DON’T MAKE THESE MISTAKES! – Watches I regret buying and selling – Rolex and Omega

Linke to Omega Seamaster video:

Hi Guys,

I thought I’d make a video on some of the poor decisions that I’ve made around buying watches. It just so happens these are Omega and Rolex.

– Rolex Submariner (No Date) 5513
– Rolex Explorer II 16570
– Omega Speedmaster Reduced



Camera (video) – Panasonic G80 –
Camera (stills) – Fujifilm X100F –
Lens – Panasonic 25mm f1.7 –
Microphone – Rode SmartLav+ –
Tripod – Manfrotto Compact –


Joe A says:

Enjoyed the video, thank you. I am on the fence between the Explorer and the new OP you reviewed earlier this week. My criteria for an understated watch is similar to yours. If that 39 mm OP in black would have been available at the same time as you got your Explorer, would you still have gotten the Explorer? Thank you!

P TH says:

I regret Not buying the Lange Datograph 15years ago, now I have to pay more than double for the same watch which I wouldn’t now. So far no regret selling any of the watches but many regrets buying on impulse quite a few pieces.

Denis Deschamps says:

Re: your speedie bidding, generally does the trick for me.

Tim Pavy says:

Had a 2000 16570 Swiss only dial in black, sold it in 2004when was given a couple of other nice ish Watches and regretted it immediately, bought 20 others in between, then found out it was being discontinued in 2013 and found a very last of the line 3186 movement polar dial with the last blue Lume maxi dial, in mid 2014 paid three times what I had 14 years earlier, not selling this one though ever!

Stewart Novinger says:

I don’t really have any regrets with any watches I have bought but many regrets with some I have let go of. GO senator chronometer, PP 5960, JLC reverso manual wind 8 day power reserve are 3 that I wish I still had, many I have traded because I needed cash, but some just bad decisions that I have to learn from. Still have a collection I am happy with, always a work in progress, agree with comment below that the watch addiction is great and frustrating at the same time. Really enjoy your videos.

Bryn Roberts says:

My biggest regret, which I’m trying to remedy at the moment by buying another, was selling my Seiko SNKN01. They seem to be rarer than hens teeth these days. Very frustrating!

D Jm says:

I cannot buy a Sub … on a waiting list …. cannot see me ever having one ☹️

Watch On says:

I bought my year 2000/2001 14060 Submariner some time ago. It’s one of the very last produced before Rolex upgraded it to the 14060M. I recommend this particular model no-date two-liner Sub to anyone looking for the perfect mix of new and old Submariner. After 17 years and no service it runs within one second. Amazing.

I bang it around and I enjoy every single “battle scar” it get’s. It’s the perfect “every occasion” watch and it’s tough as nails. A Sub isn’t meant to be pampered like it’s a £40.000 Patek Philippe. They are tough watches and they look better for every scratch.

Now if I scratch my GMT Master 16700 from 1991 I’m in a bad mood for a week.

Thanks for a very nice channels and a good regrets-video.

Best regards from Denmark.

Jeroen de jong says:

I need an ‘every day watch’, that is the excuse to buy an other watch. And after 20 years and 15 watches, i still own, I’m still looking.

Kwenz Landah says:

Yo Jack Bark-ley! Do u ram these elite expensive designer watches up your ass like Christopher Walken in the 1994 Pulp Fiction movie?

Rxonmymind says:

Date just. Beautiful “old man” watch with silver & gold band. To upscale for me. Sold it without losing money.
Seiko “Pepsi” watch became my everyday banger that I could move without worry. Tons of compliments on it too.
The Rolex I just got too many eyeballs from suspect people.

Harvie Edbrook says:

Can anyone give me advice on a new watch to buy for an investment, budget being about £5k

Jake Roth says:

Rolex watch buying strategy: buy more, never sell any

Addnan Choudhury says:

No so much a regret because I still love my speedy pro, but find it hard to wear everyday with the hesalite glass and the lack of date. Become so used to checking for date.

