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In 1953, something strange happened. Two watches, by two different brands, materialised in quick succession: the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms and the Rolex Submariner. One was a special forces military project, the other a commercially available product that could be purchased by amateurs and professionals alike. Here’s the strange part: despite being released within just a few months of each other, they were almost identical. How is this possible?

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Benendes C says:

Sorry Rolex , you have just been out rolexed

rcelio1 says:

Awesome videos. Can you review the Patek Philippe ref 3939?

Madmanmarque says:

As usual, excellent content and photography.

SoCal Entourage says:

I haven’t even started the video and I immediately hit the like button. I know your videos are always amazing!

Munrais says:

Your videos get better every week.

Tim Girian says:

Nice review mate

mena seven says:

I guess the reason tthe Blancpain Fifty Phatoms is not as succesful as the Rolex Submariner despite inventing the diving watch is because Rolex had a better advertising strategy.

mihir gurjar says:


Station Plaza says:

It just goes to prove , that this coincidence came about because great minds really do think alike. Thanks for yet another fascinating story Watchfinder.

Adrian Boutsias says:

If only that Blancpain was 40mm!

Kenneth Cardona says:

Do a video about stuhrling original

Samir b says:

Why do people think rolex is like top quality? They make over a million watches a year and only have 1 production house… which means a lot is done by machine. How can people place rolex at the same level of patek,ap, vacheron,jlc , a lange, ulysse etc???

Snazzy Labs says:

I adore the FF, but it’s far too large and subsequently, I’ll never own one.

Jake Jones says:

I disagree with the notion that the FF had anything to do with the birth of the Sub. If anything, I’d say that Fifty Fathoms was inspired by the Rolex Zerographe that was made in 1937, and that the Submariner was a natural progression, just increasing the water resistance of the Rolex Turn-o-graph, which was the descendant of the Zerographe.

The Dude says:

Steps for each new video:
1. YAHH!
2. press the “like” button
3. press the “play” button
4. thank the shared video.

TenBitTech says:

You left out the Zodiac sea wolf which was unveiled in 1953 as well. Because it never became a luxury brand it doesn’t receive the credit it should.

Adam Thomas says:

If it me or is the second hand of the Fifty Fathom moving much faster than the second hand of the Rolex?

Bad Larry says:

p.s. how could 14 people dislike this ? its beyond me

Jannik M. Meissner says:

I love your videos, but please please, make sure the seconds are synced when showing multiple watches. It drives me mad on my own watches, too… they have to be perfectly synced. (and if they aren’t one of them is not set correctly, being German, it is hard for me to not have perfect time 😉 )

David Spalding says:

This video would be a lot more meaningful (and memorable) if you displayed the originals, not the contemporary derivatives. To my eye, the originals were not quite so “identical” as your video implies. :-

ryanhayn says:

They are far from identical. The FF is fucking ugly – it looks like an inflatable snow tube. The Sub is perfect.

Robinson Ang says:

Get well soon seems you a the common cold…

Jarod Stevens says:

How do you know how many turns you can wind your automatic watch and what’s an indicator that it’s full when there’s no power Reserve it’s killing me I got to know

Nexus Achiles says:

Very nicely told, thanks a mil.

Charles d'Aspermont says:

could you please make a video about Royal Oak and AP ? thank you very much

AjaxForever says:

This channel deserves an Oscar

Andi Wang says:

Is the strap of FF good for water? How to clean and dry it after use in underwater? Please advice

320sln says:

Please do not compare blancpain with rolex

Galahad says:

Although tgv posted today you blessed my Wednesday with a short video I can watch while I work on my finals

Andreas Siregar says:

Are you using original Rolex Submariner for comparison?

Bad Larry says:

super interesting thanks

Elias fransson says:

I really love the videos but sometimes I’d wish you would get to the point a bit faster hahaha. My attention span would appreciate it. Keep up the good work

Who Flung Dung says:

Hi Watchfinder & Co, I have a Rolex Explorer 2 which is only 6 month old. It changes date 4 minutes after midnight every time……..Is this normal for a Rolex Watch?

Christopher Derrick says:

ok I know this is nit picky (and it may have already been said) but pressure is supposed to be expressed in force per unit length squared. The devil is in the details…? Still enjoyed the video.

Big Boi says:

Im a greedy guy. I want both.

Andrew Brown says:

Used Fifty Fathoms have gone up in price steadily over the last 12 months. Great watch but expensive

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