Don’t Buy a Rolex Submariner Until You Look At A GMT Master

The Rolex Submariner is a great watch however for most people the Rolex GMT Master II is the better watch. Join me for a quick take as to why I think the Rolex GMT Master II is the better Rolex sports watch for you. Don’t buy a Rolex Submariner without watching this.

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Longbow072 says:

Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but the difference that produces the difference in depth rating is the crown and not the case between those references of Sub, Exp II, and GMT Master II.

Anon says:

One thing i can’t understand…………….

Who the hell would fly to Seattle??!!

Relinquish says:

i have a submariner, and i do prefer a GMT like the batman or pepsi. however, those are unobtainable to me with the crazy wait times. and i don’t want to be paying over retail for it. i like the sub much better than a standard black gmt. really not a fan of the bezel with the huge numbers.

Nick Caravaggio says:

I bought the GMT for the same reasons you mentioned. if you don’t wear it everyday its a pain to set that GMT hand, non quick set date. but other than that love that watch!

bngr bngr says:

Why be a hater. Buy both.

xjsteve says:

For me, the GMT Master II is the better piece for the reasons you mention in your video. Indeed, I bought a new 116710LN last May from my Local AD. I’ve not worn any other watch since. You get more complications and versatility with the GMT Master compared to the Sub, yet the Sub is more expensive, and more common. No question the Sub is an epic iconic watch but for every day use, and for travelling, the GMT Master makes more sense to me.
J. Anthony, do you apply the same opinion when comparing the latest GMT Master II and Submariner models?

Paul Winkfield says:

Nice video! for 66th birthday, I purchased an homage GMT2 a Batman. I cross timezones to cycling events. yea, it’s more to fiddle than my G-Shock, but looks great wearing with nice Polo shirt. Had two oops moments, hitting crystal while shouldering bike. So I’m glad it’s not the Rolex model. I also broke my Sub back in 69, love nice watches but I’m to watches like Bond is to Aston Martins!

TheDanishSpaceman says:

The sub is significantly thicker? It is 0.5mm thicker which is hardly significant.

My Batman does sit slightly flatter on my wrist, but I prefer my Hulk if I had to choose one. I like the less busy bezel markings and the bezel rotating actio. That is just me 🙂

rumporridge1 says:

Jay Boogie…. I agree with the utility of the GMT Master. That explains why I obtained the 16700 and the Sub Ceramic 116610. One has the old style case, lighter (with the flimsy bracelet) and the Sub has the maxi case and maxi dial. Like the old “more beef” commercials. They wear completely different on the wrist. I couldn’t see me parting with either. Dinner jacket vs. Polo shirt and slacks. Pretty much interchangeable. But if I had to go into a pseudo battle in the grind of life= Submariner baby!!!!!

Bent Remy says:

I’ve been saying this for 3 years. Agree with you completely. Great video

Ian Francis Ledesma says:

Love my sub c, don’t travel much so I don’t have use for a I hate looking at that extra hand with the big arrow on it..ymmv

malawi tank says:

Fuck rolex. I have 3. Today went to buy a new one. And the ad (new ad opend up) was so fucking rude. And rolex is getting more and more like a little girl on their first periode. So noo. From now on christian van der klauw. Bergeut 10000%

gmshadowtraders says:

Do you prefer the coke to the pepsi bezel?

Frank Ucros says:

My question is your using an old Coca Cola (which is AMAZING) as comparison to a sub, but an old sub or the newer ones? Because both modern versions of these watches have super cases that are equal in size. Nonetheless amazing video my fiend!

Mohamed A.Mohsen says:

Had Sub for 8 years and now I have BLNR. I will allways respect the clean lines of the sub and the complications of the GMT. Brilliant video!

DonjonArmory says:

So, GMT is out of my budget, but I can probably do a used Explorer 2, or used Sub. Do you prefer the explorer 2 over the sub?

WatchDisplay says:

Awesome review and explanation.

Dick Longmire says:

The no date 14060 sub appears to have the same case as the 16710 and 16700 GMT minus the crown guard thickness which may be down to milling.

GinoMarks says:

You’re Rolex GMT coke is beautiful dude and you make a good argument but the iconic appeal of the submariner is hard to resist I had to get a hulk myself even though I don’t even let that watch touch water lol I just got my first GMT watch about a month and a half ago with the Tudor black bay GMT “Pepsi” and it’s taken all my wrist time

Tai Lee says:

I agree with you that GMT Master is more functional and as a luxury utility watch, GMT Master is better than sub. I would love to add Sub to my collection one day but my GMT does everything I need from a timepiece

Min Choi says:

They are just very different watches in terms of everything.

