Entry Level Rolex Watches | Hands on With Four of the Most Affordable Rolex Watches (2019)

Let’s not get it twisted, Rolex Watches are expensive, however, for those that want to make it happen for themselves, there are certainly more affordable or less expensive ways to go about it.

In this video, we look at four awesome Rolex models to consider for those that want to get into collecting the brand.

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Boss Man says:

Great watches but too small 🙁

stephen taylor says:

Great video,i own a air king date 1975,still keeps amazing time and you can wear it for all occasions.

Tony Hill says:

Your point about Frankens was well made. Vintage is a minefield for a Rolex newbie. You’ll have to pay so much to be sure you’re buying well that it won’t be much of a stretch to the new OP 39mm black and white dial watches. Buy those and get a modern watch with your name on the papers and a five year warranty. You even get a decent bracelet. Vintage Rolex bracelets are poor.

eeyyaakk says:

all of them look absolutely boring.

You haz some coke for me? says:

Rolex watches are so boring, ugly and of course overpriced. People who are wearing Rolex watches, are people who are wearing watches for other people to impress them and get validation instead of wearing the watch for themselves.

BlackAnvil47 says:

Teddy how about posting the prices of the watches when they came out to their today’s prices.

stas S says:

are the giveaways international or united states only?

Imran Chowdhury says:

You are talking about affordable/ much back dated Rolexes, but its pity that you never mentioned about servicing which is a vital for these models and one time servicing cost you 650 USD ++ parts changing. Preacher you buy a vintage models but did not aware the viewers about the servicing and how to make sure. Hearing you someone buys an Air King and after purchase he/ she finds that the watch running 20-25 seconds slow per day. And he goes to to his watch maker and the watch maker tells that the watch needs servicing so the lowest price 2500+650 servicing charge it totally makes 3150 USD. Hello 90s baby you have not experienced really with the vintage Rolexes. Come on grow up while you run a channel. At the end of the day here we are talking money man.

Saketh Rompicherla says:

Hey guys… I recently bought a Omega seamaster from 1950s. Though it works fine, I would want to service it before I start using it. I went to a serving store in Boston, he says it would cost around $400 for servicing and polishing of the dial and bracelet. Is it worth it or am I paying too much for it? BTW he is a certified Rolex and Omega servicer. I hope to get some answers.

Purnell Charles says:


Raymond Redington says:

If I have money that can get me Rolex I won’t do it under any circumstances .I hate them specially the hype about Daytona or GMT steel

Shark Fyn says:

Dont pay more than 1500 usd for datejusts. Its a waste of money above 1500.

Chris Sullins says:

I would also recommend the Oysterdate 6694. With its manual wind 1225 movement it’s thin on the wrist. Mine was originally bought by a Korea War/Vietnam War vet while stationed in Germany in 1969/70, bought by my grandfather (his friend) upon his death, later inherited by my father, and recently given to me (an Iraq War vet) by my father while he is still thankfully alive. It has been everywhere from the rifle range to the golf course to a tractor on the north 40. It’s been serviced and had crystals cracked numerous times by all the previous owners who were ‘one watch’ guys. Just came back to me last month after its latest service looking new again. Still has the original dark brown almost black dial with gold markers. If this watch could tell stories, it would cover four lives. Next owner will be my daughter. Will look a bit big on her wrist, but she appreciates its history.

Rolex Reviews says:

For someone like me with very large wrists I’d highly recommend looking into a used Rolex Submariner. if you shop around you could get a good deal and the watch is a staple in the watch community

J Lo says:

Get a Turnograph!

Devan Deilkes says:

Hi teddy I don’t know if you will see this or get to responding to it, I’m looking to buy a watch and your extremely knowledgeable in them. I really enjoy the Rolex air king and the way it looks, but I’m in no position to afford it at its price point, is their a cheaper alternative? I’m looking something at or below 250$

William Parker says:

I like juicy lume

Kevork Nourian says:

Thank you for the valuable information

Crushenator500 says:

Most affordable rolex – any rep lol

Augustin Fabre says:

Am I the only one who thinks all these lines of rolex are not desirable at all?? I just like old school subs, gmt masters and daytona. Maybe the explorer is OK… I pretty much hate the look of all other rolex, including modern subs

Chris Kiederer says:

my 1983 Rolex Oyster Datejust was stolen last year, missing it like crazy, hoping the insurance money comes in soon so I can purchase another one. 🙁 Great video as always Teddy!

Ramy G says:

Hey Teddy, what happened to your pilot watches video?

William Hill says:

Nice video but I could never buy a Rolex, that is just too much $$ for a watch. The quality and design are nice but the Grand Seiko exceeds it from a technology standpoint and I don’t see the materials as being any better than most of the upper end luxuary brands, to me a used Omega makes more sense. The only top end watches that interest me are the Reverso and the Snowflake; just my 2 cents. I have to say, from what I heard, Rolex customer service is second to none.

Depar Oo says:

Your thoughts on Filippo Loreti, please.

raza hasnain says:

You’re awesome 🙂

auxmike says:

I have a 14010 in black. You can’t go wrong with this sapphire model:)

brodi says:

When i was looking for my first Rolex, I was looking for an Airking 5500, Date 1500 or Oyster Perpetual 1002. At the end i got the 1500 🙂
And i am loving it!

kprocter says:

I just bought my first rolex which happened to be a date 1501. Really looking forward to putting some wear in on it!

Dimitris Kekos says:

great video Teddy for iconic models

looiplooi says:

“entry level” ROLEX watches. that term does not exist 😉

Leonardo Bonafonte Preto says:

In good portuguese: DISPENSO.

Não gosto de rolex.

Lennart Andersson says:

Rolex is just a pyramid scheme. They are good watches but not THAT good. The prices are just insane, but if your timing is correct: Congratulations!

Bruno Guevara Maraví says:

An Omega entry level might be a good idea for a next video. Keep up the excellent work.

Jazzdeep Arora says:

My first rolex was the rolex oysterdate my dad gave me

Misha Pravdov says:

I keep trying to watch his videos, because the topics seem interesting and I keep getting these in my recommended. But I just can’t… There is too much soy in this boy.

tolan65 says:

Bring back the old intro

Frantisek Kurcik says:

If you aren’t a collector, it’s better to buy modern Tudor than vintage Rolex.

Evan Hall says:

What was your old intro theme? When it said fashion watches lifestyle in the beginning?

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