Future Cult Classic Rolex ? Is This A Good Buy ? Q and A

Future Cult Classic Rolex ? Is This A Good Buy ? Q and A

In today’s episode of Federico Talks Watches I answer the monthly Q and A. Questions like why do people hate Hublot? What is the future of the 40mm Rolex Explorer II and do box and papers affect the value of a watch? All that an a lot more in tonights episode.

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oscar gustavo arcos ruiz says:

Maradona uses Hublot, one on each wrist, that’s the image that Hublot has (it’s not good)

Lawrence Rogers says:

I have a blue dial 39mm Rolex Oyster Perpetual. Great quality and design, affordable, extremely accurate and it’s a Rolex. What’s not to like?

Mohnnad Mercedes says:

Fed, now tudor BB GMT is very hot, now way getting less than 4500$ !!! ( note that price is on chrono24 and other jeweler in my country) no idea about official retailer

steven johnsrud says:

Fed it is a good thing you did not call your business tacos and tequila watch supply.

Robert Padilla says:

That’s my grail (yes I know it’s not a what most people say is their grail) I am saving now for one. Hopefully I can keep up with rapid increases, they are going up fast
The explorer ii I mean

rgd1977 says:

I’ve long thought the polar explorer 2 was the one to buy to make some money on given its relatively low price compared to the GMT (I say relatively because all used Rolex sports models are ridiculously overpriced now) but I just couldn’t own such an ugly watch for a few years while it appreciates!

Dan Erreca says:

just a suggestion…. list a few good watch investments ( something mid priced that you may think to gain value)

Syndicated Satellite says:

Federico, stay away from air conditioning and you will probably beat your cold….

Andres Mendoza says:

Excellent video Fed–as always. Question. I would love to see you comment on the “Grand Seiko vs. Rolex” video by Watchfinder & Co. Would you consider watching that video and give us your thoughts on their opinion about the place Grand Seiko holds today and how it compares to Rolex? That would be a great video–I believe. Thank you, Fed!

The Watch Lounge says:

Great video as always Fed !

Isaac Hylton says:

Hey Fed don’t know if you remember me but I commented a while ago that I bought my first automatic watch. A Seiko turtle PADI. SRPA21. My mom and I went to a party today and the husband of the lady my mom knows from work is a collector too. He was a big wig over at Goya foods. He let me wear his rolexes today. A two tone datejust, a yellow gold and steel submariner with the blue face and a steel datejust with a black face and Roman numerals.

Robbert Blok says:

Future classic? I couldn’t care less, it’s freaking ugly.

Aby Mathew says:

Hello Frederico…I am in the market for my first luxury watch, considering Tudor Black Bay Bronze or The GMT version…which one you think is a better investment that holds its value well.
is there any other watch do I have to check instead,at that price range.???

Barry island says:

Any piece mentioned by the YouTube big hitters will create a sought after piece by the Herd…it’s crazy how stupid people can be…

Joseph Gizzi Jr says:

Fed, I’m glad you didn’t go full medieval on Sinn. I have the U1 #53 out of 100 no date SE NYPD diving team edition. For under $2G’s U1 is solid, built from tegimented German submarine steel, non cluttered display, wears exceptionally well. I’m no “fan boy” of Sinn (only 1 in my collection) but got to give credit where its due…

Dan Erreca says:

the tudor is a great gmt watch and i like the new big bang …

Balance says:

If you guys want value for your money go ask a child to pick some stocks and sit on them for 5 years.Watches should be bought to make you enjoy them.There are a bunch of watches at the same price point as a rolex that look way better and have better movements.

wpherigo1 says:

The black bay gmt looks like an homage to the Seiko Turtle!

Jerry Mathers says:

I had a polar 16570 that I got for a steal about two years ago. I liked it for what it was – a robust do-it-all watch that didn’t scream “Rolex!” that could be dressed up or down. What killed it for me was that the bezel is a massive scratch magnet beyond any watch I’ve ever owned. The bummer is that you can’t just re-brush it either because Rolex has a special machine to do that and anything less was pretty cheesy in my opinion. So basically your only options were to find a used one on Ebay that was in good shape AND authentic, or spend big money sending it in to the RSC. If you have even the slightest bit of OCD and don’t have the deepest of pockets for refurbishing, the Explorer 2’s are not your Rolex.

James McNary says:

Getting tacos, getting drunk, life changing decisions. Good man!

Kratz Man says:

Explorer II Polar CPO for $7200? From my AD.

steven uk1 says:

Hublot disliked why? 1) awful designs 2) very big on wrist 3) very overpriced 4) cheesy marketing – no real identity in the ​market – heavily influenced by AP and other brands.

amyloidse fibrose says:


Billeh says:

I just bought a 16570 polar dial recently and all these videos coming out I’m happy I did now. Definitely think it will at least hold value in years to come if not increase

B J B says:

I saw the Spanish coach in the World Cup was wearing a hublot Big Bang. It looked ridiculous on his wrist. They lost 4-3 against Russia on penalties

GuitarD30 says:

That polar was a good buy about a year ago. Now not so much. And I think Sinn definitely properly rated if not slightly over rated.

Scott Shapiro says:

Hey Fed, do you think the old Omega Speedmaster Professional with a white dial is a good alternative to this if I don’t want to spend that much? Trying to buy something with a white dial.

Daniel Fernandez says:

Awesome video! I’m really digging that yellow brietling and the mk 40! What would the serviceability of the mk 40s be like? It seems pretty complicate sand expensive.

DominationRD says:

Love my polar 16570. Definitely my most worn watch. Just the perfect size and goes with everything.

Kieren Moore says:

Feel better, Fed. And shout out to John. Hope he and his hair are well. 😉

J S says:

Tudor GMT is a no-brainer. Buy it, wear it, beat the hell out of it…..in 30 years the patina will make it worth double what you pay. 🙂

Howard Pascal says:

Pls review Frederique Constant. Tq

OldSport says:

The polar is one my favorite Rolex watches. I also like the bigger version with the orange hand.

Mike D says:

Have you ever considered signing up to the watchgang subscription service? So many YouTube’s who know nothing about watches doing reviews of their service, would love to see you crush the crap they send out 🙂

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