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How technology has changed in the last hundred years. If you were to ask someone under the age of twenty what the disk icon on the save button means, or to explain why pumping your fist in a circle indicates lowering a car window, you’d probably be treated to a blank expression and perhaps a polite but firm request to stop asking stupid questions, but nevertheless—floppy discs and manually wound windows were barely a few decades ago. Imagine, then, how out of touch we must be with technology from the 1950s …

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Ben says:

My first Luxury watch was a GMT Master II Two tone.
It is still my favorite watch to this day. With the added bonus mine doesn’t have the splashover of the paint on the GMT hand. Checked it under a 50x microscope and everything. Not sure what happened with the one in this video. But even then, that wouldnt be a major issue as the watch is just so crisp and wears so cleanly

nick goode says:

Where did you find the monkey to re le that gmt?

Iluvatar Gott says:

I prefer the batman, but a beautiful piece!

Thaison Horn says:

you are the best horology narrator. love learning from you.

Sonny Nguyen says:

love the info as a story. great accent too. keep it up.

Buddhismism says:

i love how all the comments are about the gmt hand paint. dont worry it annoys me too lol

Richard Baptist says:

prefer the vintage

Joseph Baratheon says:

You should narrate porn videos.

UXXV says:

1950s watch has neater paint on the 24hr hand than the 2018 one.

zigzagyipyup says:

The people complaint the hand paint know nothing about manufacturing, go and check some much more expensive Patek Philippe. No watch or I can say nothing is perfect. Most of things in this world have some flaws, that’s the reality.

Anri Orlow says:

Look at the hand on 0:53
That’s all you need to know about Rolex and it’s real value

Dean Baker says:

All this hand-wringing over the red paint is really missing the point.

xCandy Gamerx says:

Sad to know its not available anymore

prince Wilkie says:

Beautiful time piece

DerpEye says:

The older model is more elegant. Also, that watch more likely cost like 2000$ or less in todays’ money. As much as the modern day equivalent is high tech, there’s no way it can cost 4+ times the same hi-tech version of 60 years ago.

Kazzamatazz says:

Reading all the comments about the red paint Disaster on the GMT hand, I’m glad to see that my Watch Brethen community are just as obsessive as I am.
I just checked the Watchfinder website and that watch is being sold for just under £16k.(Definetly the same, you can zoom in to it and see the flaw). Come on guys, you have to shave a couple of thousand off of it surely!?

T Lee says:


sillo says:

6542* with a decent bakelite bezel

players02 says:

Agreed, the new GMT lacks features the original one was made to do when it was built for pilots.

Ahmed Attar says:

I prefer the old one…since the new one is lacking the spirit and is overpriced!

incyphe says:

how is this guy’s 1080p video better than most 4k videos?

Brain note records says:

5:45 so hot…

Volcanic Ash says:

I also don’t understand why there isn’t more love for the GMT II two tone? It’s a gorgeous watch, and the grey market prices for the BLNR and BLRO negate the argument that two tones are overpriced.
Could you do a video on this with your perspective?

Squadrone Rosso says:

A Rolex I actually like.

mister pets says:

Look at how poorly the red paint meets that gmt triangle at 2:25 in the video. What are ppl paying more than $15,000 for? Not quality workmanship nor quality control that’s for sure, lol! There’s one born (to wear a rolex) every minute

Hywel Owen says:

Dodgy QC on the GMT hand…

Ryan E. says:

The 1675 will forever be my favorite watch. Can’t believe they’re creeping into the $20k price range though 🙁

Steven Blackmon says:

I want to know who’s cleaning these watches before they’re filmed at high magnification. Yikes! My eye flies to every speck of dust and every imperfection! If only the watches got the same attention to detail as our mystery narrator’s nails! ; )

Lil0990 says:

This week on “watches we can’t sell”

Waz Reba says:


Roberto Rizzo says:

you guys are the best… i bought a black gmt from you and its the best!!! thanks

Horology House says:

I recently compared the new Pepsi up against a few watches.
The finishing issues visible here, are not a one off unfortunately.
Micro finishing aside, it’s a cracking watch though, which I’ve had the pleasure of owning for a few months.
Certainly not worth double retail.

JayeBird says:

Do you narrate AudioBooks? Like butter!

Craig Sekowski says:

Great review today. Also nice comparison of old and new…cheers

James Wong says:

The red paint job on the gmt hand is very sloppy.

TahWee See says:

Will you be able to review Omega Speedmaster Apollo 8 Dark Side of the Moon?


Why is everyone worried, the company just defaulted back to its original status… thanks for the wonderful videos you make !!!

Red Comet says:

the lack of bgm made it feel like an even colder cold opening

endautrestermes says:

2:33 poor detailing from Rolex, not what it used to be with the first GMT at 4:17

Barnabas Chiboboka says:

Love the jubilee bracelet on the GMT master. Simply elegant!

Kevin Wiltshire says:

I love watching these videos, telling it like a story gives it so much more personality. The voice and background music are incredibly calming. Up there with David Attenborough narrations!

Andrew Secondo says:

Unacceptable mistakes and poor finishing on this GMT! I’m seriously disappointed.

TDY Ranger says:

Fun history lesson

Canada_watch says:

Is it just me or is the new Tudor Pepsi GMT share more of a likeness with the original version than the more refined recently released Rolex Pepsi GMT?

Volcanic Ash says:

Now I know where the Tudor BB GMT got its styling cues from. The original Rolex still looks better , however.

Gerald wood Ny says:

This channel is fancy

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