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Rolex may be the biggest watch brand in the world, but it’s also the most secretive. As much as there is that we know about Rolex, there’s just as much—or more—that we don’t. Some of those things will be kept a secret until the end of time, while others just simply aren’t that well known. So, here are five things you probably didn’t know about Rolex.

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Runewei Ng says:

Hi Sir, possible to do a Milgauss 116400GV review? black dial vs blue dial. Thanks

Lamb Sauce says:

The word Rolex is not an actual word from a dictionary or something. It just sounds expensive…

Jeffrey Bowden says:

My fun fact is their watches have to be sent back to Rolex for servicing, to the tune of $600 plus shipping both ways and you better hope no new parts are required.

Sameenah Begh says:

such amazing quality

Sylvio Bertoli says:

Youtube’s finest channel for watch reviews. Well done!

Cirkustanz says:

Wow, I had no idea Rolex didn’t technically make its own movements until 2004. That’s crazy! I’ve generally not paid much attention to Rolex because I just don’t like their style, but I’m surprised.

The more I learn about watch brands…the more I recognize that a lot of their mystique is just nothing other than marketing.

Hashem says:

@2:15 Is that how you probounce Jaeger LeCoultre?

Watch Aficionado says:

7 surprising facts about Rolex: 1) they did not invent the automatic watch, 2) They did not invent the waterproof watch, 3) They are overhyped due to an amazing ongoing marketing technique, 4) They are overpriced, 5) They don’t really make high end complications like tourbillions and perpetual calendars., 6) Rolex have lost many accuracy competitions to brands like Zenith and JLC, 8) Compared to other companies, Rolex is actually slow with R&D and adoption. One not so surprising fact: fanboys will reject the stated facts…

Harie Gomoji says:

Seiko Watches.

ChestyMD says:

What colour is that date just sir? Matte Green? I love that colour

Leonardo Braz says:

Alberto Santos Dumont lived in Paris, however, he was a Brazilian aviator.

Andrew Martin says:

Please review Patek world time

Asfand Yar says:

This channel needs official funding from big watch brands

Karel Od says:

Would you please confirm the dial color of Date 115200? Thanks.

Tony Freeman says:

I like expressive hand gestures, timings exceptional

Kellen Burns says:

That 20 dollar gerber paraframe lol

Ale Fenno says:

Please stop saying “Jaeger” wrong in every video

Daniel Zyron Patricio says:

The watch at 2:57. Is that a green datejust? I didn’t know those existed

SISTIC1 says:

Is Rolex the company, owned by a Jew? I don’t mean any disrespect, but just an honest question.

Sondre Rudlang says:

This channel deserves more subs. These videos are really good, quality videos. From the presentation of the content, to the look of the desk, the choice of words, to the editing. Everything just seems so on point to me. Props to you.

NeOn says:

I always knew there was something British about Rolex!

Brane Pantovic says:

Love the vibes of all these videos, great camera work.

noizmeister says:

I had to pause at “Paris-based celebrity and entrepeneur Alberto Santos-Dumont”… Brazilian aviation pioneer would be more accurate.

ChawenHalo 008 says:

Didn’t Rolex invent the metal bracelet for wrist watches?

Arthur twosheds says:

I never deal with anyone other than Watchfinder . Complete professionals . I’m not wealthy so can’t take chances .

R Jensen says:

To add on. Rolex is registered in Switzerland, as Charity, so that they don’t have to pay Tax on their Profits.. Yet no one seems to lknow, what charitable deeds Rolex perform. Knowing how Swiss think, I would be too surprised, if Rolex charitable donations didn’t cater for “Swiss Bankers without Yachts” cause ?

tom black says:

Apple is the biggest watch brand in the world …lol

Malcom Mitchell says:

Just makes you think. Stick with my trusted Japanese Seiko. Great video informative and more very well presented.

idk & idc says:

Gerber paraframe you should get your knife game in check

Viral Daily says:


vishwajit gadhvi says:

I want to know the background music please

Joel R says:

What’s with the knife?

Andrei Bunea says:

I would follow your videos even if you started to review stamps. – That good you are.

Robert Brown says:

The England stainless from that era must have been from Sheffield then surely?

nauticski says:

Which British company made the oyster clasp and jubilee bracelet, and are they still in existance?

Pasquale says:

4:28 who is responsible for that piss poor job of removing the bracelet?

dipro001 says:

I appreciate how this channel presents watch history with a serious near academic tone. Please keep up and I hope these contents help your sales or add to profits just from Youtube views!

Anonymous Katsudon says:

There is sure lot of people being “experts” in the comment sections. Question though, why does this “experts” just shut up and make their own content?

Mike Williams says:

Just watched this video because I love being spoken to by hands

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