Bob jones says:

If that is the case, why pay the gmt premium over a explorer 2?

Paul Winkfield says:

Hi J! I noticed the Canon EOS-M, I have 2! do you use it for your videos?

Julian Takeshi Quayle says:

I don’t have a sub or a GMT, but I’d easily take the GMT over sub any day of the week

Galaga says:

The Submariner is simply the best and most desirable watch in the world. The end.

Jason Moon says:

I agree on the GMT. It’s very similar to the sub, but I appreciate that the GMT is flatter. I hate bubble backs on a larger wrist. The clasp on the sub is too thick & too long.

sungfp3 says:

timex rules

Paul Belopolsky says:

Thanks for the vid. I love the GMT but prices for old ones have gone through the roof and I just can’t see spending upwards of 9k on one. I really like the Batman, but really dislike the PCLs. I might consider getting one some day and having them brushed. As for the Sub, my pick for the absolute best, most beautiful, simple, no date dial is the Explorer 1, which is my daily wearer.

IC Leong says:

10 years ago, a new rolex gmt was priced at almost twice the price of a new Rolex submariner. Different price.

Sherifa Yencana says:

O my god

Naren Reddy says:

Can you do a review of vacheron constantin overseas chronograph season 3 pls. It is a superb looking watch. This is a request.

MrJKL Foams says:

Luv my 114060 clean simple and beautiful piece to wear without telling everyone look at my wrist. To complement with the simplicity of my sub I bought 116622 blue dial and I luv it. Plan to get a batman to complete my 4 horsemen sub, ym40, gmt and moonwatch.

Tom Saint says:

And even better one is exp 2, 40 mm case. Polar one is just a perfect watch in my book, love it.

Kieren Moore says:

This can’t have been a video about swiss luxury watches … ?!! … it was far too sensible … 😉

Steve Vuoso says:

You basically explained why it’s better for you (how many times did you mention you travel a lot), but you didn’t say any reason why it’s better for everyone.

acftmxman says:

Anthony, I appreciate your honest opinion. The way I feel about it, if you travel a lot or have business dealings with people across many time zones, the GMT Master makes more sense. But if you don’t travel as much and want something that looks great anywhere at anytime, the Submariner would be good. I also feel that if you can afford it, own both. I see the trolls are at it again. It’s always a question of mind over matter. I don’t mind because their opinion doesn’t matter. Opinions (just like mine) are like anal cavities, everyone has one. I hope all is well! Mark.

Ryan Mallory says:

I’ve thought the same thing! Thanks for saying it out loud.

Rusty Shackleford says:

Not a big fan of either because they just look way too small on my wrist, even compared to other 40mm watches I own. I tend towards 43-45mm as it does not look like I’m wearing a ladies watch. My ideal rolex would basically be a Deep Sea width with a Submariner thickness.
Personally, the concept of the GMT is cooler than the real world application of it. If you are only dealing with a group of people in a single time zone, then it is cool. If you are constantly changing time zones, then this watch becomes a pain in the arse.

Dre Sanders says:

I like my submariner way better it a classic have had mine for a while I just so great and was my dream watch

FTLAUD 911 says:

All personal preference. I own both and use both functions. Use the GMT to track a different time zone during business hours. For the sub I use the bezel for tracking time. The sub has the quick set date. Every other month I have to rotate the hour hand 24 times (1 day) x 30 times to get the date right on GMT. PITA! Only takes a couple minutes, but annoying. Additionally if it stops you now have to set three things. All comes down to if you need to track an additional time zone. I also believe less complications may result in less things to go wrong in the movement. Obviously the easiest of them all is the Submariner (No Date).


Do you think a 40mm rolex would fit my 6,2 inch wrist?

Anon says:

Have both (16700 & 14060M) Out the two the GMT gets 90% of the wrist time

Axel Foley says:

No one gives a fuck about your Rolex, and no one gives a flying fuck about you flying here&there, capiche? Shove it up your ass.

Nguyen Hung says:

GMT never fits me! so no, i would go for sub anyway 🙂

Blaine Cole says:

The next watch I add to my collection will have the GMT complication. I think it very useful and practical. On another note, would really like to see a video on square/rectangular watches, along with your picks and preferences, if any.

Steve Vuoso says:

I’d say the reason the Sub is better is because you can get one without that hideous cyclops.

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