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It’s a fast-moving world. Child pop star Justin Bieber is now in his mid-twenties, the iPhone is over a decade old and Barack Obama has been out of office for over a year. For luxury brands, it’s becoming more important than ever to stay relevant and fresh. So, as Rolex, a watchmaker that sees evolution and revolution as synonymous, takes its time to give the public what it wants, there’s an opportunity presented for other brands to catch up. But has that already happened?

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Eds G says:

the dimensions and materials of the daytona puts it on top of the “desire” index. something Omega needs to focus and develop further. The speedy tuesday model does provide much desire though if i’m to be honest. This emergence of ceramics is a market on its own however, having a watch in premium stainless steel of precious metal quality plus white gold, platinum markers/hands here and there. as human beings, its in our dna to desire precious trinkets over that which has its roots in clay and pottery.

highnrising says:

Omega may be a great watch, but that Dark Side is ugly and illegible.

Random Ragna says:

I think Rolex might be leaving this price range and going for AP level in the future. Leaving Tudor with the task of beating the shit out of Omega. Just saying..

Reid Cruickshank says:

Omega looks as if it were retrieved from a fire. Legibility be damned.

Matti Lassilantuomi says:

What video would I like to see made? Oris 1917. Maybe compare to Longines flagship heritage 60th anniversary?

kessel12 says:

The Omega looks sweet, except for the part where it seems like it’s really hard to tell what time it is.

ijuwan says:

That dark side omega is a beauty

Jimmy split 77 says:

Omega is great but they will never top Rolex

Jake Roth says:

*ceramic is great till you drop it and omega wants $8.000 for a new case* PASS

mzamroni says:

I think Omega goes too far.
White dial should be great

ryvr madduck says:

My opinion, that black ceramic Omega in fifty years will sit in some drawer not worth the service cost to fix. The Daytona in fifty years will be on some great grandchild’s wrist, ticking away, cherished, telling near perfect time, and worth four or five times what they cost now. In July last year I traded an Omega Sea-Master 300, the new one, and another newer Rolex for a 2010 Daytona.

PuYang7 says:

Thought I’d throw this comment out. Love the videos and all watches in general, so please don’t take this offensively.

Saying “Rolex customers bring in their watch for service once every 10 years” doesn’t really mean anything… What is Rolex’s suggested service interval? Is it actually 10 years? Can almost any other watch also run for 10 years without service? Yes.
My dad has a ~1950s Omega Constellation that hasn’t been serviced in its lifetime (~60+ years) and still runs. Not very accurate, and doesn’t hold a full power reserve, but it runs, and he wears it daily. Does that mean Omega > Rolex’s 10 year service interval? No.

I also know someone who drove their car for 10 years without changing the engine oil even once!
None of the above situations is recommended, and shouldn’t really be considered as a testimony for quality… (I guess it sorta does in a way though lol)

It’s also a common misconception for people to think a watch HAS to run poorly before you service it. Servicing a watch is also a PREVENTATIVE measure. Just because your watch is still running fine, doesn’t mean it doesn’t need a service. Again, like the car; it can run “fine” 10+ years without an oil change, but that is far farrrr from recommended.

Ben Pang says:

The Speedmaster DSOTM any day!

Scott K says:

Lack of legibility and thickness are dealbreakers with the Omega, despite the fact that it’s a relative technical marvel.

alfonso luis alfaro marroquin says:

Very interesting point of view!
For me the Rolex please.

Komor Uddin says:

Omega is to Rolex what Samsung is to iPhone

Eoghan Aston says:

Thats a nice MVMT watch to be fair

Premton Batku says:

Drop a ceramic case on its lug and see what happens.

Golden Bleach says:


The Guardian says:

Neither. I believe the next era of watch making belongs to the Japanese, led by Seiko.

Jeffrey KRUPA says:

How does this review get any “dislikes”? I would really like to know!

MrZcotty says:

a used dark side trades for well under retail. a used ceramic Daytona trades for well beyond retail. who’s left behind? :/

dick large says:

as always, top notch presentation

harbin guy says:

Sorry, Omega, the answer is NO.

lone wolf says:

I recognize that I love The Pink Floyd, Omega too, but, here I go to Rolex.

Z Shan says:

Omega has come a long way….. but Rolex is still far enough to catch.

Chris says:

The Daytona is the flavor of the month, so to speak, but theres a reason they couldn’t sell ’em for decades (it’s ugly..). Rolex’s brand will take a long time to overcome, and I don’t see Omega taking ANY of the marketing/advertising steps necessary to do so. Coming from an owner of both brands, for what it’s worth…

kurazaybo says:

No mention of the Apple watch but several mentions of Bieber on a watch channel…

Geoff Longford says:

It’s as black as a big black thing.

Ed Tedeschi says:

Wearing a mechanical Swiss watch in 2018 is a luxury, Rolex is more a luxury brand than Omega. (there, in a short sentence)

Tompie913 says:

Rolex aren’t doing as much to court the younger generations. In 50 years their customer base will all have died 🙂

Wilfredo Moisés Bautista says:

That’s why Rolex is king, they will never design such a dull and and hard to read timepiece like that Omega.

TheAmbSteve says:

It’s a fast moving world, but when you include Obama as a yardstick it shows that world learning has not occurred on your part. Sorry, thumbs down for this one.

Private Parts says:

I’m no Rolex fanboy but Rolex is classes above Omega. Whether you accept it or not, Omega is not a luxury watch, it’s a mid-tier brand. I’d take a Rolex over Omega anytime…

Yu Qian says:

hi can you review the Tudor Fastrider Black Shield? It has also a ceramic shell, but in a more firendly price tag. Cheers!

ripperx444 says:

Daytona is is straight up unattainable and neither is the skydweller. Baselworld is coming up where they will increase price of the submariner andthst will also be impossible to get. Rolex is getting retsrded with their fake wait lists

AC 4 says:

Is this another limited edition release by Omegas? Hopefully 10,000 pieces will be enough to go around.

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