Eminem’s Watch Collection | What Watches Does He Wear? (Rolex, G-Shock, AP)

So after the great amount of success of my past videos that I have done on musical artists, presidents, and world leaders and the watches they wear, I wanted to try something new and highlight the collection of few specific people, and with the release of a surprise album from this artist, I wanted to take a look at their watch collection. The artist? Nonother than Eminem.

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Donnie Darko says:

G Shock is a damn good watch nothing to scuff at. I own a few myself. They look great in my watch case next to my Sub and Milgauss lol

Straw Hat says:

I’m pretty sure eminem have luxury watches but prefers g shock because its simple but still looks cool and easy to read time since its digital not analog

SilentBobMarley says:

Instant subscribe…You sir have a great taste picking topics for your channel.

james keating says:

Love it bro , new sub

Nilknarf WNC says:

Makes me feel better knowing I wear the same watch as Eminem.

my_fucking_balls_itch lel says:

Do kanye

Quentin Summers says:

Could you do one on Winston Churchill, I know he had a datejust, but tgv said had a collection of them.

Sean Gill says:

Had a white bathing ape g shock myself In college. Not my style anymore but a durable watch outside the custom script wearing off and the white getting dirty easily.

RIVIOX says:

Whoa mind if I ask, what’s the process of you doing your hair? Want to get mine done to look more professional and your style looks incredible! Amazing video by the way.

Dale Taylor Jr. says:

Getting rich can be easy. Staying wealthy can be a challenge though. Sounds like he has it figured out.

Dimitry Pavlov says:

Casio is garbage, I’d rather have no watch at all

Cheyne Geen says:

Do Vladimir Putin

MiKwang says:

please do john mayer

anthony martinez says:

Mark walberg

Kajemyster says:

Okay allow me to clear up this Eminem Rolex debacle. The presidential that you speak of was worn by Eminem on a bet freestyle with D12 around the time D12 first album devil’s night was set to release. This is the watch that he called his manager Paul Rosenberg and asked him if he could afford it. The second watch that comes into question from Rolex is the datejust 116 200 which he wore around the time his Album encore was released. This watch came to be when he was up in the Interscope office it was noted that Interscope gave Kid Rock a Rolex for his birthday and Eminem joked to Jimmy Iovine that he had never bought him a Rolex for his birthday. The next day Eminem walked into the office with the date just waiting for him that Jimmy Iovine had bought for him off of that sarcastic remark.

Kai Zen says:

Like this type of videos, more please

Minato Namikaze says:


Tan Man says:

Ive always seen him with the platinum rolex.

Korphong Dansirawanich says:

Here Em with his AP

Shahriar Noor Pritom says:

Scan paul

Sebbissoss says:

Do u like sneakers?

shino88 says:

Eminem first watch was probably a Casio, just goes to show he doesn’t forget his roots. He follows the adage a true watch collector follows..the man makes the watch, the watch does not make the man.

lukgaroo says:

Too much fucking talk on his history. Everyone can Google that shit just get to the point of the video as per title. Damn …

GlobalCarspotters 458 says:

Wow on the one picture he is wearing a Platinum Rolex day date and no Datejust buddy

Dimitry Pavlov says:

It was an add geez what are you talking about. It’s not his favorite

Herman Chester says:

Chris Martin from Coldplay. I’m really curios of his watch collection.

Vijay Kumar Swangla says:

Who wears protrek prg 300


You look old in your profile pic

Daddy Trump says:

Video starts at 2:50 no need for thanks

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