Countryside Rolex Watches of Kyushu, Japan

Are there any Rolex watches to be had in the Japanese countryside? Let’s see!


Colin S says:

Interesting place

Lycosa says:

Great stuff, countryside….. Yes. Not big pimping concrete jungle, but still rather modern/high quality, in some ways. Rice farming, farmer. Rice. Good stuff. Japan <3.

Ohh nooo ''I wouldn't touch that 36mm... female'' 😀 :D. Some people need/want those 36mm-39mm divers.

Jason Moon says:

More Austin, more!

David Taylor says:

How often do you get the seals on your watches checked?

Andrewshadowy says:

I have the time set to my Uk time and the gmt hand to USA New York time

Ray Vega. Miami, FL says:

As usual, great video content, a ton of knowledge and details. Thanks again. Beautiful GMT blue n black.

theeuge2121 says:

Great content – love your videos. Happy new year from NYC.

Blueshirt Buddah says:

I always enjoy when you take us watch shopping with you and when you show us around Japan. Have a very Happy New Year. I look forward to what and where you’ll bring us in 2019.

philips defreville says:

Very enjoyable, thanks Austin!

Jeffrey Kroll says:

These are places I would never get to see. Thank you so much for the tour! By the way,do you ever get back to the states?

larry Simon says:

Lovely Sub ……………………….. The Japanese must flip watches as fast as they buy them a lot end up in Grey Market shop windows.

Lycosa says:

Funny, this is considered countryside and such… Such tall buildings and stuff in the countryside and so busy (semi-busy). But yes. That’s how it goes. So many people in Japan. big pimping.
Looks like a city, though if you go off the city then it’s countryside of course, yeah. I guess there’s countryside cities, towns. Interesting videos and footage.

Andrew Mark says:

I’ve often found myself in rural Japan and in need of a Rolex watch – thank you for this helpful guide!

ram gatchi says:

are all of these watches authentic??

Coffee Fanatic says:

Love the fact i actually learnt sonethiing from this. Very well put together. Just got a new explorer2 42 mm . It runs +4 in 10 days. My date seems to change over at +4-5 min after midnight. This has a travel show feel love it

Tal 3 says:

I always keep my GMT hand on home time..:when I leave my time zone just change the hour hand to local time and off and running…

ReformMsia says:

Me 1st

Anthony Shillingford says:

I get very good accuracy with my Casio…..Happy New Year!!!

Lycosa says:

BTW Have you noticed (anyone?) how watches look bigger in videos+pictures? In footage. But IRL they look smaller. OMG NICE!!! Hahaa. A gentleman came over, some man. Rolex GMT MASTER 2 BATMAN baby… BATTMAAAYUHNE! In the wild. Happy new year. 2019 starts

MK says:

I was in Japan a month ago. I happen to shop for a good Seiko automatic piece. But to my surprise, at least in Tokyo, I found a lot more stores selling used luxury watches like Rolex than stores dealing with average watches. In fact, I had a hard time finding Seiko’s unless they were Grand Seiko’s. It was interesting also to note that in North America at least there are hardly any Rolex retailers unless you venture out to the cities to find a few. In Japan, it seems everyone sells used Rolex’s, Omega’s, etc. Also I may be wrong here, but I find used luxury pieces seem cheaper than in NA. But Seiko’s, when you find them, are so much pricier….How is that?

Joseph Leong-Sit says:

Another unique and interesting video Austin. Your Uncle’s GS Peacock in the previous instalment, El Camino in rural Japan, and then a pre-ceramic sub date in the local shop. No end to the rare birds over there! My Polar 216570 runs just less than +1 second per day on the wrist, and my Explorer 214270 runs +3-4 seconds. Wonder among your viewers how often a piece comes back from Rolex service worse than before. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it? I agree with your take on the seals. Always looking forward to your next vid. Happy New Year!

Just the Watch says:

Ha. I’m at Baa baa and Jii Jii’s house too. The power lines still bother me, as like to dabble in photography a bit. That’s a pretty well stocked Book Off, better selection than the HardOff in Morioka, though I saw an Explorer 2 there once.

Mark Smolenski says:

The Speedmaster was probably the “reduced” model, sapphire sandwich would be $3500 in a shop.

Bill Cox says:

Hi Austen, Interesting topics. A couple of observations..
Regarding watch accuracy, I agree with pretty much all you say and I think it would put a watch repairer/maker on their metal to realise someone handing them a watch knew more than usual about watches and expected to have an accurate watch returned to them after service. In my view though, you must expect wear to occur as the years go by. Watch mechanisms have fast moving and high torque sections. Both will have their own mechanical stresses to contend with and this usually means that, over time, wear will occur that will manifest itself in a certain amount of drift (from ‘initial perfection’) in at least one position (or more). Watchmakers can correct for this to a certain degree and average it out when regulating or correct more serious drifts by making adjustments or replacing parts. I think we have to accept that even a new Rolex, despite its COSC certification, will have this to content with over time.
I recommend you get yourself a watch timegrapher so that you can monitor your watches to see how they are going with any drift you consider too much being subsequently corrected. These devices can be useful in understanding your watch amplitude (the swing amplitude of the balance wheel)as well which can be quite useful to evaluate when to have your watch serviced amongst other factors such as time since last service.

Regarding watch seals and water resistance. I also agree with you here especially your comment about how long this check can be assured into the future. My water resistance checking devices test to 5 Bars which is not very deep at all and in most cases this is the extent of such a test, so I recommend not getting a false sense of security. I think you should also be careful taking a ‘hot’ watch say from a sauna or beach, into cold water. Taking your watch into the shower with you will also put the seals to the test. These circumstances are not catered for during a pressure test. I had a Rolex sub workhorse for many years (without service) and during a holiday went diving, this was not planned, and decided to wear the watch rather than risk leaving it somewhere and transitioned it to the cold slowly and it was fine.
Just my views and likely there are some that will disagree.

Roberto J. says:

Random serial numbers for Sub were introduced in 2009.
I liked you until you started rambling about precision.
Seriously, 6 seconds is not enough?!
Your watch is most likely magnetized since you travel alot.
Have it demagnetized and it’ll go back to +4.
Seals as you call it(gaskets) will not necessarily be ok after 4-5 years. So if you are exposing your watch unnecessary to water (as it seems you do) have it dry tested once per year,Before summer makes most sense.
It’s supposed to be free from your local Rolex AD where you service your watches.

Neo says:

Another great video ! More Rolex in this like village than all of minneapolis

Mr. Personal-ity says:

Hey, Austin. Here’s a question: How great do you think your knowledge and awareness is of horological brands— outside of familiar territory? Familiar being Rolex and Tudor and any companies you have mentioned in your videos.

P.S It might have been interesting to hear in on the conversation with the gentlemen and his BLNR.
For us watch lovers.

Happy New Year to you and your family!

N5XTC says:

if someone came over, bought that sub, wore it home and did not claim it, would there be any problem getting out of country? if you claimed, you need pay duty? with that store, what kind of guarantee, if any, is there that the watch is 100% authentic? just curious. great video austin, thanks for posting. love seeing the places over there close up like this.

Christian Park says:

Another great video. Love seeing parts of Japan with Rolex as well!

BeyondWrittenWords says:

‘I’ll draw my sword if it’s over +-1/day’

Turd Ferguson says:

Thanks for the ride, HNY austin

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