs instead on just one Submariner. But I do respect them and acknowledge that they make excellent watches with a promise to maintain them for decades. I don’t want to project my tastes onto other watch enthusiasts, so I sit on the sidelines and smile with amusement at all the discussion about Rolex and their marketing and product strategy.

sammysinatra says:

Id still rather have the Breitling…Regardless.

Peter Kim says:

This isn’t all on Rolex. I’m sure the dealers love this, they don’t have to discount watches, they also don’t have to worry about excess stock. Rolex isn’t losing sales, their sales are increasing year over year. They’re still expanding lines and sales, they’re still growing. They’re tailoring their production to sustainable growth, not boom and bust cycles. It’s smart, but it also means it’s harder for consumers to get a deal on a new Rolex.

Emad B. says:

Great video, the watch is only worth what we are willing to pay for it…

Alex Ng says:

I don’t have a problem with spending vast amounts on marketing as long as the product design and quality are there. But controlling supply and not being able to see the watches in ADs before making a decision to purchase is annoying.

Michael Andrew says:

simple answer – YES

ryvr madduck says:

I got tricked into buying a pre phisted Chinese Skwallee! We forget Wilsdorf created the brand THEN followed with watchmaking. Most other watch companies began with the watchmaking, brand followed second. Rolex still follows its original business model.

brand700 says:

Rolex makes a great product. But since they feel the need to withhold stock from its customers, it’s a golden opportunity for Omega, Breitling, and others to step up. I hope these companies can capitalize on the opportunity. For every 10 Submariner and Daytona buyers, there might be 2-5 that would buy another brand if the quality and design was just as great. I’m one of them. To other brands; wearable sizes, in house movements, attractive and legible dials, non gimmicky design, priced correctly, and easily and affordably serviceable. Stop it with the limited editions! One more thing, come up with a kind of steel that competes with Rolex 904L steel. They own this genre and I don’t see anyone challenging them on this front.

Rolex is popular because its watches have luster, conservative design, and bomb proof durability. I don’t need nor want a watch that will cost me upwards of $2,000 and six month wait to service, just because I forgot to remove it while washing my hands! This is a problem with some of the alternatives. Make movements that work with busy lifestyles, not just that look good in a case back. Ok , rant over…..

Taylor W. says:

Can’t wait to see 59 Rolex ads during The Masters

Alexandre Besson says:

They do not have French name they are Swiss name … a part of Swiss is French speaking

tom magnum says:

I guess you are a sour grapes POS.

Dan Friedman says:

You overlooked Rolex’s imost important asset and it is intangible.and what I’m talking about is their brilliant and alluring designs. That’s something you can’t measure in dollars but it does make the cash register ring.

Christopher Jefferson says:

great points again as usual marc! this is hence why i llke my Tudors. yeah maybe its a “sister” brand or whatever and “cheaper” and dont hold value as much, but! they are awesome and wellmade! esp that new pepsi GMT!? r u kidding me!!!!!!!!!???????

ripperx444 says:

Post baselworld my AD all of a sudden got every steel model! I walked out with the air king… went in for a Milgauss.

Random Ragna says:

The “manipulation of prices” and all the other tricks are also done by every sigle other brand. Rolex just does it way better 🙂

tons834848 says:

Naming a watch after a phedo Hollywood cunt.. what can I say..

At least IWC got it right: James Cameron ain’t got shit on Jacques Cousteau.

Tim Girian says:

Nice Video.

FTLAUD 911 says:

Love my Rolex!! Quality watch that will out live me. Mine is keeping excellent time. Expensive – yes Overrated – no Overpriced – possibly Resale value – excellent

Bugsy Malone says:

Spot On Mr Goldberg.

Maryjo Rico says:

The only place to but a Rolex is the gray market or China…sorry but I would not buy a Rolex not even from an authorized dealer with all the replicas circulating that are almost if not up to par with the original

Blubarb says:

True and in artificially controlling the Rolex market they also push their buyers onto Tudor and other brands. You have to buy something in the intervening years of waiting.

Dan B says:

Why is the camera moving?

Big E says:

Their tricks have worked on me. I just bought a 114270 36mm.

J T says:

very true Marc most Rolex shops do not have any stock of their sports watches, one place I came to, the people there said that there are 20 people lined up for a Sub, crazy.

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