Ellen Degeneres’ Monstrous Collection of Rolex Watches | COLLECTION REVIEW

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Ellen Degeneres, comic and host of her own show, is a well known Rolex wearer (and presumably owner). With probably one of the most expansive collections in the celebrity world, she sports everything from a Platinum Rolex Datejust and a vintage 1655 Rolex Explorer, to a Rolex Paul Newman Daytona. Because she so comfortably and deliberately wears more sports-oriented Rolexes, always in precious metals, Christian’s official recommendation is the Rolex GMT reference 6542 Gold. Enjoy!!

Explorer 2 -https://www.vintagewatchmaker.com/Rolex-Explorer-II-Ref-1655-Steve-McQueen-p/w-05.htm
Rolex GMT -https://www.hodinkee.com/articles/on-the-block-gold-rolex-gmt-ref-6542-with-bakelite-bezel-at-sothebys-new-york-live-pics
Daytona Paul Newman -https://www.hodinkee.com/articles/on-the-block-gold-rolex-gmt-ref-6542-with-bakelite-bezel-at-sothebys-new-york-live-pics
Daytona silver dial -http://www.iconicwatchcompany.com/1965-rolex-cosmograph-daytona-ref6239-silver-large-daytona.html
Rose Gold Daytona -https://www.jomashop.com/rolex-116505bkso.html
Day date – Rolex.com
Platinum day date – jomashop.com
Smurf sub -http://www.carrwatches.com/products/SUBMARINER/116619LB/2499
Rose gold yacht master – Rolex.com

FRE3FLY https://soundcloud.com/fre3fly

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ben 11 says:

Daniel Craig gave Elen on her show the new Omega Seamaster Bond watch.

Chris Boulas says:

YES! I’m so glad you did this video. There’s not a whole lot published on Ellen’s collection, yet I always see her wearing a Rolex or Patek every episode.

Ricardo Reis says:

Been waiting for this for some time! Hope she one day goes to talking watches
Great job Christian!

Dan Wok says:

She has some Pateks too

Sir Alfred Powell says:

Steve Mcqueen never wore the 1655…

Benendes C says:

Through OUT

Oxy Clean says:

Excellent content keep on making great vids

B J B says:

Is that Ellen degenerate ?

frieswithmayo says:

The daydates on Ellen’s wrist sound great.

Masterpsflood says:

I care much less about the collections of vastly rich people than I do about “average” people. I lose interest when the owner can literally buy anything

Nicks says:

Nice collection, but clearly shows the lesbian side of her going ultra masculine with all sizes.

gmshadowtraders says:

Thank god she doesn’t collect Seiko, would put me off the brand forever.

iimaniDAVID says:

Christian… you’re a watch celebrity. Don’t give away your celeb capital to ppl who don’t need it or who didn’t ask for it. Watch folks couldn’t care less about Ellen “Degenerate” (as many of the comments suggest). Love you bro and care about T&H. Be well.

Sener S says:

She collects man watches. Interesting.

LongFinger says:

Probably her husband bought them for the slag

Jake Roth says:

Video starts at 2:18.

Reiner D'souza says:

Ellen wears watches like she has a cock bigger than mine lol

J Hoag says:

Daniel Criag gave her a Omega from the movie Spectr as a gift during his interview.

John Gult says:

Awesome idea for a topic, always wanted to tackle her watch choices.

Brien Bell says:

I like the Bueller reference at the end!

Captain Z says:

Do watches of presidents, a lot of them had some amazing stuff

Captain Z says:

Im never really a fan of celebrities with just Rolex watches but I have to say she does have good collection
And I think she needs a Chelini Moonphase, she has no “dress watches”

Rolexwearer says:

Some models are nearly impossible to find, let alone purchase.  Their prices demand and receive respect.  They are timepieces NOT watches.

ryvr madduck says:

Hey, thank you for this video. I have searched for info on her collection, could not find anything about it, and I know she is into watches and wears stunning pieces.

Mark Page says:

Ellen DAMN-generes! Amazing watch collection. Love the smurf sub

Andre Ruiz says:

I heard she bought them all in Thailand

John Caron says:

A love you LSU colors shirt!

complicatedtime says:

Great topic. I also have seen Martha Stewart (on TV) wearing Cartier, JLC, Patek, Rolex, contemporary and vintage models…

Jan-Pierre Vidizzon says:

Interesting video. My wife watches Ellen here and there and I check her wrist every time and call out the watch. Wife just rolls her eyes lol.

Ellen has a ridiculous collection, almost out of control tbh. I think she can pull off the sport Rolex look no problem and she doesn’t seem to go all blinged-out (unlike some of her stupid guests that go all diamond dial shit). A few shows ago, she was wearing an Aquanaut.

I do agree with other comments though, she can buy whatever she wants, so I’m curious if she has real passion and appreciation for watches, or if she’s solely competing with fake Hollywood aficionados. The fact that she has some Newman’s and the old Explorer II indicates she knows what she’s doing and has some passion for collecting. Thanks for the video!

Matt P says:

Steve McQueen mostly wore a Sub, and sometimes a Monaco. There no evidence that he ever wore a 1655. The consensus is that Italian vintage dealers made the story up back in the day to hype the “ugly duckling” up.

Rajazraj1992 says:

Or a pearl master or master piece hmm

Ricardo Reis says:

Been waiting for this for some time! Hope she one day goes to talking watches
Great job Christian!

Mike Day says:

But we’re not seeing the actual watches in Ellen’s collection. He’s reading a list of her watches, and showing manufacturer photos of brand new ones.

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