Ah Ah says:

I regret selling my submariner 114060 🙁 very much

Derek Hicks says:

Bought a brand new gmt master 16700 in 1988, wore it every day for 10 years, then started wearing it less and less, sold it in 06, for twice what I paid for it….thought I’d done well…now they go for 6-7 times that. Loved it, wish I hadn’t sold it ☹️

Noel Murphy says:

Hi Adrian, I owned (from new in 1997) the Rolex Submariner 16610, it was a great watch, but I just never wanted to wear it every day, I can’t explain why???. More often than not, people presumed, and would happily state it’s a fake isn’t it?#####. In 2008 I finally traded the Subby in for a couple of watches I wanted and have never really regreted it………..until you look at the price they go for now!

Alfred Frome says:

I get it about having a watch in or around your birth year, why do we do that? I’ve said it before, biggest regret selling my Omega with a Bumper movement c. 1950’s. so I had to LOL when you said you were old, born in the 80’s! Sold that watch about 10 years ago for £200 and bought a Seamaster, but loved that Bumper!

Len Powell says:

Good bid.I agree with the other comment that white dials are lookers.Everyone wears black including myself at a dinner party tonight probably.My white dial is wound and set and waiting in the wings though.Waistcoat affair so??????

Andrea Stevenson says:

My only regret is not watch collecting sooner. Now I am retired the budget is not so large but I have time to work on my purchases. All good. Keep up the good work

Reed Grabowski says:

Adrian, this video made me smile, especially towards the end about your camera acquisition. I believe we all deal with such issues with our wives. Far be it though for us to question their acquisitions – jewelry, purses, shoes, etc.

Bernardo Courrege says:

Great video! The more I watch your channel, the more I enjoy it. You’re not old though 😉

Blake Babcock says:

At one point I had 22 watches – all worth shit…Citizen’s, Fossil, Nixon, Burberry and more…sold them all a few years back (all for a loss of course). Kept my Citizen Eco-Drive Perpetual Calendar that’s solar powered. Just picked up the Explorer II 16570 – happy to have started all over 🙂

Luis YL says:

Try to make vid when your wife is out from home..

Dr23rippa says:

3:09 Urban Gentary has a Sieko like this.

Michael Penrose says:

Great video. Regret, buying a Tag Monaco blue dial 2014 the month before Tag reduced them by £550! Best decision was buying a Rolex Blue/Black last year after a 13 month wait!

01 sevensix says:

I love these quirky stories. Makes you sound like a nutter outside of the context of watches, but am sure everyone here understands.

Rafael Montanez says:

Great video, just subscribed and plan on following you.

JMH Xxivkt says:

Happy wife, happy life!

Sb Sb says:

There are life outside Rolex.

Obsidian K9 says:

A girl complimenting a watch!?!?! What is this wizadry!

Edward Hooper says:

Bought a new ALS 1815 up and down, in yellow gold from HK about 12 years ago. Cost £6500 at the time. It’s not one I’d sell because I feel it’s one beautiful watch but the value has only gone up.

I am really enjoying your videos. Thank you and keep it up. How come you don’t want a speedy pro now? They are excellent value from Montredo.

Scott M says:

I bought an omega planet ocean orange bezel from a family friend who won it in a fishing tournament. I made two crazy mistakes after that, first I wore it o a casino one night but d chided to carry my lucky Rado disaster also in my pocket. Went to the bathroom and for some reason took the Rado out while washing my hands and left it on the counter…..or maybe by ththe roulette wheel….either way it was stolen! Then I decided to sell the omega and make back the money I bought it for and also money to replace the Rado. Sold the omega and made a 2k profit…..which I then ended up losing at another casino…..don’t have an omega or Rado now….don’t gamble pple…it’s stupid as fuk

David Watkins says:

How do you nearly get mugged ?

Antonio Varillas says:

Nice video. Sold my polar white Swiss dial only and I miss it all the time. I used the money to get a Pepsi. I also have a 5513 and won’t sell that one. Cheers

Mike R says:

I regret buying a few Parnis-watches and an invicta watch that was pure bull crap.. / @Seiko_mike_sthlm

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