Dan Bilzerian .50 cal vs Rolex

Dan Bilzerian .50 Cal vs Rolex, Hublot and Breitling Watches

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Tay Kopeman says:


ThatXoneXguy says:

nice click bait you ugly faggot

OblivionRR says:


무쥬라 says:

so where is rolex? lol

Jordi Nubiola Granell says:

This is a cheap fake Breitling. We are not stupid!

Jacob Almon says:

Dan balzerian is a bitch

Ray Posada says:

but does Drake write his own songs

Clorox Bleach says:

your an fuckin idiot

Tony Roulston says:

Looks like a warranty repair to me.

Яссэр Абухарба says:

The cases of the watches had actually survived . Only the glass , movements , and bracelets were ruined !

FloB. says:

normal people would shoot this sniper rifle laying on the ground aiming 5 minutes before they shoot, but hey its Dan…


would a real rolex even handle that ?

Dragon Slayer1234 says:

Wow. Just wow. In a matter of mere seconds, you have wasted a couple thousand dollars to create BuckWild videos like this. It have reinvigorated my soul and even drew a tear to my eye. If this video isn’t revolutionary shit, please tell me what is

William Shelton says:

wish i had a real one lol

12 12 says:

offhand? 50cal? yeah right..although he have pretty steady aim…. in slow mo. 😀

elder maxon says:

kids in africa could have ate that rolex

Denver_ Killer says:

Gun name-Barrett M107

Sander Vandercappellen says:


Enzo 22R says:

już wiem kto mi moją kolekcję podpierdolił

Ralph Chartouny says:

fake watches

Jude Meler says:

not even rolexes

Weiao Ni says:

Fake watches

romadrid says:

Fucking idiot

Jaircito Delg Lop says:

vale verga lo que la gente con dinero en exceso valen verga

Zhong Yang says:

Is that a fake hublot though? Haha

Enslave d says:

that beard tho…

jhonatan elkaiam says:

WTF first why just why second you really can sell those watches and donate the money

Chase Murry says:

nice high heels Bilzerian 00:50, thought only hells angles with height complex wore boots like that

Boran Ucdere says:

You don’t…have to…

MrMarco7ify says:

where the hell are the girls? Rolex and girls would of made it a whole lot more satisfying

Joe Stg says:

wow cool how much is a Bilzerian anyways??

A.K.A J F says:

nice video but fake watches ??…..still cool

Tay Kopeman says:


Max W says:

Time flys… 🙂

Gilberto Celletti says:

Daytona was a fake for sure.
Anyway good video.

John Smith says:

some rolex worker or designer or something is going to burst into tears at the sight of this

Luke Knighton says:

Anyone ever held a barrett standing up? That son of a bitch is heavy. Props to being able to shoot with that kind of accuracy.

Maple Mike says:

No chance any of those shots with the 50 were made off hand.. Fine shotgun work!

Ṕŕőtőśtáŕ 憂鬱 says:

Thank god they are fake.

EugeneStonersRifle says:

Haha…fake ass nigger Rolex

Jrv200008 says:

that IWC looked so fake

Jesse Pinkman says:

this is so dumb, I dunno what to say… But still, his skills are impressive.

Mirokism says:

To everyone who doesn’t know watches, IWC, Breitling, Hublot are all Rolexes.

KingLeonidas29 says:

I hope 1 day soon this guy loses all his wealth and becomes homeless…then he’ll think of these days and regret!

shimleel ibrahim says:

nice bentley ; -)

Eric Nyamu says:

ofcourse they are fake. i dare you to destroy a 10k$ watch . are you nuts. where’s the watch receipt with serial number and all that stuff

alter3go says:

1:30 fake daytona

jokur says:

look at all that cubic zirconium flying off the watch

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